The Summer of Me brings Green Acres, the 1985 Twilight Zone and 90-minute Wagon Train to weekdays

Tune in for comedy, suspense and adventure starting Memorial Day.

Summertime means yard work. But why toil outside? Stay in and watch two city folk work the soil. Starting May 27, Green Acres is moving to a new time, five days a week. That is not the only fresh crop arriving in The Summer of Me. Two rarely aired pieces of television history are coming to MeTV — the 1985 iteration of The Twilight Zone and the 90-minutes episodes of Wagon Train. Then, on Saturdays, MeTV presents The Three Stooges at 6PM | 5C, with two thematically tied shorts presented in full, unedited and without commercial interruption.

Let's take a closer look at these upcoming additions to the schedule.

MeTV Presents The Three Stooges
Saturdays 6PM | 5C

On Saturday, June 1, legendary comedy troupe and masters of mirth The Three Stooges will join MeTV’s lineup of memorable entertainment television. Over 13 weeks, these specially selected and themed broadcasts will present full-length, unedited shorts without commercial interruption, packaged into an hour-long presentation that highlights the many "best of" moments from the beloved comedians. Weekly themes include "Crème de la Curly," "Just Say Moe," "Pie…I Oughta!" and "Shemp Cocktail."

Green Acres
Weeknights 9:30PM | 8:30C

Though it existed in the same "Paul Henning television universe" as The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction, Green Acres delivered a different flavor of comedy. The Eddie Albert–Eva Gabor sitcom grew a far more surreal, postmodern strain of humor, that was pioneering for its time and equally relevant today. The show often broke the fourth wall, as characters acknowledged they were merely characters on a television show. For example, Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) repeatedly complained about "the names," i.e. the show's credits that would pop up every week and annoy her. And what other sitcom had a, erm, meatier role for an animal star? The pig, Arnold Ziffel, became a pop sensation.

The Twilight Zone (1985)
Weeknights 12:30AM | 11:30C
Sundays 12AM | 11C

The first television reboot of The Twilight Zone arrived in 1985 and ran for three seasons. The series arrived in a peak era of science-fiction and horror, when creators like Stephen King and Steven Spielberg dazzled audiences with original ideas. (In fact, Spielberg had produced Twilight Zone: The Movie two years earlier.) Though it lacked Rod Serling (or any host at all) The Twilight Zone 1985 delivered the same brand of eerie suspense and shocking twists. The Grateful Dead performed the theme song and the cast featured rising stars such as Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. Writers included George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and, yes, Stephen King.

Wagon Train
Weekdays 3:30PM | 2:30C

In its seventh and penultimate season, Wagon Train went cinematic. The long-running Western expanded its episodes to 90 minutes, feature-length. That was not the only change on the show. Robert Fuller (Laramie) joined the cast as the new scout, Cooper Smith. Michael Burns' character, Barnaby West, introduced in the sixth season, also became a regular cast member. The guest stars shined, too, as names like Peter Falk and Burgess Meredith appeared, not to mention teen idols like Fabian and Annette Funicello. Due to their running time, these episodes are rarely seen on television.

It all begins on Memorial Day, May 27. See our schedule for more details.

Download printable versions of our new schedule:

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UnicornPrincess 14 hours ago
Also, MeTV could add the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 with Joel and Mike! :D It's my favorite show, and even though I've seen them all multiple times, I'd still tune in just because it's fun to watch! It's so sad that CometTV got rid of it. So suffice it to say, "Please carry 'Mystery Science Theater 3000', MeTV!"
Lucyneenah19701 6 days ago
MeTV, will you please bring back I Love Lucy? Will you add Here's Lucy, and Newhart?
Thanks for continuing to air Leave it to Beaver!
I believe Decades Channel has the rights to I Love Lucy. CoziTV might still have the rights to Heres Lucy. I believe AntennaTV still has the rights to Newhart.
Yes, and Decades airs Newhart, as well as I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and many other classic shows.
You're welcome - Newhart's one of my favorite oldies shows to watch!
Lucyneenah19701 6 days ago
I looked at the Guide on my T.V., and I can't find WKRP in Cincinnati on MeTV anymore. Did MetV take it off? I really like that show!
Still showing on my guide but it will be replaced by Green Acres.
Thank you! I hope that Metv puts WKRP on again soon.
Valerie 6 days ago
So happy about the addition of Green Acres! We hate WKRP so always had to change the channel after Andy Griffith. Now we won’t need to!
Pacificsun Valerie 5 days ago
Yeah, it's another "rural" comedy. Should fit in quite well with TAGS and Gomer.
MichaelSmith 6 days ago
Psyched that Me TV has acquired The 3 Stooges even if it meant shelving WWW.
With all due respect ... not exactly a fair trade.
PatriciaStalter 6 days ago
I began watching metv because of WKRP and now that you are replacing it I guess I will have to watch another channel. I am very disappointed that it is being replaced. Because of WKRP I found myself watching so many more of your shows on your channel. But won't watch anymore since you are taking WKRP off.
BY MeTV standards WKRP was actually on for a long time, and was plugged into that timeslot like they're doing with these other new shows. Meaning they rotate in a bank of certain shows (short term) compared to their anchor shows (like MASH, TAGS, etc.). Could be they have only a short term leasees on some shows.
either another channel is after the rights to WKRP or that 20th Century Fox company is recalling the rightst to WKRP.
Taylor 7 days ago
I am not happy about the new line up at all. Why replace WKRP in Cincinnati? That show was a classic. Why not add shows like Taxi, Cheers, Angie, Kate and Allie, One Day at a Time, McMillian and Wife, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, My Living Doll, and it would be awesome if they could show commercials from the era which sponsored the shows
The Dick Van Dyke Show is on METV. Has been for several weeks. Check out the Sunday night 11:00 p.m. {that's the time it's on here in Southern Ca.} timeslot. {or whatever time it airs in your area.} chances could be, {like what seems to happen with a lot of folks,}is that their local METV station carries local programming, instead of what listed on METV's schedule for that time. That may be the reason you're not getting it.
Pacificsun Taylor 6 days ago

MeTV belongs to Weigel (parent company) where a lot of shows we're seeing on MeTV come from the CBS Television Distribution (syndication) library. Meaning they probably contract with them for a primary resource of classic TV shows. Which makes it difficult to be as random (regarding some titles) with programming choices as viewers would wish for. They also look at the marketplace (competition on local channels) including OTAs and won't overlap offerings, and sometimes even same type of shows. They are currently running DVD, they did Taxi and MTM. One Day at a Time is or has been on Anntena TV. Weigel also shares access to CBS Distribution which feeds Decades TV (previously shown on CBS owned stations). Decades features many great shows from the 50's forward. Which is where My Living Doll would fit nicely (provided the syndication rights are compatible). Can also check out COZI TV which is often an OTA in various marketplaces, and has competitive classic TV shows (some, which MeTV used to run).
TVLAND in its good old days used to insert retro commercials, with the current ones I miss those days. I agree, I wish they would bring them back.
MrsPhilHarris Taylor 5 days ago
Yes to McMillan & Wife.
That show was great when they rotated it with McCloud (and, at that time) the 60 minute Columbo. A great over night Noir series. Gone are the days we were fortunate to have with MeTV!
CoziTV currently has long term rights to McMillian & Wife, McCloud and 1st Series Columbo. MeTV still has rights to 2nd Series Columbo
Taylor 7 days ago
Well, I guess this is my last week to enjoy WKRP! I really enjoy this show. Put on "Angie", a late 70s show starring Donna Pescow, "Kate and Allie", "Cagney and Lacey", these are classics.
If you really enjoy the show, have you considered getting it? It's available on dvd. That's what I do. If there's a show really don't want to miss and want to watch whenever, I try and get it.
Pacificsun Taylor 6 days ago
Check out who has syndication rights. CBS Television Distribution is MeTV's primary resource. Also check COZI TV.
pellinigroup 7 days ago
Not happy about replacing WKRP. At least you could have put something in its place better than Green Acres.
It may be only for the summer.
MrsPhilHarris 7 days ago
I have some more. McHale's Navy, Our Miss Brooks, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, Peter Gunn.
Peter Gunn is on MeTV late night TV. MeTV was running Our Miss Brooks (very early morning, I think last year). And McHale's Navy has been running on Anntena TV (in tribute to Tim Conway). Check out OTA channels in your area.
Sorry to disappoint you MrsPhilHarris, but METV wib;t be showing McHale's Navy, {Like PacificSun said,} McHale's Navy wasn't just being shown because of Tim Conway, they've been showing it before he passed as well.
Lone Ranger: It airs on COZITV.
Also, the Lone Ranger is rebroadcast on The Cowboy Channel which is on satellite TV and on some cable channels. For those who have either the Folk TV Network on satellite TV or on Roku type of boxes or Retro Television Network, most of those shows are public domain or are distributed by the Peter Rodgers Organization or Dreamworks Classics.
Thanks Pacificsun. I didn't know it was on ME.
We don't get those stations on Canada as far as I know.
MrsPhilHarris 7 days ago
Please do not put on Three's Company. It was running for about 10 years on DejaView in Canada. I think it may still be on.
No worries on Three's Company. Showing on Anntena TV (Pacific timezone) US.
Thank goodness!
HockeyMike 8 days ago
Vegas w/Robert Urich … Matt Houston … Barnaby Jones … Mickey Spillane`s Mike Hammer … MacGyver .. But, for every show on the station, 1 or 2 airings a day is fine! We don`t need 10 Hogan`s Heroes a week. Also, some shows that were on for many years, we keep seeing same 15 episodes. Like Columbo had 69 shows, but it seems like the same 10 episodes are aired over & over. Thanks
that is up to 20th Century Fox in allowing MeTV to air VEGA$. Barnaby Jones is still going through rights transfer from Warner Bros to CBS ownership. I don't see anything wrong with Hogan's Heroes. As for Columbo, MeTV only has the rights to the 2nd Series Columbo. CoziTV took away the rights to the 1st Series Columbo away from MeTV.
1smoothoperator 8 days ago
I love the cowboy shows, but also love comedy, like "Too close for Comfort" with Ted Knight.
I think TCFC was (or still is) on Anntena TV.
jholton30062 8 days ago
As long as we're throwing out program ideas, how about "The Saint" and "The Avengers"? "Secret Agent" and "The Prisoner"?
Oh yes The Saint and The Prisoner. Excellent suggestions.
Well ... now you're talking truly quality programming. If they used those shows they could absolutely upgrade the offerings on Sunday Night TV. However, check out to see who has syndication rights. MeTV features CBS Television Distribution shows as it's primary resource. And will not be as random in their selection offerings as viewers would expect.
Abbadon517 8 days ago
To many Westerns...Good job getting rid of Wild Wild West yay n bravo. Love Gomer Pyle ,Mamas Family ,WKRP, Especially My Three Sons adore it. It would be nice if it were on at 730 PM instead of am and that would get rid of one of them stale Mash episodes. Comedy is best as laughter is the best medicine. Laverne and Shirley ,Mork n Mindy ,Welcome Back Kotter ,Father Knows Best,Hazel ,The Partridge Family ....Night Gallery ,Circle of Fear . Loving Thriller and Boris. I know u do your best and we love you for all u do
What? Westerns RULES! Loves Westerns. And M*A*S*H is absolutely just fine being on at 7 & 7:30 (especially since MeTV is airing it now in HD). It is possible that MeTV could get Laverne & Shirley unless Decades holds the rights. AntennaTV currently has the rights to Mork & Mindy, Welcome Back Kotter, Father Knows Best, Hazel & Partridge Family. MeTV does air Night Gallery (since CoziTV doesn't want the rights to Night Gallery).
Thank you, Abbadon, for pointing out that M*A*S*H* is stale and Westerns are too many. :) No offense to anyone who likes them, just nice to know someone else has my opinion.
TVJunkie 8 days ago
Can't wait to see the Wagon Train's with Robert Fuller and John MacIntyre. Sure would like to see F-Troop too. Hint, hint.
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