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Hey, hey, Toony here! So, you're a Super Tooner. Thanks for watching me… I mean, Toon In With Me! You are here because you want to send me and Bill a video message from your phone.

You can upload your video here.

Before you do that, just remember the Five S's — Sideways, Shadows Stink, Shhh, State Your Name, and Short.

You know:

1) Sideways: Hold your phone horizontally — sideways, like watching a movie — so the video looks good on television.

2) Shadows Stink: Make sure you have good lighting, so your face isn't dark and shadowy.

3) Shhh: Check to make sure there are no loud background noises — fans, traffic, monkey habitats, etc.

4) State Your Name: Tell us who you are and convince everyone why you are a Super Tooner!

5) Short: Please keep your videos between 20 and 30 seconds.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you. Of course, you gotta watch Toon In With Me weekday mornings at 7AM | 6C, and especially our "Fan-Tastic Friday" episodes, to see if you made it to the show.

Special thanks to the trained monkey who typed this up for me. He made me put that "monkey habitats" bit in there.

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paultwatson 19 days ago
Curator and Tuni, the assistant
I habe One Request....and I will even beg for this one. I can not stand British and / or French comedy as with respect to their cartoons. Pink Panther STINKS. I CAN'T STAND PINK PANTHER OR ANY OF THE OTHER CARTOONS THAT WERE written and shown with the pink panther. Please, I beg, and beg my knees that you remove the pink panther so called cartoons and to split the time of Popeye with that mess stinks. Popeye and Betty Boo and those cartoons are American classics.
petervschmidt 5 months ago
I just love the original tools. I'll be submitting a video soon.
thegreatgavonne 13 months ago
You have Toony shirts & Bill shirts but no shirts that feature Leila Gorstein. What's up with that? Give that hot number with the huge boobs a shirt!
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