Who did these things on Gilligan's Island?

Though Gilligan did a lot of crazy things on the island, he's not the answer to every question for this quiz!

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To say some weird and otherworldly things happened on Gilligan's Island would be an understatement. From wacky, magic occurrences to building new huts, the group of shipwrecked passengers and its crew had to navigate the island and try to escape. 

Some plans seemed better than others, and some simply should've worked from the beginning. However, one way or another, the group ended up stuck on the island despite their best efforts. It all adds up to silly, funny and now classic plots. 

Can you remember who did these things on Gilligan's Island?

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  1. Who spoke to a monkey, thinking it was Gilligan?
  2. Who re-wrote their will?
  3. Who sneezed in front of a lion?
  4. Who befriends the same lion?
  5. Who takes a picture of The Skipper, which will make the papers once the castaways are rescued?
  6. When Gilligan becomes invisible, who performs tests on him?
  7. Who tries to punch Gilligan so he can turn into a radio?
  8. Who hypnotizes Mary Ann, causing her to go into a "Deep deep deep sleep"?
  9. Which character sinks in quicksand?
  10. Who teaches Gilligan to sip tea?

Who did these things on Gilligan's Island?

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RedSamRackham 9 months ago
* After seeing NEWHART finale with Dr. Bob Hartley waking from dream of being innkeeper Dick Loudon I thought that Gilligan's Island should've ended with Maynard G. Krebs waking up from a dream!
BritBuch91 12 months ago
I don't know if I agree with the last question... because I'm pretty sure it was Mrs. Howell that taught Gilligan to drink tea, cuz she made an awful face & he said "I've always been a slurpy sipper"... I may be wrong, but that's where my memory goes
Kergooliewyn 13 months ago
7/10 I suppose it's not too bad, considering it's been many years since I've visited the island.🛥🌴😎
ClassicTVnut 13 months ago
6/10 looks like I'm not getting rescued any time soon.
MrCarl65 13 months ago
It was extremely funny 100% of the time. Great showing of how Tv was fun to watch back in those days.
DannyZ 13 months ago

I think that I spent too much time after school watching GI.

BuckeyeBeth 13 months ago

To be fair wasn’t almost everyone on the island in quicksand at one point or another? I swear there was a group sinking in one episode. Maybe just my faulty memory? 😆
BZCITY 13 months ago
Me too! Only 4 correct!
Snickers 13 months ago
7/10. Guess I need to spend some time on desert island.
Spock123 13 months ago
Ok… OK.. now I have to tell my older brother Mike I flunked, he was better at this, but do you remember the name of Mrs Howell perfume ? I do . Tim in CA
tomtriox Spock123 13 months ago
Warm Afternoon
WGH 13 months ago
That was frustrated trying to memorize everything in medical school and then I realized something...

If I can recall the plot to every Gilligan's Island, it was just a matter of seeing the information over and over again. Gilligan taught me I could memorize what I needed to be a doctor that it would just take repetition. Like having washed Gilligan's Island everyday over and over as a kid.

Thanks Gilligan, skipper, and the rest!
SusanTammy 13 months ago
6/10 not good! And I thought I really knew this show!
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