Jamie Farr wore his real Army dog tags while shooting ''M*A*S*H''

As an added touch of realism, Farr brought in a prop from his time in service.

Corporal Max Klinger may have spent years trying to convince the Army that he was unfit for service, but Jamie Farr actually served in the Army, with no dress required. In an article for Proceedings, Farr wrote about being drafted, as well as his time serving in Japan and Korea, and how his time in the military helped to shape his role in M*A*S*H later on. 

Of his experience, Farr wrote, "I won't try to tell you that serving in the military changed my life or opened up new career vistas. But it did help mature me. And having actually spent time as a soldier in Japan and Korea gave me some context later on for my roles in M*A*S*H and for a film version of the Broadway comedy No Time for Sergeants."

Farr was quick to explain that his own time with the Army wasn't similar to the way that it was portrayed in the series. Even so, the experience definitely helped to influence his own portrayal of a soldier on M*A*S*H. He wrote, "I'd seen the real soldiers who actually had been wounded in combat, and had been healed in the real M*A*S*H units. I'd slept in tents, and I'd traveled over bumpy terrain that may still have been minefields." Farr also revealed an additional touch that helped make the character of Klinger that much more realistic. He wrote, "For an added touch, on the set of M*A*S*H I wore my real Army dog tags."

While initially reluctant to embrace his military service because he assumed it would deter him from his career in show business, Farr said that today, he is grateful for his time spent. He wrote, "I realized later how important the time I spent in uniform was in my life. I learned discipline, brotherhood, and punctuality, among other things — the stuff of a young man's maturing — and I got valuable experience."

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texasluva 9 months ago
Jamie Farr must have been 18-19 years old if he was in the Korean War. He was born in 1934 and The Korean War ended in 1953. He also was in the movie Blackboard Jungle (1955) which was being directed around the end of 1954 and released in March 1955. Below you can see him at the far right with class mates and Glenn Ford in a movie scene.
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texasluva LoveMETV22 8 months ago
Yes it was. I believe he will be going back tomorrow then returning around Christmas time. I'd say a couple of month. His time in Italy is way off from ours and I think he can not access the IA site. Before I was giving him the MQ for couple of months but lost track of his name. MeTV I think only goes back from the Quizzes a month. Though you can go back through time line and hundreds of postings to find those from 5 months ago. We all hope to get him back for some quizzes and postings.
texasluva Moody 8 months ago

Come one come all to the MeTv Friday Night Movie Quiz. See you @: How well do you remember the terrifying Twilight Zone episode ''Living Doll''?
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Moody texasluva 8 months ago
Hey buddy! Have a safe & happy Thanksgiving! We are back in the states for awhile so I'm going to try to join a few quizzes while we're here. Probably not this Friday but maybe next week. Take care my friend & see you soon!
texasluva Moody 8 months ago
It's good to hear you back. We are knocking them dead in the MQ with extra movies and entertainment. If you choose you can go back through my time line to get all the flicks and such. Click on my name and it will be the Friday before you will see all of them in the past. I deleted them after a few hours on MQ night. Don't want another vacation away from MeTV.

Yes it was exciting watching every moment of the MLB playoffs and WS. Kind of down when lose 3 home games vs Astros but then to pummel them the next 2 games. It was like almost a dream because no one ever thought we would be there at seasons start. After the All-Star game we played about .500 ball. Then trips to TB and Baltimore and 7 games with Astros and end up playing AZ and winning in 5 games. Last one being 0-0 starting the 7th with no hits by us. The top of 9th so dramatic and winning it all. Our only major problem was middle relief bad most of the year. With more blown saves then saves and had to ditch closer before end of season. He couldn't get anyone out. Plus picked up rookie Evan Carter who hit over .300 in around 30 games. He is 21 and has a great eye for the strike zone.

If any movies needed just let me know. There was a purge at IA about a month ago and lost 20+% but finding some of them again. Heavy in 30's-60's plus many hundreds until recent. Favorite stars like Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Kirk Douglas, and most of the movie actors of those periods. Just did The Robe and Demetrious And The Gladiators. Doing From Here To Eternity and many others Friday. Even Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (2019) with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Whenever that time is we ALL welcome you back buddy.
Happy Thanksgiving
BenSobeleone 9 months ago
Just some trivia here: Jamie Farr played the apostle Thaddeus in The Greatest Story Ever Told.
Andybandit 9 months ago
I like how Klinger went from someone who dress in Woman's clothes so he can get a section 8, to taking over for radar as company clerk, and sergeant.
saswifteagle 9 months ago
Veteran to Veteran, Thank You for your service. Love how Klinger's character grew in the series.
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