The Waltons, Adam-12 and Dragnet join the MeTV schedule in January

New year, new Me. It all begins on January 1.

MeTV, America’s No. 1 classic television network, will welcome one of television’s most beloved families to its daytime lineup next year. The Waltons will air weekdays, premiering on Wednesday, January 1, at 12PM | 11C. Additionally, two classic cop dramas will join the weekday schedule when Adam-12 and Dragnet report for duty starting New Year's Day. Let's take a closer look at the new members of the MeTV lineup. You can download the complete new schedule below.

The Waltons
Weekdays 12PM | 11C

The Waltons is based on the rural upbringing of creator Earl Hamner, Jr., who detailed his childhood memories in the 1961 novel Spencer’s Mountain, which was made into a feature film two years later starring Oscar-winners Henry Fonda and Maureen O’Hara. Following the success of a 1971 made for television movie based on the beloved characters, The Homecoming: A Christmas Story, and with urging from Congress for TV networks to air more family-oriented programming, The Waltons television series premiered on CBS in 1972.

"MeTV is proud to bring The Waltons back to broadcast television after many years," says Neal Sabin, Vice Chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co. "This timeless series plays as well as it did when first telecast, and our HD prints make it look better than ever."

Set in a fictional mountain town, The Waltons followed the life and trials of John Walton, Jr., known as “John-Boy” (Richard Thomas), along with his six siblings and parents John and Olivia Walton, portrayed by Ralph Waite and Primetime Emmy Award Winner Michael Learned.

Originally airing for nine seasons and spawning six made-for-TV movie specials, the long-running storyline spanned 37 years and covered several major historical events including the Great Depression, World War II and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Waltons earned two Golden Globe Awards and 13 Primetime Emmy Awards including three for Best Lead Actress (Michael Learned), one for Best Lead Actor (Richard Thomas) and one for Outstanding Drama Series. The series earned a Peabody Award in 1972 for its success in "evoking a mood of nostalgia, of love and of honesty."

Weekdays at 5PM | 4C

Veteran cop Pete Malloy and his partner, rookie Jim Reed, rove the streets of Los Angeles in their LAPD patrol unit, 1-Adam-12. A spinoff of Dragnet, Adam-12 portrays the officers' daily beat with gritty realism, from the tragic and brutal to the trivial and comic. During the show's seven-year run, viewers witness Reed blossom from probationer to full-fledged officer and Malloy earn the distinction of officer three plus one, just one rank below sergeant.

Dragnet (1967)
Weekdays at 5:30AM | 4:30C & 6AM | 5C
Saturdays at 5:30AM | 4:30C

Retooled for the turbulent America of the late 1960s, Dragnet (1967) revisits no-nonsense Sgt. Joe Friday (series creator-director Jack Webb) from the original Dragnet series of the 1950s. Now joined by Officer Bill Gannon (M*A*S*H's Harry Morgan), Friday is not only confronted by traditional police work, but also the challenges indicative of the era, such as drug abuse, racial tensions and counterculture dissidence. The series continued the realism that was the hallmark of the original series, taking it further for a more contemporary audience.

That's not all! Sunday night has a new look, beginning with the early episodes of Columbo (1971–1978) at 8PM | 7C. That leads into an all-new season of Collector's Call at 9:30PM | 8:30C (premiering January 12). Host Lisa Whelchel returns to uncover even more stunning collections — and some surprising guest stars from The Brady Bunch, the Winter Olympics and beyond!

Then, we are pairing up The Flintstones with The Honeymooners — the sitcom that inspired the cartoon — at 10PM | 9C & 10:30PM | 9:30C. You can still catch The Flintstones weekdays 6P | 5C and Sundays 10A | 9C.

Lovers of Sixties suspense can catch episodes of The Fugitive (2AM | 1C) and Mission: Impossible (3AM | 2C) overnight.

The new lineup begins on January first! Download the new schedule:



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hevocole 32 months ago
How do I get on me tv I don't know how to watch anything on here I'm New here
StrayCat 42 months ago
Looking at the title of this story one would think these shows are coming to METV rather than already being here seemingly forever.
Moriyah 52 months ago
Can Gomer Pyle stay on here for a very long time?! Because, it's the only show I watch on here now, and it's my favorite.
Earl 53 months ago
Please stop showing the same wagon train episodes from 1959 and the color one's from 1967 I believe. Dudes, you have been showing the same 20 episodes since 2009 when I started watching. Also mash is played out. Alan alda is a meme . He's a ham. Has to take credit for everything .has to be in most every screen. Come on enough is fugitive ,in order durring the day please
Moriyah Earl 52 months ago
I think that's kind of mean to say, because there are a lot of people out there who like that show.
Earl 53 months ago
Do you run the Walton's in sequence as they were showed originally?
ll675i 54 months ago
How about classic Saturday morning cartoons, used to be able to watch from 7am till after lunch. Agree on stopping multiple shows, one episode then a different show. I love Hogan's Heroes...I can remember watching it when it was new. But I'm so tired of METV butchering it to make room for commercials that I've started buying season DVDs. And there are enough old shows out there that they shouldn't have to run the same shows 5 days a week.
JosephMatthews ll675i 53 months ago
Advertisers does not likely support cartoons airing on diginets like MeTV. And besides, many of those cartoons are under the exclusive rights to BoomerangTV
RoxannaHindsCooner 54 months ago
Designing women
I think AntennaTV or Laff is airing that program.
CharityLambert 54 months ago
Please bring back The Facts of Life and Different Strokes on weekday mornings. I would wake up just for these shows. I grew up watching. I can’t afford cable since I’m on disability and this is gave me happiness watching. I was considering juggling bills to get cable to watch the reality shows I love and I didn’t because I wanted to be able to watch these shows. I won’t watch this anymore other than to watch the Beverly hillbillies. I never cared for them until I started watching early mornings after the facts of life and different strokes aired. You have truly made me sad by this. I hope this new lineup is just for a week and goes off next week. I’m doubtful since it started last week and now is on again this week. You have enough of the black and white shoes and the detective style shouldn’t be on early mornings anyway. All I can say is that you have lost a fan of your channel since this change. Shame on you. You took happiness from my mornings when you took my two favorite shows. Please bring back. You can place the new lineup at another time slot or if needed remove another series and not the facts or different strokes. Please!
MeTV lost the rights to The Facts Of Life & Diff'rent Strokes to AntennaTV. That is why they are no longer airing on MeTV. They can be seen on AntennaTV.
STTOS 54 months ago
I can't watch 2 of my favorite shows (Star Trek and The Honeymooners) because they get preempted by local news (somewhat understandable) and someone named Soledad O'Brien (not at all understandable!!) What’s up with that?!? Do we really need another political talking head?! If you need to air this program show one less episode of Saved By the Bell or The Flintstones on Sunday mornings.

And I have to add my 2 cents regarding Hogan's Heroes. I love the show so I prefer it be kept on. But I understand if it's on only once and not twice a night. But keep the 10:30 airing because the 10:00 airing also gets preempted by local news!!

Just saying. :)
texasluva STTOS 54 months ago
Okay now I understand what's happening to some. It all depends where you are receiving your MeTV broadcast. My affiliate is Independent and owner is CBS. I do not believe I have seen any news on my MeTV (though I am not on it all the time) I see other affiliates showing football and other programs during part of the season at different hours. So is it that they skip that program that you are intending to watch and no recourse as taping either? Here a list for everyone to see what stations either own or otherwise. My local news comes on a complete different stations.
JosephMatthews STTOS 53 months ago
Saved By The Bell is MeTV's only E/I show. MeTV shows it 3 hours as FCC requires all broadcast channels to air a minimum of 3 hours per week of E/I programming
Earl STTOS 53 months ago
Sooner 54 months ago
Three absolutely worn out shows. Please give us something different.
JosephMatthews Sooner 53 months ago
MeTV can only air what they have the rights to. MeTV cannot air what CoziTV, AntennaTV, GetTV, LaFF, H&I, ThisTV, GRIT, StartTV, or Decades has the rights to.
Earl Sooner 53 months ago
Sooner JosephMatthews 53 months ago
If that's true, why can I find the Waltons on many different TV stations now. MASH is on Sundance and numerous other stations, etc.
HockeyMike 54 months ago
How about Sundays 7PM-8PM a "variety" show like "Tony Orlando & Dawn"; "Dean Martin Hour"; "Barbara McNair Show"; "Bob Hope Special"; "Joey Bishop Show"; etc.
And!!! A weekday at 4PM OR 5PM, an old Talk/Variety show like "The Mike Douglas Show"; "Dinah Shore Show.
BUT!!! Only once or twice a week...not 4 hours a day every day.
JosephMatthews HockeyMike 53 months ago
I think GetTV or Decades Channel sometimes airs those specials
HockeyMike 54 months ago
One thing that kills these shows is the "overkill".
*Less: Hogans Heroes..Jeffersons..Mommas Family..Dragnet ..Green Acres.
*More (Different Episodes): Columbo..Perry Mason
*Acquire/Add: "Munsters" (CoziTV might have the rights now, but have not aired it for a long time).. "Vegas".. "Get Smart".. "Ben Casey".
*Move Flintstones to Saturday morning.
JosephMatthews HockeyMike 53 months ago
MeTV is airing Columbo's first package again while CoziTV is going to air Columbo's 2nd package.
Earl HockeyMike 53 months ago
True dat. They rehash the same episodes of wagon train every 3 weeks if not more often. Really sucks and shows they do t care.
MichelleHranek 54 months ago
I just got access to this channel at the beginning of August. Love Wagon Train; especially the episodes with Ward Bond (the early seasons). Great time slot for me since I get home from work by 4:00 PM daily. Adam-12 at 5:00 now is good also. I haven't seen that show since I was a kid. I could do without the Flintstones since I saw all of those a million times when I was young. The Westerns on Saturday afternoons are great - especially Big Valley, Bonanza, and Rawhide. Thank you.
Earl MichelleHranek 53 months ago
After a few weeks when they repeat the same stale episodes of wagon train ,you'll not be so happy .
Moriyah Earl 52 months ago
maybe those are the only ones they can air.
xolokok 54 months ago
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MikefromJersey 54 months ago
We all enjoy seeing American classics again but why not mine great series from other English speaking countries? Australia has produced many fine shows, the kid's series Skippy the Bush Kangaroo was a gigantic hit around the planet in 1969 and still holds up. Why not run series we all haven't seen a million times? Water Rats is a terrific Aussie crime series about the Sydney police force that patrols Sydney Harbor and the land rimming it. Fine actors and writing, filmed round what is the most beautiful harbor in the world. METV execs, time to think outside the box.
Good onya, mates.
that was a good program. I seen it when Animal Planet aired it.
Charlotte 54 months ago
Since we're talking about a shows that need to go, PLEASE take off Gilligan's Island!!!!! It is soooo stupid and worthless to watch. Bring back the Catch Me if you Can Sunday detective shows. I LOVE those and what a trip down retro lane.
JennyPeerey Charlotte 54 months ago
Yes please get rid of Gillian's Island. That was one of the worst shows ever.
JosephMatthews Charlotte 53 months ago
MeTV can only air what they have the rights to. Always remember, MeTV cannot air what CoziTV, ThisTV, GRIT, GetTV, Decades, H&I, StartTV, LAFF, Bounce or AntennaTV is already airing or have the rights to.
sylacauga234 54 months ago
I grew up watching and loving the Warner Bros. shows like Surfside 6, Hawaiian Eye and the Roaring 20's. Would LOVE to see these old shows again and also the "Farmer's Daughter" with Inger Stevens. Wish someone would start a channel for the nighttime soaps...Dallas...Knots Landing...Dynasty, etc.
Dallas, Knots Landing and Dynasty are likely expensive programs to aquire. Advertisers may not support them.
denny sylacauga234 53 months ago
I think Dallas would be good at the 6pm time slot.
Brian 54 months ago
You have been showing an hour of Hogan's Heroes in prime time for years. Don't you think it's time for a change? Why not bring back the Rockford Files or another alternative. Anything is better than an hour of Hogan's Heroes every night for another five years.
JosephMatthews Brian 53 months ago
CoziTV may still currently has the rights to Rockford Files. It however might be on H&I if CoziTV is not airing it.
Earl Brian 53 months ago
Mash needs to go .
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