Meet Janet Esteves: Inside the collection

Meet the Guinness World Record holder for most Mickey Mouse memorabilia!

Jun. 7, 2020

As the Guinness World Record holder for the most Mickey Mouse memorabilia, you might say Janet Esteves is mad about Mickey! Her collection, with more than 14,000 items includes 130-plus watches, a Swarovski crystal Mickey Mouse handbag, a Mickey Mouse record player and a 7-foot Mickey Mouse statue.

Janet and her husband Jose began their collection on their honeymoon to Disneyworld in 1974.

Kate Martin, a certified appraiser and Mickey fan herself, has appraised the collection for us. She values the total collection at $1,500,000!

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1. Kathrine Baumann Mickey Mouse Purse

This Swarovski-crystal, pop-art purse is the work of famed handbag maker Kathrine Baumann — who was an actress on M*A*S*H!

2. Kathrine Baumann Purse Interior

You can see the artist's signature inside the handbag. Baumann made more Minnie Mouse than Mickey Mouse purses, which drives the price of this up to around $3,200.

3. Mickey Mouse Resin Statue

Janet and her husband purchased this at a Disney Park, which meant lugging the 3-foot, 75-pound statue out themselves. That's dedication. Only 500 were made, driving the price up to $2,000.

4. MLB All-Star Game Mickey Mouse

The MLB held the 2010 edition of its annual baseball All-Star Game in Anaheim, home of the Angels — and Disneyland. 36 unique Mickey statues were made, representing each time, league and the event. This one-of-a-kind statue — standing at seven feet! — is the "crown jewel" in the collection and worth $10,000.

5. Annette Funicello Autographed Mouseketeer Hat

These iconic ears were worn by members of The Mickey Mouse Club, including Sixties teen idol Annette Funicello. The beach-movie starlet signed this hat. It's worth about $125.

6. 1932 Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Watch

Mickey Mouse watches have been worn by children and adults for nearly a century. Janet owns more than 130 Mickey watches. This one, in particular, comes from the 1930s license holder, Ingersoll. It's missing a metal Mickey from a band and does not function, so it worth about $100.

7. Mickey Mouse Club Record Player

Raise your hand if you had one of these in the 1960s! It does not hold much monetary value ($75), but it brings Janet back to her childhood, which is the important thing.

8. Record Player Interior

Here is a closer look at the artwork under the cover of the 45 player.

9. Original Floyd Norman Art

Meet the latest item in Janet's collection. Animation legend Floyd Norman formerly drew the Mickey Mouse comic strip that appeared in newspapers. He drew this piece for Janet, signing it for her.

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