Were these sitcoms in the 1980s or did we just make up a show?

The Eighties dished out dozens of sitcoms. Many of them went on to be beloved classics. Others have faded into obscurity.

Let's see if you can separate the real from the fake. Below, you will find 18 titles. Some of them were actual TV shows. Others… well, they were not. 

Try to sniff out the real shows! Good luck!

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  1. Three's a Crowd?
  2. My Sister Sam?
  3. Sara Smile?
  4. Oh Madeline?
  5. Aloha Paradise?
  6. Running from Paradise?
  7. Private Eyes?
  8. Mr. Merlin?
  9. Mr. Sunshine?
  10. Mr. Casual?
  11. All American Girl?
  12. I'm a Big Girl Now?
  13. Downtown Life?
  14. Adult Education?
  15. Mama Malone?
  16. Out of Touch?
  17. Goodnight, Beantown?
  18. You Again?
Were these sitcoms in the 1980s or did we just make up a show?

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Doola005 8 days ago
Boy did I bomb it ! I was not a fan of Hall & Oates.
thedude1500 8 days ago
#7 is wrong. There is a show on called Private Eyes (It's on another network).
JeffTanner thedude1500 8 days ago
NO, Number 7 is correct! It a big Hall & Oates hit, and one of my favorite songs from them.
STTOS 8 days ago
You got 15 out of 18 - John Oates got those fake titles right out of there. How did you do? Again, I'll take it.
dth1971 8 days ago
No results? The fake ones are all Hall and Oates related!
Srick 8 days ago
13 / 18 -- I was fortunate enough to have missed out on a lot of Hollow Notes songs in the '80s, or I might have done better.
"Private Eyes" is a TV show, but not an '80s TV show.
JudithReboy 9 days ago
All American Girl was a sitcom with Margaret Cho.
I thought the same but then realized Cho's sitcom was in the 90's not 80's. Tricky!
EllisClevenger 10 days ago
You got 16 out of 18
John Oates got those fake titles right out of there. How did you do?
Missed #11 and #14.
JimJimm 11 days ago
Private Eyes isn't a real show?
I guess I should stop watching it........
You may have stopped watching "Private Eyes," but "Private Eyes are watching you, they see your every move."
ELEANOR 12 days ago
These quizzes leave a lot to be desired. Some are worth finishing and some, like my 7th grade teacher's final exam that looked like a pop quiz, not worth much at all.
JillBaeder0 12 days ago
What's up with Hall and Oates references? Should have mentioned them in the description at least.
I think the reason why METV didn't warn us about the H2O multiple mentions, {I couldn't resist, I just had to sneak in a mention of my own, of another one of their albums!} is they wanted to surprise us. Which I didn't mind, I like their music.
BrittReid 12 days ago
#11 All American Girl was a REAL show, with Margaret Cho that aired from 1994-1995.
teire BrittReid 12 days ago
True, but this was a 1980s quiz.
t BrittReid 12 days ago
BrittReid teire 12 days ago
Just sharing pointless TV trivia, but thanks for pointing out this was an 80's quiz.
Jdsmom 12 days ago
There were other groups recording besides Hall and Oates.
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