Do you remember Tony Dow's soap opera saga?

Tony ''Daytime'' Dow had some soap success after Beaver!

In the last few weeks of 1974, a press release announced some excellent news for fans of sitcom siblings.

Tony Dow, the guy who played Wally on Leave It to Beaver would return to the small screen. This time, though, the drama would be even thicker, as Dow joined the cast of the daytime soap opera General Hospital.

According to the Scranton, Pennsylvania Tribune, viewers could tune in on weekdays from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. to catch another glimpse of their favorite TV older brother. 

In his new role, Dow played Ross Jeanelle, an assistant district attorney. His first arc in the series involved his character investigating the murder of Dr. Phil Brewer. Brewer, played by Martin West, was killed by someone of unknown motive in his own hospital office.

Dr. Brewer was one of the original characters on General Hospital when the show debuted. After a decade on the show, his murder upended the status quo, and it was up to Detective Dow to solve the case and save the day. Jessie, Dr. Brewer's one-time wife, was wrongly arrested for the murder. Then, Diana Taylor (played by Valerie Starrett) gave a false confession. The plot was even more twisty and turn-y, though, as Dow's Ross Jeanelle becomes romantically entangled with Beth Maynard, Diana Taylor's sister! 

Finally, though, Dow's assistant district attorney concludes the investigation, and Augusta McLeod (Judith McConnell) is revealed as Dr. Brewer's killer. It turns out Dr. Brewer was secretly evil and violent towards women. Augusta acted in self-defense. 

Phew! Here we thought things were complicated enough when Wally was still in high school...

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Feylis 9 months ago
Whoa! I'm glad I stopped watching General Hospital after I moved away from my Grandma's house. Doc Brewer and Nurse Jesse were our favorites. She would have been sad to know that they wrote Doctor Brewer as a villain. 🥺
MeTV48 Feylis 2 months ago
My twin brother and I were hooked on General Hospital right from the get go. Dr. Hardy was our favorite largely because he played MLB for the Orioles, Indians and Pirates between 1939 and 1952.

tootsieg 9 months ago
I remember Tony Dow on Never Too Young but did not know he was on General Hospital.
cperrynaples 10 months ago
That wasn't Dow's first soap! He did Never Too Young in the mid-60's! And yes Judith McConnell was Eb's fiance in the last season of Green Acres where she was billed as Judy! Also, General Hospital is STILL on the air after 60 years!
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