Andy Griffith said that The Andy Griffith Show was more complicated than people assumed

"Everybody thinks they know about the Griffith Show, but they don't."

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Sometimes the things that seem the most simple are actually incredibly complicated. For example, have you ever had a croissant? They're small, delicious, and are an easy and quick breakfast. However, croissants take hours of work, and quite a bit of skill if you'd like to make a delicious batch by yourself.

The Andy Griffith Show is like the croissant of television. With its peaceful setting and easygoing tempo, it only makes sense for people to believe that the process sets the tone for the final product, and creating The Andy Griffith Show was a walk in the park.

These people couldn't be more wrong, and like always, it's up to Sheriff Taylor himself to set them straight. In an interview with The Charlotte Observer, Andy Griffith spoke on The Andy Griffith Show Reunion, a television special released in 1993. While Griffith enjoyed reuniting with old friends like Don Knotts and Jim Nabors, he was quick to mention that the process of creating the reunion came at a most inopportune time, considering he was in the process of working on his more recent series, Matlock.

"I never wanted to do [the reunion] now, because I really can't do the Matlock show and some other big project at the same time. I can't do it. But I didn't make that clear to an agent there at the William Morris Agency," Griffith said. "So, all of a sudden, the deal was made. And I had to do it because I had to be sure that the people who were doing it did it right." 

Of course, it's not The Andy Griffith Show without Andy Griffith himself, but that wasn't simply because he served as the series protagonist. Griffith himself had an understanding and insight into the show that was incredibly hard to come by and was integral to fans' enjoyment of any Andy Griffith content.

"Everybody thinks they know about the Griffith Show, but they don't," he said. "And it's much more complicated than people think."

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Rick 1 month ago
The article keeps saying that the Griffith show was complicated. But it does not mention HOW it was difficult. A few examples would have made the article much better.
BorisK 1 month ago
Read the book 'Andy & Don' by Daniel de Vise. Excellent. Lots of great show info and backgrounds of both Griffith and Knotts. (One thing: sadly, Andy did not like George Lindsey.)
McGillahooala BorisK 29 days ago
I read an article recently that said they loved each other. Who knows. I think it was a MeTV article. There are a lot of conflicting stories floating around about the show.
FLETCH BorisK 29 days ago
I have it. Excellent book. A must read for all TAGS fans.
FrankensteinLover 1 month ago
My favorite show ever, loving these stories of my favorite Actors.
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