Carol Burnett wants to reunite with Vicki Lawrence for ''Palm Royale'' season 2

Would you tune in to see these two together again?

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Before its 2024 Awards ceremony, internet publication IndieWire brought fans an exclusive interview with television legend Carol Burnett, where the icon spoke on many topics. The conversation covered her entire career, from The Carol Burnett Show to Annie and Toy Story 4.

Burnett seemed most excited to discuss her current projects, as the Honors Vanguard Award recipient spoke enthusiastically about her role in Apple TV+'s Palm Royale, where she stars alongside Kristen Wiig, Ricky Martin, and Allison Janney. While she praised all aspects of the show, the list of cast members attracted Burnett to the series in the first place.

“I actually said I wanted to do it before I ever read it. The story was just the cherry on top," said Burnett.

But one of the interview's most telling revelations concerned a certain actress who was not part of the cast.

Burnett stated that her former co-star Vicki Lawrence not only watched Palm Royale but "loved" the glitzy '60s satire series. Burnett said she wanted to capitalize on Lawrence's affection for the show by reuniting with her fellow Carol Burnett Show alum on the Apple TV+ series.

“I wish they could find something for [Vicki] on the show,” said Burnett.

“I’m going to ask [series creator] Abe [Sylvia] if there’s a part that might come up because that would be fun to have Vicki on. That would really be something. And not just a mercy booking. That’s not what I mean. But if there’s a role that she could sink her teeth into, because she is a very good actress.”

Lawrence took to Instagram, where she posted the headline along with the following caption as a response:

"#wow I know I would be ecstatic! Your thoughts? @palmroyaletv @itscarolburnett I love you so very much"

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kb7rky 30 days ago
Why not? They have great chemistry together ;)
Feaginly1 30 days ago
Most definitely would watch👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
vikkr 30 days ago
I might subscribe just to be able to see these two back together. Keep us posted, if it happens. They make a great team.
cperrynaples 30 days ago
How about Mama being Carol's sister...LOL!
CortneyNicole 1 month ago
That would be nice if Carol and Vicki are back together because they are two great icon legends!
cperrynaples 1 month ago
Many people are critical of the fact that Carol was in a coma for the first 3 episodes! It certainly was a waste of talent!
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