Ann B. Davis revealed the hardest part about working with The Brady Bunch cast

When castmates become family, catching up sounds more fun than working.

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In the early 1970s, a "bunch" consisting of nine people, three adults and six children, stole the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide after its 1969 debut. They were the Bradys, and Alice Nelson was more than just their housekeeper; she was a member of the family, too.

Played by Ann B. Davis, this role added a nice touch to the show, although critics back then didn't like the family series and made sure their ill feelings were reflected in their reviews. Davis remembered those critics vividly in 1988 and talked about it in an interview with The Akron Beacon Journal.

"The critics of 20 years ago didn't like us," she stated. "But the fans grew up, and now they're the critics. I'm not just an actor to them. I'm part of the fabric of their lives. I'm grateful to be associated with a show that had some morality."

Davis was a crucial part of those fans' childhoods like she was to the Brady kids on camera and behind the scenes. They weren't just castmates. According to the actress, one word best describes the group.

"You can use the term family for us," she added. Each season and special brought the group closer, making it harder to focus on filming. In fact, Davis revealed what she felt was the hardest part about working with her Brady Bunch castmates.

"They're like my extended family. And we're a close-knit family. The hardest part about getting us all together is getting us all to work. We're too busy catching up with each other. This time, we had to gulp when we realized it had been 20 years."

If you've ever wondered if Davis and her character shared similarities — they did. The actress believed writers used her as a blueprint for the fictional maid. "I think the writers take my personality and write for me. It sure makes my job a lot easier."

It's always refreshing to hear about the positive relationships between classic sitcom stars. There was a strong chemistry that could be seen in the episodes of the show between the actors.

With all of the seasons and specials that followed after its debut, it's safe to say The Brady Bunch will be a part of many individuals' childhoods for generations to come.

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Deleted 16 months ago
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LoveMETV22 16 months ago
Is there any way to find out if reruns of Gomer Pyle USMC and Happy Days will ever return to METV?
Short answer, "No". There are many factors they use in their programming decisions (non-specific).
Those decisions are likely made by numerous individuals at their network, and such info is not likely going to be shared, ( past, present or future). Not just the two specific programs your curious about, but all programs in general. They'll post or publish if a program is going to be added to the schedule, "if and when" that program is to be added, meaning their not going to share that info in advance.

You can use the "Contact MeTV link", and request a program, but that is probably the most common query they receive, (thousands, daily, weekly,monthly). You'll likely get an auto response because it is the most common question asked.
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16 months ago
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16 months ago
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RedSamRackham 16 months ago
* Alf was a space-alien who looked like a MLB ball-park mascot!
NorthRidge 16 months ago
Yes, I remember that episode of ALF. Fun to watch the castaways. Or 4 of them anyway.
LoveMETV22 16 months ago

They at least could have let Alice sit in the second row. Poor Alice.
vahioguy 17 months ago
I met Ann in March, 1992 while visiting a seminary near Pittsburg. She was then living with the rector of seminary s family. She came to meet with the group. Very lovely lady.
dcthompson2 17 months ago
I met her in the little passenger terminal in Vinh Long, Vietnam in early 1070. She was as pleasant and friendly as you would expect from Alice. I did get her autograph but missed placed it through the years.
There were a lot of actors that came to Nam. Some flew to fire bases and all over.
Raymond Burr visited many times that no one knew about.
327053 dcthompson2 17 months ago
Very nice. She did look like a sweetheart.
LalaLucy 17 months ago
Hands down most decent person on that show.
RedSamRackham LalaLucy 16 months ago
* Years later in a Brady Bunch movie with a different cast Ann reprised her earlier role as Schultzy as a lady truck driver!
LalaLucy RedSamRackham 16 months ago
Yep. I really love getting to see her in that role. 🙂
HopeDuchaine 17 months ago
Ann B Davis was my favorite on the show; she brought love and guidance to everyone.
LoveMETV22 17 months ago
Ann B. Davis was like the glue that connected the two sides (Mike, Carol, The boys and girls) together. Could always count on Alice's perspective. Fun series.
Adanor 17 months ago
The kids almost had no choice but to become great friends since they spent long hours filming the show.
Sway 17 months ago
Nice story. The chemistry between the actors resonated on screen.
Runeshaper 17 months ago
Ann B. Davis = AWESOME! She really was a part of the family and it's nice to hear that she felt that way off the screen as well (-:
CarolKelley Runeshaper 17 months ago
I've been fan of Ann B Davis ever since she played Schultzieon the Bob Cummings Show.
CarolKelley CarolKelley 17 months ago
Schultzie on the Bob Cummings show aka Love That Bob.
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