MeTV Presents The Three Stooges on Saturday evenings beginning June 1

Get your "Nyuks" with full-length, unedited Stooges shorts without commercial interruption.

On Saturday, June 1, legendary comedy troupe and masters of mirth The Three Stooges will join MeTV’s lineup of memorable entertainment television. Over 13 weeks, these specially selected and themed broadcasts will each present two full-length, unedited shorts without commercial interruption, packaged into an hour-long presentation that highlights the many "best of" moments from the beloved comedians. This includes selected bonus highlights from other classic shorts that fit the week's theme.

Airing Saturdays at 6PM | 5C, weekly themes include "Crème de la Curly," "Just Say Moe," "Pie…I Oughta!" and "Shemp Cocktail," featuring the classic combo of The Three Stooges trio — laidback Larry, hotheaded Moe, man-child Curly, along with dimwitted Shemp. See the complete schedule below.

"In the pantheon of American comedy, the most memorable trio of them all are The Three Stooges," said Neal Sabin, Vice Chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co. "Moe, Larry, Curly, along with Shemp and others, brought laughter and joy to generations of fans with their world-famous short films, first in theaters and later on broadcast television. MeTV is the perfect home for the boys and their beloved brand of comedy. We look forward to reuniting Stooge fans with these classics, as well as introducing them to a new generation of viewers."

MeTV Presents The Three Stooges joins Green Acres and The Twilight Zone (1985) as highlights of the Summer of Me schedule.

Initially debuting on the vaudeville circuit in the 1920s, The Three Stooges went on to film more than 190 short films for Columbia Pictures over a 25 year span. Their signature brand of slapstick comedy and unique chemistry resulted in iconic shorts like Punch Drunks, A-Plumbing We Will GoMicro-PhoniesDisorder in the CourtBrideless Groom and You Nazty Spy!, which was the first Hollywood film to spoof Adolf Hitler, as well as Men in Black, which earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Short Subject in 1935.

Despite limited critical acclaim, The Three Stooges continued to resonate with audiences and welcomed a new generation of fans with their television debut in 1958. The Three Stooges were a mainstay on American television, and their catchphrases remain inked in popular culture.

Throughout their 40-year career, the comedy team appeared in both shorts and feature-length films, and their legacy remains preserved in the “Stoogeum,” a museum in Pennsylvania dedicated to the iconic trio.

MeTV Presents The Three Stooges schedule

Saturday, June 1 – “Crème de la Curly”- Featuring the best of Curly
Shorts Include: Micro-Phonies, A-Plumbing We Will Go

Saturday, June 8 – “Just Say Moe”- Featuring the best of Moe
Shorts Include: Tassels in the Air, Idiots Deluxe

Saturday, June 15 – “Shemp Cocktail”- Featuring the best of Shemp
Shorts Include: Brideless Groom, Who Done It?

Saturday, June 22 – “Hysterically Historical”- Featuring The Stooges’ mis-take on history
Shorts Include: Uncivil Warriors, Knutzy Knights

Saturday, June 29 – “The Upper Crass” – The boys invade high society
Shorts Include: Hoi Polloi, Crash Goes the Hash

Saturday, July 6 – “Sports Irritated” – The boys show their athletic side
Shorts Include: Three Little Pigskins, Three Little Beers

Saturday, July 13 – “International Idiots” – The Stooges’ adventures in foreign lands
Shorts Include: Wee Wee Monsieur, We Want Our Mummy

Saturday, July 20 – “Crazy for Curly” – A mashup of fan favorites starring Curly
Shorts Include: I Can Hardly Wait, Loco Boy Makes Good

Saturday, July 27 – “Pie…I Oughta!” – The Stooges’ most memorable pie fights
Shorts Include: In the Sweet Pie and Pie, Three Sappy People

Saturday, August 3 – “Musical Morons”- Featuring The Stooges’ musical moments
Shorts Include: Woman Haters, Squareheads of the Round Table

Saturday, August 10 – “Rope-A-Dopes” – The boys battle it out
Shorts Include: Punch Drunks, Fright Night

Saturday, August 17 – “Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard” – The Stooges’ most memorable medical mishaps
Shorts Include: Dizzy Doctors, Men in Black

Saturday, August 24 – “Halfwits for Hire”- The Stooges destroy every job they touch
Shorts Include: Pop Goes the Easel, Cookoo Cavaliers

The Three Stooges® is a registered trademark of C3 Entertainment, Inc. ©2019 C3 Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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PaulDuran 61 months ago
I know the Stooges start at 6:00 PM Eastern Standard time. 5:00 PM Central time.
Since I am in Pacific Standard time is it 3:00 PM the Stooges start here?
djw1120 PaulDuran 61 months ago
You can download the schedule for your time zone from MeTV's website.
I believe that it is shown at 6:00PM local time on the west coast.
Of course. I could be wrong too, but I don't think so.
Pacificsun PaulDuran 61 months ago
No, in the Pacific Time Zone, MeTV replaced The Wild Wild West (at 6:00pm PDT) with the The Three Stooges.
Jabroni 61 months ago
Stooges are fine, but where is Wild Wild West going? I NEED my Wild Wild West!!
Pacificsun Jabroni 61 months ago
It does seem like a bitter triumph, doesn't it.
JessicaEFulcher 61 months ago
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CandaceMendoza 61 months ago
Are you guys able to show who's the boss and fresh prince, Alice I so miss those three.
CandaceMendoza 61 months ago
I feel that the days we are living in Three stooges would not be the proper show because of bullying.

djw1120 CandaceMendoza 61 months ago
In that respect the same thing can be said of all the Looney Tunes cartoons.
What with Bugs Bunny going against Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck (even those with Daffy on his own always getting blown up, etc.) and the Road Runner with Wyle E. Coyote.
And how about Sam Sheepdog and Pepe Le Pew always chasing that poor cat who accidentally got that white paint stripe down her back?
JamesMLong 61 months ago
A bit clunky to say the least but our skill set and experience won the day. Poor ref with no regard to offside and he bottled it on the sin bin, red card all day long if it had been on sky
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MargaretBLeonard 61 months ago

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Clem 61 months ago
YES!!...some good ol' fashion slapstick & humor untouched by the dreadful and boring "P.C." monster!!
NormHinderliter 61 months ago
PRAISE the Lord. Some truly CLASSIC comedy. Just what viewers should want. I KNOW I do. Now, if MeTV will only bring back McGyver, and Mission: Impossible, I would be thrilled!
djw1120 NormHinderliter 61 months ago
I don't know about "Mission: Impossible" (which I wouldn't mind watching again), but "MacGyver" is on H&I (Heroes and Icons) on Saturday mornings from 11:00AM - 1:00PM.
STTOS 61 months ago
Wow, Interesting to hear. A few thoughts if you don’t mind:

- If I read this correctly, it sounds like this is a limited engagement lasting only 13 weeks after which W.W.W. or a different show may return to the lineup.

- But if the Stooges are on for more than 13 weeks, I hope MeTV shows ALL of the shorts including those with Joe. We (or at least I) like to see the complete catalog of Stooges shorts, just like I enjoy watching the color episodes of TAGS. Though maybe not as funny, it allows you to appreciate the entire body of work.

- If I was forced to choose a favorite 3rd Stooge, I guess it would be Curly but Shemp is a VERYCLOSE second. And Joe had some funny moments too.

- I really like the Stooges but agree that 6:00 PM on a Saturday night is an unusual time slot for them. Perhaps they can be designated as E/I and shown on Sunday mornings. No, probably not. :) 

- I hope this doesn’t preclude a local channel here in the Boston area from continuing to show them on Sunday mornings.

Wiseguy 61 months ago
There aren't more than 190 Columbia shorts. There are exactly 190 Columbia shorts.
SteveThames 61 months ago
Nothing is funnier than a 3 stooges pie fight 😁
Jack 61 months ago
Good Deal! The Stooges were Comic geniuses and masters of one liners. Can't wait to see them!
Deleted 61 months ago
This comment has been removed.
harlow1313 61 months ago
Were I a Stooge, I would immediately access this website.
TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 61 months ago
First of all The Stooges are comic geniuses, second I am sick and tired of the repies cutting down and blaming a schedule change on liberals, this is not a political site. Third some commenters have the nerve to call the Stooges violent have you seen todays television and movies. Have you listen to rap music. Watched todays video games come on there is not a stupider comment than saying the Stooges are to violent. Get a life.
moax429 61 months ago
Why didn't you include "An Ache in Every Stake" (1944, I believe) to the mix? *That* has to be *the funniest* Stooges short, in my opinion.

Especially funny was the huge block of ice plummeting down that long stairway and the owner of the house being run over by it, as well as the "spring scene" (I won't say any more in case MeTV decides to air it - believe me, I laughed *so* hard until I couldn't laugh anymore).
Moe:"We baked you a birthday cake.
Larry: "If you get a tummy ache."
Curly "And you moan and groan and woe."
All three: "Don't forget we told you so."
There go the judge! There go the judge!
Islander 61 months ago
C'mon ! I like the Stooges but not on my sci fi Sat night. WWW was the perfect lead in from western to science fiction. Run it another night.
FrankCollins 61 months ago
The Three Stooges were the only fan club I ever joined. None of the others would have me as a member, nyuk nyuk nyuk. However, very few people, including MeTV, know which are the best stooges episodes, so I will list them here.

1) Punch Drunks, 1934. The second stooge short ever made, which led to a long term contract. Curly plays Kayo Stradivarius, a boxer who goes into a punching frenzy whenever he hears "Pop Goes the Weasel". Moe is his manager, and Larry plays the song on the violin. When going crazy, Curly shouts, Woo woo woo woo woo woo.....

2) Horses' Collars, 1935. This is a western, with some great one-liners. But it is better known for "Moe, Larry, cheese". Curly goes crazy whenever he sees a mouse, and can only be calmed down by stuffing cheese into his mouth. When the bad guys have the stooges cornered, Curly sees a mouse, and beats up all the villains.

3) Grips, Grunts and Groans, 1937. Curly goes crazy every time he smells the perfume scent Wild Hyacinth. The boys are trainers for Bustoff, a wrestling champion. But they get him drunk before his big fight, and Curly has to impersonate him. Things are going badly in the ring until Curly smells the perfume and wins the fight.

4) Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise, 1939. Every time Curly makes a wish, it comes true. The boys save a widow when they strike oil on her land.

5) Boobs in Arms, 1940. The stooges beat up a man, but then join the army and find out he is their drill sergeant. They do the hilarious "manual of arms" bit. The next scene involves laughing gas, inhaled by the stooges, who defeat the enemy while laughing away.

6) Gents Without Cents, 1944. The stooges are struggling comedic actors, and do the "Niagara Falls" bit several times in the short. "Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch..."

7) Micro-Phonies, 1945. With the beautiful Christine McIntyre, who sings "Voices of Spring". Curly dresses up as a female singer, and lip syncs the words at a party.
This is only your opinion. Someone might think Tassels In The Air is one of their better ones. Or Hold That Lion is a special one, because it's the only short with all 3 Howard brothers and Larry.
You listed one of my faves GWC but I also like A Plumbing We Will Go. The ones you've listed are good, but this is not the definitive list. Others, of course, will disagree with you.
TITA and HTL were just off the top of my head. First ones I thought of to use as examples of what I mean.
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