Meet George: Inside the collection

Check out rare Elvis sneakers, posters and toys from this $1,000,000 collection!

Jan. 19, 2020

Elvis superfan George has spent decades building a collection covering the entire reign of the King of Rock and Roll. His hundreds of records, movie posters, fan magazines and more take up nearly every inch of his home. He shares with host Lisa Whelchel such prize rarities as a life-size movie-theater cutout for 1956’s Love Me Tender; a mint-condition Elvis board game; a pristine Mylar banner for the King’s 1973 Hawaiian concert; and a pair of vintage, never-worn Elvis sneakers.

We’ve brought certified appraiser and lifelong Elvis fan Judy Martin to put a price on the collection. (Spoiler: It's $1,000,000!)

Take a closer look at the Elvis collectibles featured in this episode of Collector's Call!

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1. 'Love Me Tender' Standee

Elvis posters, photographs and artwork cover just about every inch of George's walls. On the far right you can see a cardboard standee used to promote the Elvis film Love Me Tender in movie theaters. At one point, it was valued at $20,000, but today is estimated to fetch around $6,000 at auction.

2. 1973 Mylar Banner

This shiny blue banner was used to promote Elvis' Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite show. George received it from Elvis' personal photographer. As it was never used, it remains in near-perfect condition. That also means it's valued at $10,000.

3. Elvis Sneakers

These sneakers originally sold for $2.50 (George has the original receipt from Rogers Shoe Store). Meant for the feet of teenage girls, these particular "Blue Suede" shoes (they were not actually blue suede, of course) were never worn — let alone stepped on. That makes them worth $4,000.

4. Hound Dog Toy

If "Blue Suede Shoes" had a promotional tie-in, why not "Hound Dog." This stuffed animal is cuter than the shoes, no?

5. Elvis Board Game

Our appraiser Judy marvels at the "pristine condition" of this game. Indeed! The plastic pieces are still attached. Never played, naturally, the rare board game is worth about $1,000.

6. 1969, 1970 Vegas Box Sets

These limited edition LP box sets were made for celebrities. Only 100 or so of the 1969 edition were manufactured, which a mere 50 of the later were made. The 1970 box also comes straight from Colonel Tom Parker's collection. Add them up, and they're worth $3,500.

7. 1965 Harum Scarum Promotional Display

RCA Records created cardboard promotional displays for Elvis' 1965 soundtrack album Harum Scarum. Few of them survive today, as record stores would toss them.

8. 1970 Detroit Concert Poster

In 1970, Elvis embarked on a quick six-city tour that included a stop in Detroit. Due to the short nature of the tour, few posters were made. This particular poster remains in great condition, which adds up to extra value.

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rockwellf 53 months ago
why cant i view full episodes anymore? just sneak peaks. what gives. am i missing something, can you tell me why?
KMP50 54 months ago
How does one get on this show? My husband's a collector to the tune of hoarding!

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At the top of this page it has a tab for share your collection.
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