Meet Dave Sinker: Inside the Collection

From small figures to lifelike ones, nothing is missing from this comedy-themed collection!

Jun. 26, 2022

Dave Sinker, a former Second City performer, tracks down some of the rarest collectibles, from an early 1900s Charlie Chaplin mutoscope to immaculately kept wax figurines and a lunchbox worth over $2,000. Dave celebrates comedians throughout the ages with a collection that appeals to all generations. Joining Lisa and Dave is Dave’s son, Patrick, and expert appraiser Judy Martin. Judy brings signed memorabilia from a famous comedy duo to trade, but our collector struggles to let go of a prized possession.

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1. Charlie Chaplin mutoscope

Pop in a nickel and see a skit in this Charlie Chaplin mutoscope. Mutoscopes featured a higher resolution of photography for the time and could be found in arcades. After dropping in the nickel, you had to turn the handle so the photobook-style movie would play, but only one person at a time could watch!

2. Marx Brothers Figures

Meet Groucho, Chico and Harpo Marx! These brotherly figures came from Occupied Japan and were made at the height of their popularity. The comedy group rose to fame in the early 1900s and these figures are a rare find, and could be worth over $200 per figure!

3. The Jetsons lunchbox and thermos

Having your favorite show's lunchbox was commonplace in the Sixties, and fitting right into that era is The Jetsons lunchbox, with its bright colors and rounded top. The rounded top was more desirable than flat tops, and this box even came with the ever-rare thermos!

4. Bill Murray bust

This platinum silicone bust features the iconic actor and comedian Bill Murray as Carl Spackler from the 1980 film Caddyshack. This one of a kind sculpture didn't come cheap, but the value will, very likely, only go up. 

5. Stained glass windows

For several years, these stained glass window panes were used in a Kansas movie theater. Cleaned up, we can see the panes make up Groucho Marx, Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin and Shirley Temple. Another set of rare items adds to their pricepoint, and could be worth over $1,500 per pane!

6. Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin wax figures

We saw the Marx Brothers once already, this time they're much bigger! These lifelike figures went from one collector to another, and expert Judy Martin believes they were created by Katherine Stubergh, who was a very famous wax sculptor. These irreplaceable items could be sold for several thousands of dollars, as every detail was crafted to a T!

7. Autographed Smothers Brothers tambourine & microphone

Up for trade is a couple of Smothers Brothers items, used from the comedic duo of brothers, Tom and Dick. The tambourine and microphone have been authenticated and are hard to come by. Expert Judy Martin has her eyes set on Dave's drawing of various comedians, sketched in a comical Last Supper setting. Will there be a trade? It's the Collector's Call!

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dmirarh 23 months ago
The best part of the show is Lisa
YoungCaryn 24 months ago
I read at the end of this show, the Comedy Shrine, has closed or is closing this month. Oh no! Where is the Comedy Shrine located. I'd love to know!

dmirarh YoungCaryn 23 months ago
4034 Fox Valley Center Dr, Aurora, IL 60504
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