These TV stars all won Emmy Awards — but for which role?

Some actors won accolades playing characters other than their most famous roles


Images: The Everett Collection

An actor’s most popular role isn’t always their most critically acclaimed— or most awarded. Sometimes a show goes underappreciated when it first premieres and isn’t recognized for its brilliance until years later. On the other hand, some series debut to rave reviews but then are forgotten about.

Here are some award-winning actors along with a few different characters they played on TV. Can you guess which role won them a gold statue?

  1. Don Knotts won multiple Emmys for playing which character?
  2. Dick Van Dyke won a few Emmys as which character?
  3. Ellen Corby received an Emmy for playing...
  4. Which role did Harry Morgan win his Emmy for?
  5. Henry Winkler won an Emmy for which role?
  6. Barbara Stanwyck was nominated for four Oscars along with winning an Emmy playing...
  7. Vicki Lawrence won her Emmy for which show?
  8. Raymond Burr was awarded at the Emmys for playing which character?
  9. Which role got James Garner his Emmy?
  10. Tony Shalhoub won an Emmy for playing..
  11. Which role did Dennis Weaver win an Emmy for?
  12. William Shatner won an Emmy playing which character?
  13. Ann B. Davis won two Emmys playing...
  14. Lucille Ball took home a statue on more than one of her shows but which character brought her the most Emmys?

These TV stars all won Emmy Awards — but for which role?

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frances3agape 32 months ago
WOW - 9 of 14
But this was a toughie for almost everyone
Martanrick1975 33 months ago
3/14 I did horribly! Not a fan of award shows!
Sven24 33 months ago
6/14 I just wanted to see which actors won emmys did not know that Barney won one
Hollie Sven24 33 months ago
he won 5 total for the show ..the only yrs he won 1961 62 63 66 67
TSeym22 34 months ago
8/14 I couple of times I second-guessed myself and didn't just go with the obvious.
LH 34 months ago
8-14 I just picked the show that I’ve seen the person in the most…
hrcopter 34 months ago
I didn’t realize Alice was in anything prior to The Brady Bunch. 🤷🏼‍♂️
jtrain 34 months ago
11/14 got ##5,12,and #14 wrong!
Oldielover 34 months ago
10/14...Not too bad....Good quiz to keep you on your toes!
TerrenceYoungblood 34 months ago
Perfect 14
WooHoo - You aced another one !
I bow to your knowledge
Mob39 34 months ago
You got 8 out of 14. I tanked on this one! 😬
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