See photos: The grooviest bachelor pad in Chicago modeled its kitchen after The Brady Bunch

The only thing missing is Alice!

On The Brady Bunch, we're used to seeing Alice and Carol bustling about the cupboards in that vibrant, amazing '70s kitchen seen on the show. But for Chicago homeowner Greg Shipp, he saw much more in the wooden cupboards and muted orange shades than the average viewer: He saw inspiration.

Now Shipp is the proud owner of a groovy bachelor pad that includes an impressive Brady Bunch-style kitchen. Since it's currently up for sale, fans of all things retro like you and me can get a peek inside at all of Shipp's nostalgia-fueled decor.

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Wicker Park, Shipp's throwback condo is sure to make a funky citydweller very happy, currently listed for $920,000. You just can't put a pricetag on those vibes that Shipp lovingly restored in the unique home. See more photos here.

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