See The Brady Bunch kids grow up in photos from the first and last episode

Flip the photos to watch the Brady kids grow up in a flash.

When we first meet The Brady Bunch, the girls range in age from 6-12 and the boys from 7-13. From season to season, it becomes a little tougher to keep up with the kids' ages, as they tend to bend to whatever the plot needs (like when Cindy just can't wait to be a teen at only 9 or when Marcia spends an episode on her first day as a freshman).

But by the end of the series, Greg had made it to 18 years old, ready to leave the nest. Still, a huge part of the fun of watching the series was seeing these kids grow up over each season. That's what makes it fun to see the transformation from start to finish in an instant. Below, click the photos to do just that and watch the ultimate TV family grow up right before your eyes all over again.

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Vozpit 62 months ago
Where's Robbie Rist?
JDnHuntsvilleAL Vozpit 41 months ago
How does Robbie fit this article? He wasn't a Brady kid and he was only in the last season, so no "beginning vs ending" photo possible.
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