A tribute to Perry Mason's overlooked receptionist, Gertie

The erstwhile Three Stooges star later owned a cat boarding house.

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Della Street will forever be remembered as Perry Mason's trusty assistant, but she was not the only woman helping the defense lawyer fight the good fight. Let's not forget the woman at the front desk in his office, Gertie.

The character Gertrude "Gertie" Lade first appeared in the Erle Stanley Gardner novel The Case of the Rolling Bones, the 15th book in the Perry Mason series, originally published in 1939. In that book, Gertie was a switchboard operator, it being the late 1930s. The romantic Gertie enjoyed nibbling on boxed chocolates while reading romance novels at her desk.

The iconic 1957-66 Perry Mason television series starring Raymond Burr often mined content from Gardner's written works, and indeed Gertie made the leap from page to screen. She pops up in less than 20 episodes out of the total 271. But Gertie is hard to forget, largely due to the distinctive looks and personality of the actress who played her, Connie Cezon.

With her large eyes and arched eyebrows, Cezon had the look of Bette Davis and Betty Boop. The blonde primarily worked in Hollywood in the Fifties, and slapstick aficionados might recognize her from The Three Stooges. In the Shemp era, Cezon appeared in a few memorable Stooges shorts, getting a particularly juicy role in Corny Casanovas, in which she played a gold-digger engaged to all three Stooges. As each arrives at her pad, she proudly declares, "I knew you were coming so I baked a cake!" You can probably guess what happens to the cake. (Spoiler alert: It's all over her face.)

Cezan in ''Corny Casanovas,'' 1952

Cezan also owns a cat in that short, which would foreshadow her future career. But more on that in a bit.

Cezan made her first appearance on Perry Mason in the fifth episode, "The Case of the Sulky Girl." Her final appearance came in season seven, with "The Case of the Woeful Widower." She would not appear in the final two seasons. In fact, "Woeful Widower" would be her final screen appearance in total.

So what happened to Cezan? Her future was in felines.

Following her Hollywood career, the California native opened a cat boarding house cleverly called Connie's Kitty Kastle. She operated the pet-sitting business until 1994, after which she retired, sold her home, and moved into an apartment. The following year, she suffered a stroke, but lived in her apartment until 2004, when she died following surgery for breast cancer.

Her few other TV roles including small parts on The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Death Valley Days, but Perry Mason would be her longest, most widely seen role. And she never once had to take a cake in the face for Perry.

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Jeffrey 19 hours ago
Hello. I never knew that about Connie Cezon, I have seen her in Perry Mason of course, But I have also seen her in the Three Stooges shorts, including ''Corny Casanovas''.
Dario 23 hours ago
That line by Connie in that Stooges short that was quoted in this story was a pun-reference to the 1950 song by Eileen Barton, "If I Knew You Were Coming(I'd've Baked A Cake), which hit No. 1 in the spring of the that year. 🎂💿🎤🎶😁
MadMadMadWorld 1 day ago
MeTV got her last name misspelled 2 times in the text, after getting it correct the first 3 times! Her surname is CezOn, not CezAn.
madvincent MadMadMadWorld 24 hours ago
METV misspells everything
Very rough drafts
madvincent madvincent 24 hours ago
The 3 stooges misspelled in their credits too 😬
Dario MadMadMadWorld 24 hours ago
That's what happens when you hire millenials to do the job of both Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. SHEESH!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 😣😣😣😣😣 😡😡😡😡😡
MadMadMadWorld 1 day ago
If I remember correctly, Connie got shot in her butt--full of tacks, in the end of it, by Joe Besser in "Rusty Romeos" (Oct. 1957) and playing them for...Stooges! An appropriate ending for her in that short!
Mob39 1 day ago
Never watched Perry Mason. But I loved watching Matlock, Barnaby Jones, McMillan and wife, Colombo, Matt Houston, and Starsky and hutch.
Hobble10 2 days ago
Love watching perry mason show what makes it even sweeter is the classic cars, boy I wish I had a magic wand!
cabugi Hobble10 1 day ago
Me too!!!!!
Mike 2 days ago
Fun Fact:
Connie Cezon was known for doing a near-flawless takeoff on Bette Davis - which in its turn led to Davis striking up a friendship with Connie.
In 1964, Bette Davis made a movie called Dead Ringer, in which she played twin sisters, one of whom murders the other.
Bette arranged for Connie to get the job of being her body double for the split-screen shots.
In one scene, Bette has to change clothes with the twin just after the killing;
watch closely and you can see Bette undressing Connie (with the latter's face just out of the camera's range).
Next time Dead Ringer turns up on TCM, see if you can spot it!
DR can also be seen on Amazon.
Barry22 2 days ago
She was great in her 3 Stooges appearances.
JimBozarth 2 days ago
I'm 62 years old and I still watch Perry Mason daily and during this covid I'm watching 2 grand children and they love the tune and the 2 year old it puts him to sleep for his nap 😴. Perry Mason will live on for many more years
cabugi JimBozarth 1 day ago
I have all the seasons downloaded on my laptop and when I need background sound to help me fall asleep, Perry comes to the rescue. There is something about the mono-sound (I know that’s not what it’s called) that is very calming. It also generates such a nostalgic feeling from when I was young and my parents and grandparents would watch in the evenings. Comfort food-esque!
Perhaps the words you are trying to think of, are "white noise?!?!"
Perhaps the words you are trying to think of are "white noise?" PM has a comforting feeling to you like a favorite blanket or stuffed animal that you can curl up with to help relax and send you into Slumberville, while possibly noshing on your favorite "comfort food!"
Hogansucks1 3 days ago
A somewhat nutty/fruitcake of a actor- personality wise. Sure fits the roll ! LOL 😂 Those eyes are a dead giveaway 😇
Dario Hogansucks1 24 hours ago
Now that I've read your comment...you're right! She does have a nutty look to her! 😆😆😆😆😆
MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
Love the Gertie character. I think Me usually edits her out.
DethBiz 3 days ago
I think Gertie ran off with Grimes when she found out that Perry was thee ne-me-sees.
SoHo23 3 days ago
Perry Mason is my favorite show of all times when it comes to JUSTICE NOTHING get to me more than injustice. I know I miss my calling. I should have became a lawyer. I didn’t know that they stay filming this show the year I was born although
teire 3 days ago
“In the Shemp era ...”
BrittReid teire 20 hours ago
Shemp made a great punching bag.
Mitchell 3 days ago
I was kinda hoping for "Gertie's Cat House", but oh, well. ;D
Sway 3 days ago
Gotta love a cat person.

Another Three Stooges alumni on PM was Kenneth MacDonald, frequently the judge and Three stooges bad guy.
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Another good thing about having the collection is when METV shows the 1953 shorts "Pardon My Back Fire" & "Spooks," {which I think they have because I want to say while channel surfing I saw a bit of one of them.} it loses something in the translation. As yo probably know, these were both shot in 3d. The collection includes a pair of glasses so you can experience the '50's fad just like the movie goers did back then!
CORRECTION: That should read "you" not "yo." To Quote Maxwell Smart: "Sorry about that, Chief!"
Jeffrey MadMadMadWorld 19 hours ago
You forgot Abbott and Costello, as in Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. My favorite comedy duo of all time.
Andybandit 3 days ago
Cool story, I like watching Perry Mason.
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