Which of these famous faces boarded The Love Boat the most as a guest star?

These TV stars all appeared on the classic show multiple times.

One of the best parts about The Love Boat is seeing so many famous actors from other shows stopping by, often to give a more lighthearted performance than they might normally.

Several classic TV stars guest-starred on the show multiple times. Out of the nine actors below, can you pick out who appeared on The Love Boat the most? Keep trying until you get it right!

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  1. Which of these actors appeared on The Love Boat the most?

Which of these famous faces boarded The Love Boat the most as a guest star?

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gb9535 5 days ago
You picked Florence Henderson! Correct
JDnHuntsvilleAL 7 days ago
BUT, what OTHER famous mother appeared even more than Florence?
Robert 8 days ago
I Think Betty White Played On The TV Show Called The Golden Girls Too!
FLETCH 9 days ago
You picked Don Most! Incorrect!

You picked Jimmie Walker! Incorrect!

You picked Milton Berle! Incorrect!

You picked Florence Henderson! Correct!
Hollie 11 days ago
1st pick ..she was always on that show
Lillyrose 12 days ago
Got the right answer on the seventh guess: Florence Henderson.
Muleskinner 13 days ago
Got it on the 2nd guess. I knew it was either Betty White or Florence Henderson.
Really? Betty was only on 5 times, to Florence's 10.
WF 13 days ago
Wow, this is the first time I got one of these on the first try! I figured it had to be either her or Betty White. I do remember seeing Florence Henderson on several episodes, but I didn't watch LB consistently (but when I did, I would always watch Fantasy Island immediately afterwards).
Marshall_Kolchak 13 days ago
Three times... my Love Boat sunk in the harbor
dodgebob 13 days ago
While rarely getting it on the first try, I always get it on the last. 4 incorrect, play that little fiddle for me.
StevenMetzger 13 days ago
Good guess. Florence Henderson. I know she was on quite a bit.
jimmyvici 14 days ago
It only took five times for me to get it right 🤣
David jimmyvici 13 days ago
I got it right away!
isaiah2019 14 days ago
I like the love boat it’s a good show
DavidBartholomew 15 days ago
It was between 2, got it second try.

Side note, DVP was Doc on the original pilot of Love Boat, which is probably why the question was AS A GUEST STAR
PortelaJ 15 days ago
Not too bad. Second try. Was hoping to see Charro on the list. Coochy coochy.
Continue to stay safe MeTV gang.
Jeffrey 15 days ago
''You picked Florence Henderson! Correct!'' On my second try, too! ------She was on The Love Boat ten times. She shares the guest-star title with Spanish singer Charo, who was also in ten Love Boat episodes! Marion Ross was on 14 times, but we counted her more as a regular, because she played Mrs. Stubing!
KathrynJordan 15 days ago
Got it on the first try! I remember watching it as a child. I still catch it on Sundays every now and then.
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