Watch the new trailer for the Saved by the Bell reboot

Original characters are back and now their kids are in high school!

Feel like going back to Bayside? The fictional Southern California high school returns as the setting for a new version of Saved by the Bell.

The original teen sitcom aired on NBC from 1989-1993. It spawned two sequel movies and spinoff shows Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

NBC is also producing the 2020 version but not for traditional television. The show will debut on the network’s new streaming platform, Peacock.

Several actors from the original series reprise their roles. Mario Lopez, who plays A.C. Slater, features most heavily in the trailer and, presumably, on the new show. Slater now teaches gym class at Bayside High, where the students remind him he’s not as cool as he thinks he is.

Because it’s just a teaser, we don’t get much information about the plot of the show.

However, the synopsis reveals that original main character Zack Morris is now the Governor of California and has gotten in trouble for closing too many schools in working class neighborhoods. He then sends those kids to the highest performing and most privileged schools in the state, one of them being Bayside.

Watch the new trailer below and let us know what you think.

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Vinny 49 months ago
This show was dumb back then and it is even worse now. I think the show was written by a bunch of 1st graders. The worst decision for programming METV has ever made. Next to Buck Roger's In The 25th Century. And then they show it like 6 times in a row. It's Horrifying.
jimmyvici 50 months ago
Oh no. Please don’t let that see the light of day. It’s horrible just from the trailer.
80sGuy 50 months ago
Amazing. In the trailer, they managed to do something that was never done in the entire original show, the college years or the movies - they used profanity. According to a behind the scenes extra on one of the DVDs I own, the actors weren't even allowed to use profanity on the set. Additionally, the script looks and sounds like it was written by a thirteen year old. Way to go NBC, looks like you really knocked the cover off the ball on this one. Bravo!
Peter 50 months ago
I wonder how they're going to handle Jessie's having been a stripper in Vegas.
peacefrog77 50 months ago
That looks extremely moronic.
TheDavBow3 50 months ago
This reboot?! You've got to be kidding!!
harlow1313 50 months ago
The show looked like it was written by aliens who gained their only knowledge of human behavior from watching commercials. Additionally, Screech may be the worst written character in television history.
Moody harlow1313 50 months ago
Yes but it's E/I. I still haven't figured out how they can get away with putting that stupid show in the E/I category. Because it takes place in a school?
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