Malloy and Reed of Adam-12 showed off their goofy sides on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

"I sure wish you wouldn't slam the door on my line."

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Malloy and Reed of Adam-12 on Laugh-In
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Adam-12 is usually known for its gripping realism, its law enforcement jargon, and the relationships built within the force as the cops patrol the streets. One thing that it isn't readily known for is its humor. There were lots of sitcoms on TV at the time that favored laughs over plot — and Adam-12 left them to it.

However, this doesn't mean that our favorite LAPD officers could not crack a joke.

During seasons five and six of the sketch comedy show Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, Martin Milner and Kent McCord dropped in from time to time as Officers Malloy and Reed, their respective characters from Adam-12.

Most of the time they stay in character, delivering quips as they sit in the familiar car. Other times, well… just watch above.

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Adamtwelvia 6 months ago
"I think I love you," LOL!!
They were best friends in real life, so in a way they did love each other. In a platonic way.
1931msm1952 19 months ago
I love seeing the real-life personalities and humor of Kent McCord and Martin Milner. It's obvious they were close friends and enjoyed each other's company in these unguarded moments with their uncontrollable laughter and easygoing demeanor with each other. Fun to watch!
jerrygon 22 months ago
I love this clip. You can see there is genuine affection and friendship between Milner & McCord. It's what made Adam-12 so great!
JD401 52 months ago
Milner looks to have had a great sense of humor!
jholton30062 52 months ago
I never watched Adam-12 that much when it was in first run, but I'm really enjoying the reruns. Kent McCord and Martin Milner were great together, the writing was fantastic, the stories were realistic.

MeTV's sister station Decades runs reruns of Laugh-In weeknights. As Gary Owens would say, check local listings.
RottyAngel 52 months ago
These clips are hysterical. thank you for this.
wanderer2575 52 months ago
Back then, a network wouldn't think twice about trashing the integrity of one series for the marketing benefit to another.
Utzaake 52 months ago
Good thing they didn't encounter Officer Judy.
MaryMitch 52 months ago
I like Adam-12. Nice guys just trying to serve their community.
cperrynaples 53 months ago
I've seen the whole shows these came from! Basically, the problem was that Milner & McCord weren't comedians, and George Schlatter thought the mistakes were funnier than the jokes!
JohnBates 53 months ago
Kent McCord's only "official" comedy role was in "Airplane II: The Sequel."
jojo68 53 months ago
The video clip is hysterical.
HerbF 53 months ago
Ok, this is new trivia :)
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