Your Me Madness 2024: Fan-favorite episodes winner!

We take a look at your winner, plus the episodes that came close to taking the gold!

This year, you turned out to vote in Me Madness in record numbers. Starting from 64 fan-favorite episodes, you narrowed down the selection one by one through difficult choices until only one remained.

After six rounds, it came down to two finalists with only a small number of votes separating the winner from the runner-up.

Your Me Madness 2024 champion is...

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen from M*A*S*H!

This history-making finale was so highly-anticipated that there was a bounty on the script for the episode. Loretta Swit herself was approached about selling the script for a five-digit payday! (She declined, obviously.)

That's a tiny sum when we think about how huge the finale actually was: Margaret and Hawkeye's big kiss has been dubbed "the most expensive kiss in TV history" due to how expensive ad slots were for the event. It was on the level of the Super Bowl!

As audiences all over the world watched their beloved characters go their separate ways, it's clear that the episode left a lasting impact... and now, in 2024, over fifty years since M*A*S*H first premiered, it won your votes.

Let's take a look at some of the other episodes that you got into the final rounds!

Your runner-up is Sammy's Visit from All in the Family! This classic episode made the live audience laugh so long that the producers were forced to cut the laughter.

Coming at third place is a William Shatner double feature: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, the eerie Twilight Zone episode where Shatner battles a gremlin on the wing of a plane, took home the gold in 2023's Me Madness celebrity guest star competition. This episode tied with the Star Trek classic, The Trouble with Tribbles.

Your other Elite Eight finishers are:

Guest Star Dinah Shore from The Carol Burnett Show, where Carol dons the famous curtain dress in "Went With the Wind".

In the Soup from Leave It to Beaver, where a dare leaves Beaver stuck inside a giant cup of soup on a billboard.

The Pickle Story from The Andy Griffith Show, where the boys try to replace Aunt Bee's "kerosene cucumbers", but end up having to eat the evidence.

What's Opera, Doc? from Looney Tunes, where Elmer and Bugs' rivalry is portrayed through a parody of Wagner operas.

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2016jessica 1 month ago
Put Mr. Ed and The Real McCoys on.
Adamtwelvia 1 month ago
I forget, did they have any eps of "Highway Patrol" in the poll? I forget. I know they had "Mannex"
tsveggie 1 month ago
The mash finale should not have been listed in the first place.

Two hours compared to most others only 30 minutes and the record ratings.

What did you expect?

I cry “foul” and demand it done again without the MASH finale
LoveMETV22 1 month ago
METV's Weekend Schedule is OK! Time to switch the (M-F) schedule though! MASH is overbroadcast. Set it back to one hour!
Spaceseed 1 month ago
Switch things up. People in the real world do Shift work. Don’t bore us with the same shows airing at the same time of day and week. Show some ingenuity in programming.
LoveMETV22 Spaceseed 1 month ago
Yes! It seems their are number of Naysayers on the website Doesn't matter though. Their weekend schedule is OK! Time they switch their (M-F) schedule in the meantime!
jacko3 1 month ago
Help! Return ME-TV to RI ........
SimpleGirl 1 month ago
I do not like any of the shows that Steve Mcnary mentioned. If anything... take the "Three Stooges and that stupid mess that is on Saturday nights off. That doesn't even go along with the shoes from ME TV. The show "Reba" with Reba Macintyre was good and I love to watch "The Virginian" (a western). Also "Laramie" (a western) and shows like "The Mary Tyler Moore Shoe" was also good. I also like "That Girl". There are lots of good shows instead of those strange Saturday night shows that come on that starts with "The Three Stooges" and keeps getting worse as the night gets later.
bmoore4026 SimpleGirl 1 month ago
No one touches Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night. I look forward to that. I more often than not watch Svengoolie while I fold towels and clothes.
Adamtwelvia SimpleGirl 1 month ago
Reba is too recent for this channel. This is an OLDIES network, remember? Early 80's is the cutoff
And don't you DARE touch Batman!! He stays where he is!
SteveMcnary 1 month ago
METV needs to start showing different shows instead of the same shows for YEARS!!!! A few years ago it was refreshing you brought in The A-Team for awhile but, then you brought in MORE MASH. It's time to cut back/out on MASH, Andy Griffith Show, Adam-12, The Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Bonanza & any other shows you have shown daily for more than the last 5 years. There are great shows like Just Shoot Me, Starsky & Hutch, Miami Vice, Renegade(with Lorenzo Lamas), Silk Stockings, The Rockford Files, Homicide:Life On The Street, Baretta, The Mod Squad, Taxi & many others that would be a refreshing change from the same old shows you've been showing for at least the last 5 years.
Adamtwelvia SteveMcnary 1 month ago
I'm gonna day this again- LEAVE ADAM-12 ALONE!! It's one of the BEST shows out there!! You keep Adam-12!
Adamtwelvia SteveMcnary 1 month ago
Not Silk Stockings, that is too recent and TOO RAUNCHY for this channel. Just Shoot Me is too recent too.
bmoore4026 SteveMcnary 1 month ago
I'd love Dallas to replace The Waltons, Maverick to be brought back and replace Wagon Train on weekdays, and All in the Family to replace the extra hour of MASH. Oh, and have Saved by the Bell to be put in the place where The Beverly Hillbillies is on early Saturday morning and have something else used to fill the federally mandated educational TV requirement on Sunday mornings. Maybe bring back Bill Nye the Science Guy.
elkobar SteveMcnary 1 month ago
Please remember there are huge broadcasting rights $$$ to license the content of the above listed shows, and they can run 6-7 figures for each. Never mind the royalties to be paid to the casts of each. Most are not cost effective unless you are a major network with very deep pockets. Most shows are not cost effective or even cost neutral to many TV channels, even with advertising dollars.
timothys71 SteveMcnary 1 month ago
I kind of feel that way about the evening comedy block on weekdays. Nothing against the current shows, just that (except for the Beverly Hillbillies) they've been running the same shows in the same time slots for too long. I would like to see shows such as The Odd Couple, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, the Bob Newhart Show and/or Newhart, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and F Troop return to the schedule. Yes, I know some of those shows are on sister network Catchy Comedy f/k/a Decades, but that network is not available over the air in my area. Am I the only person who thinks they should bring back the Comedy Conundrum? That was a feature that ran for about 2 years a decade or so ago. For one hour on weeknights (the hour currently occupied by Hogan's Heroes), they ran a full hour of a different classic comedy each weeknight (one show on Monday, a different one on Tuesday, etc).
hrcopter 1 month ago
Never cared for Mash. Probably because I was a kid in the 70s and it was more for adults.
Christian00 1 month ago
The fact that Mash Mayday’s was supposed to last through May and it has lasted longer than that and it’s about to be a year since that. Mash serves no purpose now along with Andy Griffith,Adam-12, the three stooges, and more. We got cartoons but they don’t last long enough for people to see them and then they aren’t even the ones we really want, you say bugs bunny and friends but it’s mainly the friends with a side of Bugs at the end. Saturday should be for cartoons and sci-fi, after the big valley have cartoons then at 7 start with Superman,Wonder Woman, and Batman. You have other good shows like The A-team, The Incredible Hulk, Hawaii Five-O, The Golden Girls, Maude,Good Times, Sanford and Son,Welcome Back Kotter,Bewitched,I dream of Jeannie, I Love Lucy,Cheers,Happy Days,Laverne and Shirley,What’s Happening,The Odd Couple,Dynasty,Dallas,Fallon Crest,Knots Landing, and more. You’re playing Mash over and over and over again along with Andy Griffith,The Brady Bunch,The Love Boat,Leave it to beaver,The Beverly Hillbillies. Don’t get me started on how yall disrespect Mama’s Family and Gilligan's Island. Listen to the fans and change your line up or send something out and have a lot of these shows that I listed and that other people listed and have us to make our own lineup and you decide which one you like
Adamtwelvia Christian00 1 month ago
bmoore4026 Christian00 1 month ago
I'd love for Dallas to take the place of The freaking Waltons. Maybe put Knots Landing, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, and Fantasy Island on between The Brady Bunch and The Love Boat. And have a new original program on before Collectors Call focusing on life hacks and things that have been going on on Toon in with Me.
Adamtwelvia bmoore4026 1 month ago
Not Dallas, hell no!
timothys71 Christian00 1 month ago
Bugs Bunny and Friends always includes 2, and usually 3, shorts featuring Bugs himself. I used to watch it on CBS when I was a kid, when it was branded as "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show" but included cartoons featuring all members of the Looney Tunes gang. I think the oldest cartoons shown back then were from 1948, and MeTV shows quite a few that are older than that, going back to the 1930's.
Ratt1959 1 month ago
I don't mind M.A.S.H., but I sure don't need two hours of it.
timothys71 Ratt1959 1 month ago
Agreed. I too thought the additional hour was just going to run for a month or two to showcase individual characters on the show.
Adamtwelvia timothys71 1 month ago
That's what it started out as.
jdiperri 1 month ago
No Stooges?
No Honeymooners?
Bring back Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard. Or Chef of the Future!”
timothys71 jdiperri 1 month ago
The Three Stooges are on Saturdays in the early evening, and the Honeymooners are on Sunday nights.
harlow1313 1 month ago
I was trying to think of an all time favorite episode of a show.

In this moment, I will choose "A Stop at Willoughby," from The Twilight Zone.
NUMBER43 1 month ago
I would have picked Green Acres.....the episode where Eb allowed the 10 year electrical genius old boy named Dilly wire up the Douglas home. When they "moo" to open the barn door, when Oliver inadvertently puts on a TV show of animal calls and getting undressed while Fred Ziffel and Mr. Drucker are watching---that was rolling out of my chair funny! Ahead of its time. Now everything is "electronical"!
rb5391 1 month ago
best tv episode - star trek - mirror,mirror, the city on the edge of forever, balance of terror, the doomsday machine, mission impossible - the town, the top 5
Spaceseed rb5391 1 month ago
STOS Where NO Man Has Gone Before and Conscience of the King.
JeffPaul76 1 month ago
I don't like that "Good-bye, Farewell and Amen" was chosen as the top winner in this years contest, when I voted for "Sammy's Visit" on "All in The Family" where Sammy Davis Jr. gave "Archie Bunker" a kiss on the right cheek as the top winner.
Gunsmoked 1 month ago
Once The Trouble With Tribbles went down I knew M*A*S*H would win . Maybe next year MeTV can have a poll in February were Fans pick the episode they like from the TV Series to be in the Madness.
Beaver in the Soup was a funny episode but i laughed more at the Wally's Haircomb episode with the Jelly Roll hair-do and Jazzy Sax music and the All in the Family Sammy visit was a good one but i liked the "Judging a Book by it's Cover' episode just as much , that's the one were Archie finds out his rugged long time friend is Gay .
Also the The Andy Griffith The Haunted House Episode is just as good as Aunt Beas pickles episode .
So MeTV give your audience a few more choices in next year's Me Madness 2025 all Tv series have episodes that fan like more than others , give the people a chance to vote for their favorite episode to be in the running . 🤔🥺😊
The Gunsmoke episode " The Cabin " should of been in this Years MeTV Madness 😏🤠
harlow1313 Gunsmoked 1 month ago
.'...Wally's Haircomb episode with the Jelly Roll hair-do and Jazzy Sax music ..."< That episode is a favorite of mine. That musical bit makes me chuckle each time.
Adamtwelvia Gunsmoked 1 month ago
To me the best eps of Dragnet were "The Pyramid Scheme", "The Shooting Board", "Burglary: Mister"
mitz123 1 month ago
I didn't like MASH. I tried watching it several times back when, but Alan Alda just wore me out. I nick named him "motormouth." Some of the things he said were cute and funny but after the 20 or 30th time I would scream Shut up! I gave up after a short time and stopped watching. And I did not watch the finale.
Adamtwelvia mitz123 1 month ago
To me he started doing that during season 8 and by season 9 I couldn't watch 2/3 of it.
Spaceseed mitz123 1 month ago
He also has a bad reputation with fans.
Adamtwelvia Spaceseed 1 month ago
Really? He does?
Adamtwelvia Spaceseed 1 month ago
How about Jamie Farr? How is he?
elgin2024 1 month ago
Don't agree with the winner or 2nd runner-up.
jdiperri 1 month ago
How about taking the 2 hr Mash out and putting old Who done it movies like Sherlock Holmes or Charlie Chan. I know Charlie isn’t PC but the movies always seemed to have some good twist and turns. They always had you guessing. Create a host like Sven and run it. See what people think about it.
harlow1313 jdiperri 1 month ago
I wish METV was the new home for MST3K or Rifftrax.
timothys71 harlow1313 1 month ago
MST3K reran on Comet for a while, but I don't think it is currently on their schedule. Good show, but a little recent for MeTV IMHO.
harlow1313 timothys71 1 month ago
As with Svengoolie, the films are often quite old. Note that both MST3K and Rifftrax are both active enterprises.
Bricat2001 timothys71 1 month ago
rifftrax is more recent than MST3K
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