Hugh Beaumont was a licensed preacher!

He was a father two times over!


If you've ever watched Leave It to Beaver and thought that Mr. Cleaver must have had the patience of a saint to put up with the Beav, you weren't correct, but you were pretty darn close!

It turns out that Hugh Beaumont, best known as Ward Cleaver of Leave It to Beaver, was actually a licensed Methodist preacher, according to an interview with the Times-Mirror. Although Beaumont had plans to join the clergy before he became an actor, he was resistant to merging the two professions. "On the few occasions a year when I'm invited to preach, I always caution the minister of the church not to introduce me," Beaumont said. "I also explain in advance there will be no autographs after the service."

His rationale was simple. "When I go to church to preach a sermon, I got as a preacher, not as an actor," he said. "When I'm being interviewed as an actor on a TV series, I don't want to trade on my church work."

Funnily enough, as an actor, Beaumont was sometimes concerned that episodes of Leave It to Beaver came across as too moralistic. "Naturally, I'm glad that our TV series contributes to the welfare of family viewing," Beaumont said. "At least I hope it does. Sometimes I'm afraid we get a little too preachy."

It's difficult to picture Beaumont as anything but Ward Cleaver, as he excels at being a father. That's not just one opinion; according to an article with The Palm Beach Post. Beaumont shared that he had recently won an award for "Father of the Year."

"I don't know," he said. "I'm sure there must be better fathers than me around."

Luckily, Beaumont's real-life son was there to offer an opinion. "Maybe in real life, Dad," he said. "But not on television."

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AnnieM 7 days ago
I think what made (and still make) Ward & June such great TV parents is that they could still have a sense of humor about their kids' escapades. That, and I especially loved how they saw right through Eddie Haskell, and always had some wry comment about him once he was out of earshot.
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