Harry Morgan's real-life love of horses was incorporated into his M*A*S*H character

Real-life cowboy, Harry Morgan.

Any good actor is able to sprinkle a bit of reality into the fiction that is the character they play. Whether it's the way they walk, their accent, or a quirky life anecdote, these small details might not seem like much, but they are truly an act of love between the actor and the character. An actor cares so deeply for a role that they are willing to instill part of themselves into the character.

Henry Morgan loved playing Colonel Potter in M*A*S*H, and it was a role that fit him like a glove before he had even completed his first scene. According to an interview with The Honolulu Advertiser, Morgan was initially asked by the crew of M*A*S*H what leisurely activities he enjoyed. When Morgan responded honestly that he was interested in riding horses, the writers were able to incorporate that characteristic into Colonel Potter, and it became one of his most noted traits. 

A character's introduction can be a daunting task, and although Morgan wasn't an inexperienced actor, M*A*S*H was already a widely recognized show by the time he was brought on board. 

However, Morgan was delighted to realize that he had nothing to fear because, in addition to injecting some of himself into the character, he was also able to enjoy a smooth transition into the M*A*S*H regular cast.

Morgan recalled, "I was surprised at the ease with which the character of Colonel Potter was introduced in the first show in which I acted."

He continued, "At the beginning, everybody was a bit wary of the new commander, but at the end, he was accepted and already one of the boys." The actor also noted, "It is a tribute to writers who accomplish that in one show."

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