Which TV shows featured these 16 Santa Clauses?

Name the series that featured these St. Nicks.

Ho ho ho! The stores are filled with peppermint flavors and Christmas carols, which means Santa is just about ready to roll. The big guy gets around on Xmas Eve, and he seems to have plenty of time to pop into Hollywood sound stages. Just about every television show has featured Santa Claus.

We snapped a freeze frame from memorable Christmas episodes. Can you pick the correct titles? See if you make the nice or naughty list.
  1. Santa flies however he can.
  2. Santa is sometimes a woman.
  3. Is that Jodie Foster in the front? That is little Jodie Foster in the front.
  4. Santa sometimes needs a break.
  5. Adults visit Santa, too.
  6. Even where there's no snow, Santa shows up.
  7. Sometimes he is a villain.
  8. He has a pretty busy workshop.
  9. He changes in a locker room?
  10. Hey, that's not the real Santa.
  11. He brings cheer to everyone.
  12. Why are his eyes like that?
  13. He pops in — and pops out.
  14. He's been around for centuries.
  15. Don't cuff Santa!
  16. You should ask him for a train set.
Which TV shows featured these 16 Santa Clauses?

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