Julie Newmar got ''Batman'' fan mail for her portrayal of Catwoman years after the show had ended

Newmar served as the purr-fect villain.

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Some roles are destined to be recreated by several actors. While we all have a favorite James Bond, we know that no star is destined to play them forever, and in time, one actor will graduate and another will step up to fill in the role. To see the different people playing the same character gives viewers a wonderful opportunity to keep things fresh and enjoy the same character over and over again.

While Julie Newmar wasn't the only actor to play Catwoman, she was one of the most memorable actors. Newmar appeared in the 1960s series Batman as the "furr-ocious" villain, but in more recent years has lent her voice to multiple animated projects like Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders and Batman vs. Two-Face. Newmar was well-loved by fans during the original Batman series run, and it's an appreciation that has clearly lasted after the series finished filming.

In a 2014 interview with the Oklahoman, Newmar proved this when she revealed that she still received appreciative fan letters for her portrayal of Catwoman from a very specific demographic.

Newmar stated, "I still get a lot of fan mail from men!" 

Just as fans have wonderful memories of watching Newmar as Catwoman, she too has fond feelings about her time playing the character. She said of the experience, "It's really a joy to have created something that people still remember me for. I never got any royalties from the series, but the popularity of the show over several generations has more than paid me back."

As a beautiful and talented actor, Newmar also offered some self-confidence advice. She admitted, "Beauty has a lot of connotations to it, and loving yourself is a very good place to start."

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ecarfar 24 days ago
Let's face it, her and Barbara Eden were the two hottest women on TV in the 60's.
Henry30 27 days ago
Julie was the best reason to watch the show. Such a hottie!
JHP 1 month ago
I wonder why she got all that fan mail (snicker snicker:))
wolfman69 1 month ago
My favorite Catwoman. I love Julie Newmar. So beautiful.
JHP wolfman69 1 month ago
El Fuego
MrsPhilHarris 2 months ago
I always though she was so beautiful.
BrittReid 2 months ago
CATWOMAN Julie......The Best and what a hottie.
WordsmithWorks 2 months ago
The quintessential Catwoman, in my opinion. Michelle Pfeiffer and Halley Berry are strong runners-up, but Newmar is far and away number one.
Bapa1 2 months ago
I sent her a fan letter and all I got was a restraining order for my trouble. Must have worded it too strongly.
Runeshaper 2 months ago
That is totally AWESOME! Way to go Newmar!
DocForbin 2 months ago
From what I understand Newmar is doing pretty well as a real estate agent these days.
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