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MeTV Network, America's No. 1 classic television network, proudly presents its first original TV series, Collector's Call. Hosted by Lisa Whelchel (Blair on The Facts of Life), the unscripted series introduces you to some of the biggest collectors of pop culture memorabilia in the country.

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  • 7/3 6:30PMDavid Poley- Rock Band Memorabilia
    "After a childhood spent sneaking backstage at rock concerts, David Poley has amassed an enterprise-level collection of rock music memorabilia. Many of David’s favorite items, including a stage-played Motley Crue guitar and a towel worn by Mick Jagger, were obtained through David’s concert-going savvy. His passion for David Bowie infused his collection with a valuable stage-played guitar and an obscure concert prop. David’s daughter, Alex, briefly joins us to share her memories of traveling the world to watch her father’s favorite artists. As Lisa tours the collection, music expert and KISSTORIAN, DASHDOWN, works up an appraisal. And before DASHDOWN proposes a uniquely rare guitar to trade, Lisa shocks our collector with a shout out from one of the most influential rock artists of all time."
  • 7/10 6:30PMRobert O’Connor- Ghostbusters
    "“Who you gonna call” for Ghostbusters collectibles? Try Guinness World Record holder for Ghostbusters memorabilia, Robert O’Connor. With thousands of Ghostbusters collectibles, including the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and Ecto-Glow figures, Robert’s love for the movie and its memorabilia doesn’t stop at just collecting. He’s even made his own ghost traps and proton packs that are often mistaken for the real thing. Joining Robert today is his friend and fellow Ghostbusters collector, Marty, who shares his fondness for Ghostbusters memorabilia. Kate Martin, our expert and appraiser of personal property is here too, to appraise Robert’s unbelievable collection and see if she can convince him to hand over one of his beloved Ghostbusters collectibles for something she knows Robert is definitely going to want."
  • 7/17 6:30PMNathan Lippe- Antique Advertising
    "Inspired by his uncle, Nathan Lippe developed a unique passion for collecting antique advertising at a young age. Now fueled by the thrill of the hunt, Nathan scours the country for neon signs to save from destruction and has built a well-curated collection of antique oil cans, tin signs, and neon signs. Nathan shares some of his favorites with host, Lisa, from a charming Reddy Kilowatt neon sign to a prop sign used in the classic baseball film, Field of Dreams. Appraiser Kate Martin tackles the high sticker prices on Nathan’s collection and shocks Lisa with her appraisal of an Oz-themed oil can. Nathan specializes in collecting advertising for soda brand, Double Cola, but Kate brings along a collectible set of Coca Cola signs to persuade our collector into a trade."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
  • Season 1

Ep : Meet Paul

Paul Lisnek has been collecting Hollywood props and memorabilia for decades, as well as an extensive collection of U.S. historical political items including Presidential signatures and locks of hair.

Ep : Meet Rick

Rick Goldschmidt loved the toys of his youth so much that, as he grew older, he didn’t give them away — he bought more! Rick has a collection that now literally covers every surface and wall of his entire house.

Ep : Meet Deb

Deb Hoffman doesn’t just collect Winnie the Pooh items, she’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest collection of Winnie the Pooh items. The nearly 18,000 pieces are spread across two houses.

Ep : Meet Zac

Zac Vege has loved the rock band KISS since he was a kid — and he has the basement to prove it. His collection of all things KISS includes Ace Frehley-designed guitars and an original KISS pinball machine.

Ep : Meet Walter

Collector Walter Krueger shows host Lisa Whelchel through his giant and valuable collection of all things related to The Wizard of Oz. Walter’s collection fills his house — and a series of secret rooms!

Ep : Meet Jim P.

Guitarist Jim Peterik, formerly of Survivor, is known for hit songs like "Eye of the Tiger," as well his work with .38 Special and the Ides of March. His collection of 193 guitars contains some true rarities.

Ep : Meet Dan

Dan Thielmann has been collecting Coca-Cola items for 35 years and has an extensive collection of items dating back to the 1920s. We’ve brought along Coca-Cola collector Darrell Noble to put an estimated value on Dan’s collection — and he’s brought some Coca-Cola items from his own collection in hopes of making a trade with Dan.

Ep : Meet Jim E.

Artist Jim Engel is a cartoonist and toy designer by trade, so it’s no surprise that he is the proud owner of a comic-book art collection more than five decades in the making. See the original artwork for Marvel’s Avengers No. 53, Jack Kirby work, and original artwork from a 1977 Captain America issue. Will he trade some of it for a statue of Doc Savage?

Ep : Meet Dwight

Collector Dwight Cleveland shares his collection of more than 4,500 vintage movie posters. For decades Dwight has been collecting these rare posters, including a Czech poster for King Kong, an Italian print for Casablanca and rare Disney gems. Is he willing to trade one away?

Ep : Meet Christen

Christen Carter began collecting pinback buttons as a young girl with a Snoopy button. That hobby grew into a business, and a non-profit museum, the Busy Beaver Button Museum. Certified appraiser Judy Martin values the button collection and has brought along a rare Muhammad Ali button to make a trade.

Ep : Meet Gordon

Fire Chief Gordon Nord collects all things fire related. A firefighter for more than four decades, Gorde has been collecting fire-related items for just as long, including vintage fire extinguishers, fireboxes, helmets with shields, and vintage toys.

Ep : Meet Sean

Sean Kelly has been playing video games his whole life and collecting them for nearly as long. He turned his passion into both a retail business and a museum, the National Videogame Museum. Sean's collection includes a prototype of the Sega Neptune System and the ultra-rare Atari Video Life game cartridge in its original box.

Ep : Meet Candace

Candace Jordan has loved books since she was a young girl. Today, this former Playboy Playmate is a collector of rare books. Candace's impressive collection includes three first-edition Harry Potter books — with personal notes from J.K. Rowling to her father on the title pages!