MeTV remembers Howard Hesseman with a WKRP in Cincinnati two-parter

Dr. Johnny Fever battles with an alter-ego in this special two-part episode.

Earlier this week, we lost WKRP in Cincinnati star Howard Hesseman at the age of 81. Pulling from his real-life experience as a radio DJ during the early days of freeform radio, the actor brought his booth antics to the role of Dr. Johnny Fever. WKRP creator Hugh Wilson even let Hesseman ad-lib his own intros to the songs while on the show.

MeTV will be remembering Howard Hesseman with a WKRP in Cincinnati two-part episode that celebrates the cynical, sometimes troublesome, Dr. Johnny Fever. It starts this Sunday, February 6, at 4P | 3C.

MeTV tribute - Sunday, February 6, starting at 4P | 3C

4P | 3C - "Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide: Part 1" 

A new employee with eyes for Dr. Johnny Fever convinces him to take on hosting duties for a TV show with a fat paycheck. However, when Johnny realizes it's a disco show, he can't back out without a legal fight. He creates Rip Tide, a disco-loving alter-ego for the show, only to have trouble keeping Rip Tide off the WKRP airwaves.

4:30P | 3:30C - "Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide: Part 2" 

Rip Tide starts to take over more and more of Johnny's personality and social life as he finds he enjoys the money and fame it brings. The studio is divided on if they want to keep Rip or get the old Johnny Fever back. 

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chiefbobdavis 28 months ago
Another classic ‘Johnny’ episode, when him n Venus had tested drinking reactions on air.
bagandwallyfan80 28 months ago
Howard Hesseman
Dr.Johnny Fever
Age 81
As long as film and video tapes
And Head Of The Class EXIST
Dr. Johnny Fever and Howard
Hesseman will live forever on
Film and Tape .As long as we
Can watch WKRP IN CINNCINATI and Head Of The Class Howard
Hesseman AKA Dr.Johnny Fever
Will ALWAYS be with us and
in our heart and memory.
I hope that there is an Afterlife
(Heaven) because if there is I
Would like to meet Howard
Hesseman and other actors I
Liked(Dawn Wells Roy Stuart
Russell Johnson Andy Griffith
Don Knotts Eddie Cantor Ken
Osmond Frank Bank Skip Young
Joe Penner And other actors).
I can watch Head Of The Class on The REWIND
Lynndoor 28 months ago
He is my favorite actor and he always will be my favorite actor and I will miss him..
robologic1313 28 months ago
I believe that ME TV doesn't remember that WKRP was TV Guide's number one pick as a new show back in 1979. Whereas I doubt Green Acres ever had those type of accolades that KRP received plus many other shows currently running. Since ME is running a lot of old westerns (which I love) as a middle Boomer. But if ME wants bigger audience numbers, they'll bring back WRRP full time to bring all of the younger boomers as well as even younger. My 28 year old loved WKRP when I introduced it to him in the late 2000's. Get Smart(not the real show though)!!

Jerry Robinson formally of Central Florida now in North Houston
CharleneFrench 28 months ago
SO DISAPPOINTED! Howard Hesseman was in virtually every episode of WKRP. He was the main character! You ran about 4 hours of TV episodes as a tribute to Betty White (MTM, Mama’s family, even The Love Boat) and when Bob Saget dies, you make Full House part of the regular schedule but Howard Hesseman gets one 2-part episode? COME ON, MeTV! Do better! You can cut at least 1 of the episodes of The Brady Bunch and Saved by the Bell to bring back WKRP!
LoveMETV22 CharleneFrench 28 months ago
It would be nice to see more Betty White and WKRP on MeTV, however they did not add Full House to their schedule as a result of Bob Saget's passing. It was an already planned change to their schedule they moved up the change to an earlier date after he passed though.
Hunter123abc 28 months ago
I am really disappointed METV, only two episodes of WKRP for the tribute. WKRP should be on METV regularly. Not impressed
dekane54 28 months ago
I would love to see WKRP on MeTV regularly! One of my favorite sitcoms too.
hrhotrod 28 months ago
Only 2 Episodes??? How about the episode where he's at the transmitter because of a bomb scare at the studio? He was AWESOME in that. "It's the Phone cops man..." Smashes the phone with the toolbox.😆🤣
canman hrhotrod 28 months ago
I read that HH totally ad libed that part about the phone police.
Moverfan hrhotrod 28 months ago
"Day-o....daaaaasy-o...daylight come and me wanna throw up...."
canman 28 months ago
Looking forward to the Two Parter of WKRP today but it’s past time to put it back in the regular rotation. Cmon MeTV!

RIP RipTide
ocan6983 28 months ago
RIP Howard Hessman,

Condolences to Howard’s family and friends. Great actor funny as hell. Actually got to see Howard in person during the Umbrella art piece in the early 90s along I-5 near Gorman in southern Cal . He showed up in a limo got out and just stood there looking at the art just a few feet from me. Nice guy and will be missed. RIP Howard
JHP 28 months ago
Gentlemen,,,,start/program your DVR's!!!
Rubyredjewel 28 months ago
"WKRP in Cincinatii" , is one of my top 5 favorite shows of all time. I would have bet the MeTV tribute would have been 4 or more episodes and would have included the one where Johnny crazy ex-girlfriend shows up.
Rubyredjewel Rubyredjewel 28 months ago
RIP Howard Hesseman. (February 27, 1940 – January 29)
Moverfan Rubyredjewel 28 months ago
You'd think they'd have at least chosen Turkeys Away...or the two-parter where he got a job offer in LA (Johnny's Gone/Johnny's Back...only sure of the second title). As he pointed out, "You can say booger now...but you can't say $%#*@*."
canman 28 months ago
Watch Dr Detroit with Danny Akroyd. Hess was fantastic in that as the pimp.
Marcia 28 months ago
I love this show, WKRP. One of my favorite episodes is when Johnny does a remote broadcast from Dell's Stereo Shop and it gets held up while he is there.
Michael Marcia 28 months ago
Hamilton Camp plays Del. Bill Dial plays Bucky. Hugh Wilson apparently plays a cop.

Yes, it is a memorable episode. Though the one with Scum of the Earth was good too.
Moverfan Michael 28 months ago
Michael Des Barres, who played Dog in that episode, reappeared in the first season of The New WKRP as morning DJ Jack Allen. In the second season, the character was gone, along with his estranged wife and on-air partner Dana Burns (the explanation was that he completely fell apart after Dana went to Reno and finally divorced him).
Rita6868 28 months ago
I had a huge crush on Howard and watched WkRP and Head of the Class because of Howard.It helped that they were both funny shows.Rest in peace sweetie still have lots of love for you! Thanks for the great memories!
jaelinsmith40652 28 months ago
How Sad, I also saw him playing the teacher on the other show called Head of the Class. WKRP In Cincannatti was a real good clean sitcom that I was just close to watch it when I was sixteen. God Rest Howard Hesserman for playing that DJ Character.
hennarose 28 months ago
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