Who said these funny lines on The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Can you match the character to the catchphrase or one-liner?

The Dick Van Dyke Show had many great lines during its five-season run. There were the recurring jokes, like insulting Mel the producer, or perfect one-liners that only fit the specific and hilarious situations the characters on this classic sitcom usually found themselves in.

See if you can guess which characters said these lines in the quiz below.

  1. After Laura let the secret slip that Alan Brady is bald, who tells her:
  2. Who most often says the line:
  3. When Mel the producer asks the writing staff to show him a little respect, who replies:
  4. After getting insulted, who responds with this disgusted sound:
  5. After realizing a sketch was plagiarized, Rob explains he got the idea from his son. Who quickly responds:
  6. Who always quotes their aunt by saying:
  7. Who most often says:
  8. Who says the line:
  9. Who says the line:
  10. After Rob gets praised in an article for being the reason The Alan Brady Show is funny, who tells him:
  11. After hiding in the same bed with Laura, Buddy and Sally, Rob comments that nothing unusual has happened in the haunted cabin they’re staying in. Who replies:
  12. Who says:

Who said these funny lines on The Dick Van Dyke Show?

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trogg888 13 days ago
got 9. i watched this when i was very young and only recently have watched it again.great show
EllisClevenger 27 days ago
You got 9 out of 12
Did you have all the right moves for that quiz?
Missed #5, #9, and #11.
frenchman71 28 days ago
9/12. Probably the best sitcom that ever was.
Jeffrey 28 days ago
''You got 11 out of 12'' ----------Did you have all the right moves for that quiz? I got #4 WRONG!
Muleskinner 28 days ago
9/12. Didn’t have all the right moves.
Pilaf 29 days ago
I hated Laura's "Oh, Rob!" And no young wife would have called her young husband, "Darling," like she did in that phony voice. Zsa Zsa, maybe!
JHP Pilaf 29 days ago
laura on the show was a jealous, self centered "B"
Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie was so so good - any ep with them in it was my fav
My ultimate fav is the Impractical joke
JHP JHP 29 days ago
and furthermore what was MTM's fetish for coffee? even on her own show she was asking "would you like a cup of coffee? - almost every ep - be it DVD or MTM show
Wackydoglady 29 days ago
That was fun. My favorite episode is the one where Laura tells the world that Alan wears a toupee and also blurts out in Alan's office about his nose job. I love all the ones with Carl Reiner.
RottyAngel 29 days ago
12 out of 12! Guessed on a couple though. First time I ever got a perfect score! Do I get a Meershatz pipe?
MarkSpeck 30 days ago
10 out of 12. Had to guess at a few, but there were some I knew.
Lacey 30 days ago
10/ 12
I thought I would do al little better.
KellyShort 30 days ago
You got 9 out of 12
A lot of lucky guesses
Evan 30 days ago
10/12. What!? No "Burford"?
MadMadMadWorld Evan 20 days ago
Too bad, Jerry (Van Dyke)!
bewest169 1 month ago
10 out of 12 always loved this show my favorite epidode that rob thinks he got the wrong baby at the hospital and calls the family thst he thinks hss his baby and they show up to meet with Rob and the family is black try thst episode today good luck
daDoctah bewest169 30 days ago
That's how I know I'm the same age as Richie. The father of the other boy born the same day and in the same hospital as Richie was played by Greg Morris (later better known as Barney on Mission: Impossible). And Greg's real-life son Phil (known for a lot of things but mainly as the Johnny Cochrane spoof character Jackie Childs on "Seinfeld") was born the same month, day and year as me.
Wiseguy daDoctah 30 days ago
What's the connection between Greg Morris' real-life son and a fictional son on a fictional sitcom?
Phil Morris was born in 1959. Richie (and Larry Mathews) was certainly more than two years old when the series started in 1961.
Phil was also in the Mission Impossible reboot w/Peter Graves.
MyrtleMae Wiseguy 29 days ago
The episode was a flashback...the black child and Richie were born at the same time in the flashback. If the black child appeared in the "current" part of that episode, he would have been the same age as Richie.
MadMadMadWorld Wiseguy 20 days ago
Larry was born in '55, so he was 5 when they filmed the pilot in Jan. '61. So, no connection (different birth years) between Phil and Larry. Larry will be 65 this upcoming Aug. 15, which was the same birthday (different year) than Rose Marie. Larry and Dick are now the last 2 survivors of the regular cast of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Carl Reiner was 98 when he died on June 29.
Big3Fan 1 month ago
11/12 I missed #12. I said Buddy. Sounds like something would say.
RottyAngel Big3Fan 29 days ago
Buddy DID say that though!
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