Mike Connors believed that his popularity on television made him miss out on film roles

The actor's television fame was a double-edged sword.

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Film and television are often pitted against each other when the reality of how it should be couldn’t be further from the truth. Television and film are both forms of entertainment and art. An actor picking one medium shouldn’t limit their opportunities in another.

However, this was the case for Mike Connors, who told The Buffalo News that his time in television hindered him when he attempted to pursue a film career later in life. Connors became famous for his role as private detective Joe Mannix in Mannix, but he claimed that same fame prevented him from appearing in films. Moreover, Connors claimed that the fault wasn’t with television, but with the producers he for.

“Many producers are snobs, or have a false sense of what the public wants and figure that if people see you on television, they will not pay to see you in a movie,” he said. “But this is just not true. Look at John Travolta and Henry Winkler. Both Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood came out of television series. So did Charles Bronson. Burt Reynolds came out of three television series.”

Connors was proud of his time in television and believed it was essential to his work as an actor. “Personally, I believe you must be active on television today,” said Connors. “That’s where the people are.”

But while the actor was satisfied with the art form, he wasn’t too fond of the judgment that came with it. “This waiting around for somebody to make up their mind as to whether or not you’re going to do something is one aspect of the business I’m not crazy about,” he said. “I feel I’ve got to keep putting myself on the line.”

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Runeshaper 23 days ago
Mike Connors was FANTASTIC! I think he would have been great in anything.
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