Urban Outfitters is now selling a random handful of old VHS tapes for 40 bucks

How much is that old copy of The Waterboy truly worth?

If you have a pile of old VHS movies stashed in your TV cabinet, you might be wondering if those tapes are worth anything. After all, VHS tapes are a somewhat obsolete format. Sure, you can still find a VCR for sale online, but it's not like the things are stacked up on a shelf at the local Best Buy. 

We come across vintage VHS tapes all the time at garage sales, flea markets, used record stores and whatnot. But what if you're at the mall and have a sudden jones for Night at the Roxbury on tape?

Well, hipster emporium Urban Outfitters has got you covered. The retail chain now offers "Studiohouse Designs Assorted VHS Tapes" bundles, available in Sci-Fi, Horror, '90s Comedy and '00s Romcom varieties. Each bundle grabs a random assortment of titles. It's a mystery box — who knows if you'll get an Adam Sandler flick or a National Lampoon movie! We're going to overlook the fact they include Vacation (1983) in the '90s Comedy box.)

The item description promised: "Set of 5 iconic, assorted ‘90s comedy flicks on VHS tape, curated by Studiohouse Designs exclusively for Urban Outfitters. Each set is unique, iconic and will vary from what is pictured here. Don’t worry - there are no duds in this batch!"

Which is about the kindest thing we've ever heard about Johnny Mnemonic

And what is the price for this mystery assortment? $40. Eight bucks a tape.

So now you know the going market value of the old copy of The Shining.

And if you're still in the mood for some classic analog technology, check out the Retro Shoebox Cassette Tape Recorder ($50).

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RobChapman 61 months ago
Ah, Urban Outfitters. Where trendy hipsters can pay a price that's 20 times higher than what the item is actually worth.
Greg 64 months ago
Why would anyone pay $8 each can get them at yard sale for .50
pumkinheadfan 64 months ago
I stopped counting at 1,000...That was 3+ years ago and still pick them up on occasion. Might have to pack my doubles up and make some extra money...
Barry22 64 months ago
There are libraries and thrift stores in my area that won't even accept them.
MichaelSkaggs 64 months ago
We donate the videos to our local library to resell. There are some good titles and a lot of people don't want to bother with the DVD extras. They want to just pop in a movie and begin watching.
MrsPhilHarris 64 months ago
We still have VHS at our cabin along with tons of tapes. Nobody wants them. To get rid of them you need to take them to be recycled.
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