Who did it: Gilligan or Screech?

These TV characters led remarkably similar lives.

No matter your age, we bet you grew up watching Gilligan's Island or Saved by the Bell, if not both. The sitcoms were favorites of kids in different generations, and have remained nostalgic fun in reruns for decades since.

As we air both of them, we are quite familiar with Gilligan's and Bell. In fact, we began to notice some similarities between the quirky comic characters at the heart of each show. Screech and Gilligan got nearly identical situations.

Don't believe us? Try and see if you can pass this quiz. We'll explain a plot. You pick whether it happened with Screech or Gilligan.
  1. After he is struck by lightning, he is able to see the future.
  2. He befriends a robot and named him "Kevin."
  3. He stumbles into a cavern and discovers gold.
  4. He must take care of someone else's pet lizard, named "Artie."
  5. His mouth turns into a radio after he is hit in the jaw.
  6. The gang visits an old mansion, where he dresses up like Sherlock Holmes to solve a murder mystery.
  7. He befriends a lion and convinces the others they should start a circus.
  8. The others dress him up like an alien to trick a government agent who is looking for E.T.s.
  9. He digs up an old statue which causes an earthquake.
Who did it: Gilligan or Screech?

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ndebrabant 6 months ago
You got 9 out of 9
Look how well prepared you were! You know your stuff
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