Spend summer in the 4077th with M*A*S*H Maydays!

Cool off with specially selected episodes of your favorite characters during an extra hour of M*A*S*H.

M*A*S*H Maydays continues into the dog days of summer with a bonus hour of M*A*S*H every weeknight! Each week, MeTV is highlighting a different member of the 4077th with specially selected episodes starting at 6P | 5C! Then, stick around for an extra hour of M*A*S*H at 7P | 6C.

Here's who to watch out for in the Swamp:

Charles Winchester week — June 5-9

Monday, June 5: "Fade In, Fade Out"

Tuesday, June 6: "The Winchester Tapes" / "The Merchant of Korea"

Wednesday, June 7: "The Smell of Music" / "They Call the Wind Korea"

Thursday, June 8: "Major Ego" / "Morale Victory"

Friday, June 9: "The Life You Save" / "Foreign Affairs"

Father Mulcahy week — June 12-16

Monday, June 12: "Dear Peggy" / "The Interview"

Tuesday, June 13: "Mulcahy's War" / "Hepatitis"

Wednesday, June 14: "Tea and Empathy" / "An Eye for a Tooth"

Thursday, June 15: "Dear Sis" / "Nurse Doctor"

Friday, June 16: "Captains Outrageous" / "A Holy Mess"

Frank Burns week — June 19-23

Monday, June 19: "5 O'Clock Charlie" / "Rainbow Bridge"

Tuesday, June 20: "Alcoholics Unanimous" / "There is Nothing Like a Nurse"

Wednesday, June 21: "House Arrest" / "Hey Doc"

Thursday, June 22: "The Kids" / "Der Tag"

Friday, June 23: "The Novocain Mutiny" / "38 Across"

Henry Blake week — June 26-30

Monday, June 26: "Cowboy" / "Henry Please Come Home"

Tuesday, June 27: "Army-Navy Game" / "Divided We Stand"

Wednesday, June 28: "The Trial of Henry Blake" / "Henry in Love"

Thursday, June 29: "As You Were" / "Crisis"

Friday, June 30: "Life With Father" / "Abyssinia, Henry"

Trapper John week — July 3-7

Monday, July 3: "To Market, to Market" / "Requiem for a Lightweight"

Tuesday, July 4: "Ceasefire" / "Kim"

Wednesday, July 5: "The Incubator" / "Mail Call"

Thursday, July 6: "O.R." / "Checkup"

Friday, July 7: "Bombed" / "Bulletin Board"

Watch M*A*S*H on MeTV!

Weeknights at 6 PM, Sundays at 7 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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markm517 11 months ago
I was hoping for weeks featuring:
1. Klinger
2. Dr Freedman
3. Col. Flagg/ (filled with other intelligence/ interrogation episodes

Which would leave 5 weeks of August to get thru the summer of Me.

Could of made a week of:
1. Korean Soldiers
2. Korean women
3. Best of Mail call
4. Nurses of 4077
5. The Generals
mjjg 11 months ago
have any episodes featured Klinger?
Adamtwelvia mjjg 4 months ago
No! I would rather have Klinger Week then Frank Burns!
rlmfeb 11 months ago
I love all the shows but I'm a die hard M*A*S*H lover @ 💗
57Tbird 11 months ago
Take some of the Saturday night/Sunday morning shows and put them in. Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea or Land Of The Giants would be welcome.
PMcDonald1963 12 months ago
DEFINITELY bring back the Green Hornet … and broadcast more Batman episodes (one episode every Saturday at 10:30 PM ET is NOT enough)
Adamtwelvia PMcDonald1963 4 months ago
That's how it originally was.
PMcDonald1963 Adamtwelvia 2 months ago
NOT in Season 1 or Season 2 of the Batman TV series when originally broadcast ... in the first two seasons, TWO Batman episodes were broadcast each week ... it wasn't until the network lost faith in Season Three that they tightened the purse-strings and killed off the series ... just goes to prove that the Peter Principle decides who rises highest amongst TV execs ...
Adamtwelvia PMcDonald1963 2 months ago
I meant when Batman first reran HERE that's what it originally was
Spaceseed 12 months ago
I’ve been MASHed to death. Enough already. How about some Rocky Jones or Flash Gordon?
dougandandyfan 12 months ago
Hogan's Heroes is RUNNING on
Happy Days and Gomer Pyle USMC
Off The Air !!
SHAZAM-Gomer Pyle
Rob dougandandyfan 12 months ago
I do miss the pre-shark jump episodes of Happy Days.
dougandandyfan Rob 12 months ago
Yes Me Too ! When Chuck Cunningham and Bag Zombroski and Moose left the show Happy Days became SAPPY DAYS. When
Eugene Belvin Melvin Belvin Richie and Ralph left HAPPY DAYS later
McGinley) became the new basketball coach in 1980 I wish that Chuck Cunningham(Gavan O'Herlihy or Randolph Roberts ) had become the assistant basketball 🏀 coach under head basketball coach Roger Phillips. The Practical JOKERS on
Happy Days were Ralph Bag and
Bobby. Also Moose Eugene Belvin and Melvin Belvin and Bag Zombroski NEVER GOT INTO TROUBLE . DID FONZIE EVER GET IN TROUBLE??
I also wish that Marsha Simms and Wendy and Spike had all stayed on
Happy Days instead of joining
Chuck Cunningham in THE SITCOM ZONE!!!!@
I made a mistake on one of the TV characters above .Anyone know which TV character from The SITCOM Zone that I made a mistake on. 😅
I made the mistake of listing
Boyle as Col. Boyle instead of Cpl Boyle. Roy. Stuart's character got promoted to Colonel .
Coldnorth dougandandyfan 11 months ago
The genie grants only 3 wishes. The wishes department says you are WAY OVER your wishes per year. Therefore all wishes are cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience
TheSentinel 12 months ago
What, no week for Klinger?
Linda TheSentinel 12 months ago
I've been wondering about that too. Disappointing...
Abitibibob TheSentinel 12 months ago
My guess is that they didn't want to "offend" the LGBTQ+++ community!!!
Adamtwelvia Abitibibob 4 months ago
But he wasn't gay!
dougandandyfan 12 months ago
My Username Doug And Andy fan comes from a sitcom in 1976 where these 2
characters appeared at different times.
jonethree 12 months ago
Trapper John week July 3 but it’s listed as August.???
Debbie 12 months ago
We love the ATEAM will it be back?
Coldnorth Debbie 11 months ago
I hope very soon
GioLovesMash Debbie 6 months ago
is on handi
GioLovesMash Debbie 6 months ago
same coney as metv
Debbie 12 months ago
There should be a KLINGER week, A Col. FLAGG week, and a DR. Sydney FREEDMAN WEEK. The FLAGG AND FREEDMAN WEEKs would be hilarious.!!! Just saying:
CaptainDunsel 12 months ago
Seriously?! You're doing "Father Mulcahey Week" and *NOT* featuring "Blood Brothers" ?!?!?!
That episode is possibly William Christopher's most compelling performance in the entire series!

You... you... NINNIES!
You, sir, are correct! Excellent episode with the talented Patrick Swayze.
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