Meet Jack Condon: Inside the Collection

Take a closer look at this angelic collection!

Apr. 10, 2022

Jack loves Charlie’s Angels so much, he even co-authored a book on the 1970’s hit TV show. Jack shares his knowledge, as well as his favorite items from his Guinness-World-Record-holding collection, including a Charlie’s Angels-themed van, modeled after a popular ‘70’s toy kit. General appraiser and expert, Kate Martin, appraises these angelic treasures and offers Jack the chance to trade one of his beloved items for two pieces of Angels memorabilia he just may not resist.

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1. Charlie's Angels store display

Jack saw this store display and knew he had to have it. But when an employee threw out the display he was promised, he spent another 25 years tracking down another one!

2. Pink van model kit

In the Seventies, manufacturers made this pink van model kit. It has bucket seats, a plush interior, a wet bar, and a vanity. You can get a better look with...

3. Charlie's Angels van

...this 1978 Chevrolet van that's completely custom-made. Jack was able to snag this in 2006 from a private auto collector. While this wouldn't fetch as much money as a vehicle used on the show, it's still a nice item for any Charlie's Angels creator.

4. Farrah Fawcett skateboarding doll outfit

Farrah Fawcett skateboarding on Charlie's Angels was a scene that sticks in many a fan's mind. It was one of Jack's favorite episodes as a kid. Now these '80s mint-in-box outfits are worth $130-$150 each!

5. Original lunchbox art

In addition to a mint-condition lunchbox with the tag still on, Jack managed to get the original art when it went up for auction. Pairing them together increases the value of both items.

6. Charlie's Angels pinball machine

Jack was walking down the street in the early '80s when he saw this pinball machine being loaded into a truck. A short conversation with the guy loading it later, and he was able to take this pinball machine home for $250 cash.

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