The Jetsons are coming to MeTV this February!

The Space Age family is teaming up with the Flintstones on Sunday morning!

Warner Bros.

Meet George Jetson! His boy, Elroy! You know the rest! That's right, Jane, Judy, Rosey and Astro fly into the MeTV lineup on February 21. Head into the clouds Sunday mornings at 11:30AM | 10:30C.

MeTV is proud to welcome Hanna-Barbara's futuristic family to our roster of animated gems. The Jetsons join The Flintstones, their Stone Age counterparts, in our Sunday schedule.

The Jetsons originally ran in primetime for one season from 1962–63. Those 24 episodes were enough to turn the Jetsons into American icons. We stick with the Sixties classics, which introduced Jet Screamer (Howard Morris) singing "Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-ah," not to mention Astro and Mr. Spacely.

Love cartoons? Watch them seven days a week on MeTV, with Toon In With Me on weekday mornings and Saturday Morning Cartoons starting at 7AM | 6C!

Watch The Jetsons on MeTV!

Sundays at 11:30 AM

*available in most MeTV markets
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Grynch_84 35 months ago
At least there's no studio host for The Jetsons. Quality level way higher than the m-f show.
m-f show is a loser. Now they just keep repeating previously aired toons. C'mon man!!
Grynch_84 36 months ago
Just like I worried about. They've now skipped S1-13 "Las Venus." Horrible effort, metv.
Grynch_84 39 months ago
A good start on Sunday. With only 24 episodes, I hope metv doesn't pick and choose which episodes they will air. Just have to wait and see how it goes. Can only dream of Superfriends...Blue Falcon...Space Ghost...Laff-A-Lympics etc.
Lillyrose 39 months ago
The Jetsons was my favorite cartoon, but I don't watch cartoons anymore. Please air "I Love Lucy" again, and please air "Here's Lucy" and "Hazel" and "The Partridge Family."
MatthewR 39 months ago

Now please add Dinosaurs to your lineup
To be honest, Decades TV Would instead air that show, Because Of how this show is from the 90s, and MeTV wouldn't air something like this, But the channel that Is owned by the same company who owns MeTV, Decades TV, would air the show instead(Both Weigel(Owner of MeTV), and ViacomCBS owns Decades BTW). Also, Decades is Sitcom oriented, and Dinosaurs is a sitcom.
KevinButler 39 months ago
I'm glad that "The Jetsons" are coming to ME TV..I'm also hoping that"Top Cat" and "Ruff & Reddy"will also be coming to ME TV.
Sitkarose 39 months ago
It’s great to have the Jetsons! How about Atom Ant, Magellan Gorilla, Peter Potamus, Scooby Doo and Wally Gator? Probably far-fetched but I appreciate the cartoons!
nicwest 39 months ago
Every night while watching The Flintstones I tell my husband how much I would love to see The Jetsons, so this makes me very happy. And then the new Tom and Jerry movie comes out 2-26. Thanks MeTV you have brought back so many happy memories from yesteryear. The simplicity of the cartoons takes me back to better times.
racauth 39 months ago
Thank you MeTV !!
for adding the Tom & Jerry and Looney Tune collection to Saturday mornings.
Thanks again for adding Jetsons to your list of shows. (Should be on a Sat. morning slot though).

I have long been waiting for a return of "Saturday mornings for kids" programming and MeTV has now let that Genie back out of the bottle. Well done MeTV !
RetroMountaineer 40 months ago
Just one episode right? We don’t want this cutting in on our “Brady Brunch”.
You can now check the schedule and see that the Brady Brunch block is still 2hrs long.
Subi96 40 months ago
How about some Mighty Mouse and Woody Woodpecker??
KevinButler Subi96 39 months ago
That's a good question..Subi?
kspringf 40 months ago
Awesome! Can you work on getting Scooby? Maybe some Hannah Barbera toons too? Just suggestions. Love the old cartoons! We end up searching them out on KIDS Youtube to view. Thanks for your great programming!
sot28115 40 months ago
Why do you have to cut into the Flintstones 2-hour block on Sunday mornings? Why not the Saved by the Bell block? You already took away the 1-hour Flintstones block weekdays when you added Happy Days.
Moody sot28115 40 months ago
I agree they really need to get rid of Saved By The Bell. But it's part of MeTv's mandatory E/I program. Why it's considered E/I is beyond me because it's a stupid show that's neither educational nor informative. I don't know why the FCC let's them get away with it.
Barry22 Moody 40 months ago
Might as well show "California Dreams" or "SBTB, The New Class" because they are "educational" and "informative".
LittleMissNoName sot28115 40 months ago
They can move SBTB back an hr and ditch The Powers Of Matthew Star. Gives them the 9:00hr to add more HB programs in the near future.
sot28115 Moody 40 months ago
Totally agree with you in all counts. Can’t, for the life of me, understand how SBTB is educational
lynngdance Moody 39 months ago
I wonder if they could show Schoolhouse Rock as educational programming? 😁
Moody lynngdance 39 months ago
I think that's a great idea. And even though it's an older program it's still relevant today. It would certainly be better than SBTB.
racauth Moody 39 months ago
I have never liked the large "blocks" of same show. It runs it into the ground. Maybe at most 2 - 30min. shows as a 1 hr. block. Gilligan Isle's 3 hour tour , would be more watchable too, if it was no longer than a 1 hour block. Don't have time to sit at a TV for 3 solid hours on a Sunday.
stephaniestavropoulos 40 months ago
Why is it METV is cryptic and says "coming soon" on the commercial, but on here, is not so cryptic as to when the Jetsons starts to air? Is possibly because they want to draw more viewers to their website?
Lillyrose 40 months ago
I like The Jetsons. The Jetsons is my favorite cartoon. But please bring back I Love Lucy!
LittleMissNoName Lillyrose 40 months ago
If they cycle back to the 90min episodes of Columbo, the 9:30pm or 10:00pm slot on Sunday night would be great for the best of I Love Lucy.
musiclady1170 40 months ago
My brothers and I used to watch The Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Bugs Bunny, Huckleberry Hound, Deputy Dawg, Quickdraw McGraw (sp?), Bullwinkle, & ones METV is showing now. Keep the Baby Boomer faves coming! We feel that this is our network, and love it. 👍
racauth musiclady1170 39 months ago
Agree with you musiclady. Add to that: Go Go Gophers , Tennessee Tuxedo, and Top Cat !
The cartoons I watched when I was a kid was tweety bird,Popeye,Daffy Duck,Bugs Bunny.
The cartoons I saw were by Warner Brothers, I remember that opening song
AuntieKarkar 40 months ago
Very good start on cartoons.. Some Yogi Bear and Ant and the Aardvark would also be fun!
Ant And The Aardvark {as you probably know, is like Go Go Gophers. GGG was on The Underdo Show and A&A was with Pink Panther. So I don't think METV would separate AA from PP.
kspringf AuntieKarkar 40 months ago
Would be great to get the Pink Panther line up on too!!
VinceP 40 months ago
Why not bring back Hawaii Five-0??? We've been asking for years...
LittleMissNoName VinceP 40 months ago
Don't stop asking. Eventually Adam 12 and Dragnet will go back to CoziTV, so they will need a similar shows to fill those vacant time slots.
kspringf VinceP 40 months ago
Great idea! Love the old 5-0!
sot28115 VinceP 40 months ago
Totally agree!
moax429 sot28115 39 months ago
The originals are *always* the best.
JHP 40 months ago
Hey about some GOOD cartoons

Rocky and Bullwinkle to name my fav
RedSamRackham JHP 40 months ago
Indeed MeTV can add Jay Ward and Beany & Cecil AND Hanna-Barbera cartoons to the 3 hours of cartoons they already have on Saturday mornings! ☺
stephaniestavropoulos JHP 40 months ago
R&B is available for viewing on You Tube and dvd. You sound like you desperately want to seem them again, well these are a couple of ways to do just that.
JHP stephaniestavropoulos 40 months ago
hate to say it - don't like You Boob - more ads than reg tv. Me Tv can put on every other cartoon except for the good ones. But old Popeye's are really cool tho - feel like buying some flannel jammies and getting a bowl of sugar flakes with milk and have at it:)
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