Who said it: Hawkeye Pierce or Col. Hogan?

Is this a quote from M*A*S*H or Hogan's Heroes?

M*A*S*H and Hogan's Heroes are two beloved war comedies. Sure one may be about doctors and the other about prisoners. Not to mention that one takes place in World War II and the other in the Korean War. Something they do have in common is charismatic characters.

Hawkeye and Hogan are the centers of these classic sitcoms. Both are witty fellows, too. Hawkeye is a little more philosophical, but both are quick with the wisecracks. 

Can you tell them apart? Who said the following quotes?

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  1. "The boys whipped up a little aftershave… It's called Unconditional Surrender."
  2. "I told you the food here should not be taken internally."
  3. "Insanity is just a state of mind."
  4. "Come on, Colonel. It's about time we got a little color into the war. Everything's so drab."
  5. "You ever had one of those wars where everything goes wrong?"
  6. "How do they expect us to win a war without shuttlecocks!?"
  7. "When you steal from a thief, one thing's for sure — he'll never call the cops."
  8. "You guys ought to give me a little notice when you're going to do something decent... I faint very easily."
  9. "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might tell the truth."
  10. "Don't be silly. I'm too frightened to be scared."
  11. "Dogs and kids are great judges of character."
  12. "Let's see — jacket, sweater, robe, sweater, sweater, shirt. I'm practically naked.:
  13. "Without love, what are we worth? 89 cents. 89 cents worth of chemicals walking around lonely."
  14. "I don't mind wasting a little time, Doctor, if I can get you to see my point of view."

Who said it: Hawkeye Pierce or Col. Hogan?

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TDaniell 1 month ago
Where is the trivia questions on MASH
DavidBarker 1 month ago
You got 12 out of 14
You deserve a salute… and some relaxation time in the Swamp.

Missed #8 & #14
bnichols23 1 month ago
8 of the 14. Hmm. That hurt. Still, better being me than Bob Crane!
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
8/14. Not doing very well tonight.
DerekBird 1 month ago
You got 14 out of 14
You deserve a salute… and some relaxation time in the Swamp.
DouglasMorris 1 month ago
10/14! missed numbers 5,9,11, and 14.
Jeremy 1 month ago
I only got nine! I don't normally watch these shows, sorry!
teire 1 month ago
10/14. It’s like they’re the same person.
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