These are the top 10 episodes of Gunsmoke according to IMDb — which one is your favorite?

Pick your favorite episode and see which one is the most popular overall!

With 635 episodes to choose from, narrowing down just ten is a monumental task. While the results aren’t exactly scientific, thousands of Gunsmoke fans have rated many different episodes on and these are the ones that currently make up the top ten.

We can’t argue with these picks, but there are also some gems not seen here like “Matt’s Love Story” starring Michael Learned, the wonderful “P.S. Murray Christmas” and the dramatic three-part storyline in “Gold Train: The Bullet.”

These episodes are in order starting with number one “The Gallows,” number two “The Jailer” and so on. Out of these top ten, which episode do you like the best? Make your choice and see how it compares to everyone else’s. Comment below your favorite episode if you don’t see it here!

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  1. Which one of these Gunsmoke episodes do you like the best?

These are the top 10 episodes of Gunsmoke according to IMDb — which one is your favorite?

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troy3915 6 days ago
I enjoyed the Christmas story with the orphan children, but there's many favorites
That was "P. S. MURRY CHRISTMAS" from 1971 (I have that season's DVD).

A very young Jodie Foster was one of the orphan children. She was 8 or 9 at the time.

My personal favorite is THE LOST (same season). Kitty has a stagecoach accident leaving her stranded in parts unknown. She befriends---and tries to civilize---a teenage girl "wild child".
KeithGraham 6 days ago
The best...One of the BEST is Festus and Ben Snow..Strother Martain taking the gold across the desert. Another is when Festus helps the schoolteacher with the nasty porridge. And 1 more. The Precher building the Church for the indians.

AnthonyNelson 7 days ago
"The Cabin" was originally a radio broadcast it was a bit darker than the TV version, both well done. The radio show featured Willian Conrad as "Matt Dillion" and he took less crap off villians than the TV "Matt" James Arnes.
HalWright 10 days ago
I prefer the half hour episodes, which primarily feature Matt and Chester. I lose interest in later episodes when Matt only made cameo appearances. Arness once declared "Chato" to be his favorite episode, and I think it was one of the best. One of my personal favorites is a final season episode, "Matt Dillon Must Die". Morgan Woodward as Abraham Wakefield was amazing.
grandpa5741 HalWright 10 days ago
I agree that the half hour episodes were quite good and the hour ones in black and white were second. The color episodes I didn’t care for as much.
sistervic 11 days ago
I also would like to see Murder She Wrote, and Perry Mason,and Hogan on the weekend, thank you, and God bless you all.
Right now, MSW is on Hallmark (taking a breather due to their wall-to-wall Christmas films), so it's not available.
sistervic 11 days ago
Thank you for starting Gun Smoke from the beginning, I love those with Chester, they are great.

jomo 11 days ago
Gunsmoke will run out of episodes in a few days on MeTV and have to start over. I hope they go back to season one. The half hour black and white episodes were my favorites. The last season has few things to boast about. Not only was Kitty gone, but Matt was hardly there. I read that he was in every episode of the series, so maybe he has been edited out to make room for commercials.
SheriHeffner 12 days ago
I also like the episode with Susan Olsen "Abelia" I think was the Title. Susan was so cute in it. She told Sherwood Schwartz that she "Wath in a Gunthmoke, and there wath a Horth and a Thake."
SheriHeffner 12 days ago
I liked P.S.Murray Christmas the best. Mainly because it featured Jodie Foster, Erin Moran and Todd Lookinland.
RichLorn 15 days ago
Of the choices given I chose "Prairie Wolfer".
But my real favorite was "Exposing the Long Branch". As you'll remember, that is the episode where where Kitty sneaks up behind Matt and "pants" him.
moax429 15 days ago
100% similar. I do remember the Bette Davis episode.

Now if the two-part "Dirty Sally" episode had been included, I would have chose that one without hesitation. *That* was my all-time favorite "Gunsmoke" episode.
Rattman moax429 14 days ago
Definitely one of my all time favorites also
BrentwoodJon 15 days ago
The best Gunesmoke's where Black & White!
One of mine was a black and white episode too. It was called Help Me Kitty. It starred the actress who later played Gidget's sister Anne, Betty Conner. She was a young pregnant girl who was going home and the stagecoach they were riding on gets shot at and it tops over and two men think Kitty and the young woman are dead. They revive and try to walk for help.
FrankCollins 16 days ago
None of these were memorable. Gunsmoke was best in the early episodes, and then when Burt Reynolds was there. The later episodes that had long diatribes by Festus speaking nonsense in the thick idiot accent were unwatchable.
tommy2gs123456789 16 days ago
I definitely feel that the Gallows was the very best. A different side of Matt and this show thrived on character development. A sad but different kind of ending too. What a great story! Not on this list but I thought was heartwrenching was the story with Festus and his friend who was developmentally disabled and assaulted a man who abused a cat. The judge ordered him to a mental institution but Festus couldn't leave him there. Another favorite of mine was the one with Tom skerritt who kept doc, kitty and Festus in an abandoned jail as he pretended to hang doc with Matt tied to a post to watch. No one even got killed but the story was suspenseful and melancholy.
marmetv20 16 days ago
Chester was the best!
KeithGraham marmetv20 6 days ago
Can't stand to listen to the fake southern. (really hick) sounding accent. No One else on the show spoke like that.
wcbeav 17 days ago
“A Man a Day” and “He Learned About Women” are my two picks
Best show ever on tv, especially with Chester
Tresix 17 days ago
I picked “The Jailer” and got 100% similar. The first time I ever got that. Some of the episodes I would have chosen:

“Hill Girl”: The first appearance of Merry Florene (Lane Bradbury).

“The Iron Men”: Cameron Mitchell as an alcoholic ex-lawman forced to help Matt take down a corrupt rancher.

“Snow Train”: Sioux Indians stop a train in the mountains looking for two men who sold them tainted liquor that sickens and kills some of the braves. This was Matt at his bravest.
Peter_Falk_Fan Tresix 16 days ago
Too bad "Snow Train" wasn't on the list. I would have picked it. I guess I like the "Gunsmoke" episodes involving trains the most. I used to love riding the train.
Tresix Peter_Falk_Fan 14 days ago
Another one I forgot and should have been on the list: “Lijah”. This is the only episode that makes me cry every time I see it.
SheriHeffner Tresix 12 days ago
Yes it's so sad. And Erin Moran was so good in it.
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