We can guess your age based on what you bring to a summer barbeque?

Are you bringing the snacks, the desserts or nothing at all?

There's nothing like a good summer barbeque. Relaxing in the sun, sipping your drink of choice, the smell of the grill wafting through the air. Some people just like to relax while others can’t wait to beat friends and family at their favorite backyard games.

What you bring to a cookout says a lot about you. In fact, we think we can guess your age based on that alone. Answer these ten questions and see if we got it right!

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  1. What kind of salad would you bring?
  2. What drink would you bring?
  3. What snacks would you bring?
  4. What would you bring for the grill?
  5. What is your favorite condiment to bring?
  6. What kind of cheese would you want on your burger?
  7. What would you want on your hotdog?
  8. What dessert would you bring?
  9. What would you wear to the barbeque?
  10. What would you bring besides food?

We can guess your age based on what you bring to a summer barbeque?

Your Result...

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CountStone62 1 day ago
Sorry I will be 58 later this month
GMarx95750191 4 days ago
You missed it by 12 years (your guess was too young)
Rory1707 5 days ago
Sorry. I'll be 58 this month, not 71. 😇
oreillyweb 6 days ago
Mine says I‘m 64, but I’m really 40. I guess I take after my older generations.
John 7 days ago
Off by 14 years. It says I'm 71. I'm 57.

Maybe their estimate would be more accurate if they had allowed a "none of the above" option for some of the questions. For example, I'm not into condiments - at all. And I like my hot dogs plain.
BJEvS 7 days ago
Off by 30 years! What millennial AI coder put this together? (:
AngelM22 9 days ago
The quizz says I’m 71 in real life I’m 26 I’m good with that
Timothy 11 days ago
These guess your age kind of quizzes never seem to get it right. It says I am 52 and I am actually 71...Sheesh!! Nice compliment tho
IamFey 12 days ago
This quiz I'm 52, the song quiz I'm 63. Guess I'm an "old soul" haha. Not there yet. Also, for snacks, I would actually bring my families recipe deviled eggs. Off to another quiz have fun y'all.
ncadams27 15 days ago
They forgot the baked beans. The watermelon wasn’t seedless and don’t forget the can opener and bottle opener. Don’t throw away the empty bottles - I need to take them back to the store to get my deposit back.
Newyorkcitygal 15 days ago
52 okay I will take it. They were only off by a few years!
donzteri 15 days ago
It looks like it guesses 52 the most. That’s what I got and I’m 66.
Andrea 18 days ago
It said I was 52 and I'm 61.
quadracer31 18 days ago
It said I was 52. I'm only 40........but I do think\act like an older person
MissouriGirl83 19 days ago
Well you’re off by 10 years lol. I’m 56 not 46 but thanks for the compliment
Mike MissouriGirl83 19 days ago
It did the same to me. Missed by 10 years.. LOL
nightshade Mike 19 days ago
me too althpugh there should of been "all the above" on the desert and drinks .. and no bbq sauce ?
MarianneCoon nightshade 18 days ago
Ya, I want BBQ sauce
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