It's a Casket Classic from the Castle- Bela Lugosi Stars as "Dracula"- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV-we are happy to present once again a true cornerstone of Universal horror’s legacy-the movie that established Bela Lugosi in most people’s minds as the embodiment of Bram Stoker’s vampire count! It’s one of the most atmospheric and captivating legends of all time- as the count leaves his Transylvanian home to bring terror to London in 1931’s classic-"Dracula”!

It starts out almost whimsically, with real estate solicitor Renfield in a crowded carriage on a bumpy journey to Transylvania (one of his travelling companions is, in actuality, Carla Laemmle, daughter of Carl Laemmle, founder and head of Universal studios). In spite of getting jostled around, Renfield is a...

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