Welcome Back, Clotter- Bela Lugosi is Taking Blood Samples Once More in "Return of the Vampire"- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV, it’s a notable vampire film-that ostensibly returned the great Bela Lugosi in the familiar role of an undead caped menace that the grave could not imprison, who seeks revenge against the family that tried to end his practice of making unauthorized transfusions a generation ago in the 1943 chiller “Return of the Vampire” ( but not one certain vampire – we’ll explain later)!

Sir Fredrick Fleet of Scotland Yard is going over notes written almost a quarter century ago by an Oxford professor- one Walter Saunders-describing an unbelievable incident. It involves a vampire, aided by a werewolf lackey, having sought out the whereabouts of one of his victims. She had bee...

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