In 1966, Bob Denver gave advice on how to be funny

Bob Denver knew how to be funny, and he wanted you to know how too.

Bob Denver is known for being funny. It's just who he is. And if you need proof, watch him in the role of Gilligan on Gilligan's Island

In a 1966 interview with Richmond Times-Dispatch, Denver said Gilligan's Island was a great place to put his comedic talent on display. He was often seen as the oddball, but comedy is subjective. What you may find funny, others may not. And Denver was ok with that reality. 

However, Denver wasn't always that funny and he certainly never predicted becoming one of America's favorite funny men. 

"I had to develop one (sense of humor) because I was a shy one in my teens. I went through miseries. To cover up I became a smart-aleck, a practical jokester, until I found these antics only embarrassed people. I had to learn that a good sense of humor grows when you learn not to laugh at the expense of other people, unless they want you to."

Denver had a lot of experience with people laughing at him with his roles that included: Gilligan's Island, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The Good Guys and more.

For most comedians just starting, getting up on stage and sharing pieces of themselves with an audience can be the most daunting part. For Denver, he kept himself laughing, even through the uncomfortable moments.

"All you can do is laugh back," he said. "If you can, even though angry, it will make them stop laughing. But if you react with anger, you have no place to go, no way to turn off the laughs."

Denver was always on, it seemed. Whether in his personal life, on the stage or on TV. He always seemed to know what to say next and how to make someone laugh.

"There'll be times when you just can't see the fun when others do," he said. "Then you'd better go to a quiet place and rest up a bit. You may be tired and preoccupied. It's no fun for others if your grim face haunts them. And you'll build an icy wall against fun-making with yourself. One touch of humor can thaw it down."

Denver had met many aspiring comedians throughout his career and said his fans stuck with him through The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis and Gilligan's Island.

"They've stuck with me, and I've picked up some new fans along the way," he said. "The kids dig Maynard and Gilligan."

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wallyandbagfan 6 days ago
I finally GOT MY WISH-The Excellent video by Stephen Sundstrom:Whatever Happened To
Neil J. Schwartz-BAG ZOMBROSKI on Happy Days.
I hope that Stephen Sundstrom decides to have video on Whatever Happened To:
MOOSE:Barry Greenberg
DAPHNE :Hillary Horan
Chuck Cunningham played by Randolph Roberts
Gomer Pyle USMC
Cpl Boyle:Roy Stuart
Cpl Nick Cuccinelli:Gomer Pyle USMC
Green Acres
Newt Kiley:KAY E. KUTER
Theres also a Whatever happened to Spike (Danny Butch) on Happy Days video on You Tube.
I also hope that Stephen Sundstrom will decide to do a video on Skip Young who played
Wally Plumstead on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and movie actor Eddie Cantor (Old Banjo Eyes)
I hope that METV will decide to write an article about actor -Singer
Tommy Leonetti who played Cpl.
Nick Cuccinelli on Gomer Pyle USMC.
wallyandbagfan 7 days ago
My next project is to find out if
Happy Days character
wallyandbagfan 9 days ago
Bag Zombroski (Neil J Schwartz)on
Happy Days and Wally Plumstead
(Skip Young )on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet)(below video)were both Practical Jokers.
Wally liked to plsy Practical Jokes
On David Nelson and Rick Nelson and Bsg liked to play Practical Jokes on Richie Potsie and Ralph on Happy Days. Like the 3 actors
Who played Chuck Cunningham on
Happy Days Wally Plumstead and
Bag Zombroski could have also been clowns in the circus because they both made TV Viewers laugh.
Wally amd Bag were both similar characters. Its too bad that Bag and Wally were not both on the same sitcom together like Eddie
Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford on
Leave It To Beaver.
Moose (Barry Greenberg) on Happy.
Days Eugene Belvin(Denis Mandel)and Melvin Belvin (Scott Bernstein) on Happy Days were also class clowns on Happy Days..
Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton )was
Also like a clown and so was Uncle
Arthur Paul Lynde on Bewitched.
A friend of mine David Hodges said
That Bag reminded him of Wally
And Vice Versa.
wallyandbagfan 9 days ago
Watching Wally Plumstead Skip Young and his girlfriend Ginger (Charlene Salerno) was wonderful.
wallyandbagfan 10 days ago
The Koko the Clown video has been shifted to a new location .
The Koko the Clown video has been shifted to a new location .
Was Koko feeling overshadowed by the three CC clowns appearing on the page ? Poor Koko.
Koko went loco when he saw that 3
Chuck Cunningham s were a 3 ring circus and were funnier than him!!
Granted Koko the Clown was an animated character created by Max Fleischer. Koko was more entertaining than the 3 CC's combined.
Koko The Clown has shifted 2 videos under 2 different articles
And Betty Boop and Popeye weren't they also created by Max Fleischer ?
Betty Boop was a Max Fleischer creation. Popeye was created by E. C. Segar.
Koko The Clown has 2 videos under the Big Valley and Brady Bunch Single Frame Article and 2 videos under the Flintstones closing credits article.
Did you see the 4 KOKO under those 2 articles (See comment directly above this comment.
JHP 12 days ago
Well - sorry posters - but Bob Denver (Gilligan) was funny - Don Knotts as (BARN) wasn't.
Phineas2020 13 days ago
Well diversified actor
Phineas2020 13 days ago
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Adanor 14 days ago
Bob Denver and many other well known comedians had miserable childhoods and instead of sinking into self pity, anger, drugs, alcoholism, and/or a myriad of other ways of coping; they entered the wonderful world of getting laughs.
Runeshaper 14 days ago
“… a good sense of humor grows when you learn not to laugh at the expense of other people, unless they want you to."

This 👆 is so important ❤️
cperrynaples 15 days ago
I can't believe they haven't paid tribute to Robert Blake, who died this week at the age of 89! He turned down the role of Little Joe on Bonanza and starred on Baretta! Of course most people think of him as the white OJ because he got away with the murder of his wife too!
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audie65 cperrynaples 12 days ago
I loved Robert Blake also as Barretta. Still have autographed photo of him holding Freddie the Cockatoo on my wall! Sent away to his fan club in the mid 70's. Would love to see Barretta on METV.!! (Still not available thru cable or antenna in Rhode Island). Probably won't happen because even though he was acquitted criminally, still looked really guilty. Was found liable in civil court.
Garry Marshall had "2 Wonderful
Kids" on The Happy Days Reunion
Special 30th Anniversary Show
Chuck Cunningham Gavan O'Herlihy and Chuck Cunningham 2 Randolph Roberts. Great to see both Chuck
Cunningham actors together on
The Happy Days Reunion Special.
I finally got my wish !
A Video called Whatever happened
To BAG (Neil J Schwartz) by
Stephen Sundstrom at the TOP!
Andybandit 15 days ago
He was a good actor in GI and Dobby Gillis.
Dobie Gillis .
LoveMETV22 16 days ago

It's a fun show, in its own quirky way. Bob Denver did a good job of portraying some of that quirkiness on Gilligan's Island.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 15 days ago
Totally agree. IMO (too) I don't think Gilligan's Island ever could've been that Show without his (strange/fun) personality. The Story (above) about him, gave light to how much "craft" he actually put into his comedy. I always figured it was just part of him, as in a natural presentation. Quirky is the perfect description! I can't think of another comic quite like him, and never caught him speaking with interviewers.
Thats All Folks !!
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