You can only give one character in these classic television shows a spinoff

You can only choose one.


A good spinoff series is hard to come by. Sure, you want to keep up to date with the goings on of your favorite characters after a great series ends, but many spinoffs are superficial enough that they feel more like a cash grab and leftover nostalgia rather than a fully realized idea for a new series. Here, we're giving you the power to make those decisions. We'll give you a show along with three characters, and you make a choice on which character you'd like to see in their own spinoff. If you spot a character that already has a spinoff, we'll allow you to retcon the original spinoff in favor of your own.

  1. Give a character on The Brady Bunch a spinoff
  2. Give a character on The Andy Griffith Show a spinoff
  3. Give a character on Bonanza a spinoff
  4. Give a character on The Beverly Hillbillies a spinoff
  5. Give a character on The Dick Van Dyke Show a spinoff
  6. Give a character on Green Acres a spinoff
  7. Give a character on Gilligan's Island a spinoff
  8. Give a character on Leave It to Beaver a spinoff
  9. Give a character on M*A*S*H a spinoff
  10. Give a character on The Waltons a spinoff

You can only give one character in these classic television shows a spinoff

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LynCarrigan 6 months ago
Just couldn’t pick anyone. No one I wanted to see. Strange!
Lillyrose 7 months ago
63% similar. They gave Radar a spin-off from MASH. It was a disaster. There were 2 episodes of MASH where Radar met a nice girl at a train station, and I was sure that he would meet her when he got home, and that they would eventually get married. Very sweet MASH episodes. They seemed perfect for each other. But the spin-off WALTER had Radar's mom lose the farm, Radar becoming a police officer (which is totally unrealistic; Radar is not the strong, extrovert type) and getting married, and his wife leaving him practically right away, Radar becoming depressed. What an absolute disaster. I saw it on YouTube a few weeks ago. What were they thinking? Of course, WALTER bombed. It was not funny. It was downright depressing. Was it billed as a comedy? Mind boggling bad. They should have left the Radar character alone.
The spin-off AFTER MASH wasn't much better.
lmahabhashyam Lillyrose 7 months ago
Walter was truly a bomb After M*A*S*H could’ve taken off but they really needed Hawkeye to enter the series for the comic timing between him and Potter also needed Hunicutt to at least occasionally show up.
Geronimo 7 months ago
You can only give one character in these classic television shows a spinoff
100% similar
100% similar to the most popular responses
Tommygunz 7 months ago
93% Sometimes spin-off shows don’t do as well as the classic shows, Alice would have been interesting if she married Sam the Butcher and they had there own series. Maybe Hawkeye would have been interesting if they went the Quincy character route.
Wapkep1982 7 months ago
Technically, the Waltons was all about John-Boy. Heck, he was the narrator.
AgingDisgracefully 7 months ago
No groundswell for Aunt Bee, PI?
Or Mayfield Lump, Pizza Transportation Professional?
Perhaps someday.
TimothyMadigan 7 months ago
A lot of secondary characters are funny but one-dimensional. They're great in their role but without actual leads around them, they get boring quickly.

it's why many spin-offs fail.
jonethree 7 months ago
Never mind this character spinoff. If this is MTV And the T V means television why are there so many quizzes that involve music? I understand that now they sell music but this is television. 4 of the 8 quizzes are music.
Snickers jonethree 7 months ago
Asked the same question about why all the music quizzes.
JHP jonethree 7 months ago
am sure they will bring back/create B/W western quizzes for ye - yeeeee HAW!

Dollars to donuts - there will be 90's music quiz right around the corner or coming down the tracks
RobertK 7 months ago
69%. There were a few tough choices and even some of my own choices, I probably wouldn't watch anyway. These polls are kinda interesting though.
KawiVulc 7 months ago
48% but... #6 - Arnold Ziffle! #9 though... Pierce is insufferable enough in MASH.
Momee KawiVulc 7 months ago
Would love to see Arnold have his own show. Maybe he can go to the city like Babe did in Babe, pig in the city.
LibraBaby0921 7 months ago
Why on Earth would Hawkeye get a spinoff? M*A*S*H was Hawkeye's show. Why not Igor, Nurse Whatshername, Goldman, Colonel Flagg, or Sidney Friedman?

Coldnorth LibraBaby0921 6 months ago
Flagg would be my choice. He was past funny
IndianaRockz 7 months ago
80% similar

Egads, which ones of you made up the 11% who wanted a Cousin Oliver spinoff??? 😆😆😆

And what odd choices of Gilligans Island "characters" to pick from, none of the core characters.
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