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Join Monkee Mania with Katherine McCabe's collection, featuring some rockin' and rare Monkees memorabilia.

Apr. 17, 2023

Katherine McCabe just might be The Monkees' number-one fan. McCabe caught on to Monkee Mania when she was young and would watch reruns of The Monkees on television — eventually attending the band's live shows.

Now, McCabe's love for The Monkees has led her to a rockin' collection packed with thousands of Monkees mementos and memorabilia.

From rare toys to signed 8-track tapes and even an entire piano owned by a band member, she is a true daydream believer.

McCabe loved the compassion and the silliness of The Monkees, and you can see both of those things come to life in McCabe's collection, featuring a section for each band member.

Keep reading to see Katherine McCabe's collection, featuring rare and very special items of Monkees memorabilia.

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1. Peter Tork's piano

This is the piano that Peter Tork, the keyboardist and bassist for The Monkees, learned to play on as a child. Tork is McCabe's favorite member of the band.

McCabe identified with him the most in the TV series, and has since gone on to meet him more times than she can count. 

This piece was bought at the Peter Tork Memorial Monkees Convention by someone else in an auction. However, no one can match McCabe's love. She bought it later for only $1,200.

Today this item is worth $6,000.

2. The Monkees signed 8-track tapes

Usually, 8-track tapes are considered to have no value because many aren't in quality condition anymore. However, these two 8-track tapes came with something special.

McCabe originally bought these for $20 each without the signatures. With the signatures, they are worth $1,200.

These 8-track tapes are missing the autograph of singer and guitarist Michael Nesmith. That's because his signature is one of the hardest to find. Out of thousands of items, McCabe only has two items signed by Nesmith.

3. Stage towel from Micky Dolenz

You're looking at three sweaty towels straight from the hands of The Monkees vocalist and drummer Micky Dolenz.

Micky would never throw his towels in the crowd because he didn't want them to be sold on eBay. So, McCabe made a sign that read: "I won't put your towel on eBay. Promise!"

She now owns three towels, none for sale on eBay. All three towels are worth around $600.

4. The Monkees board game

This Monkees board game is one of the original merchandise items from the series. This game is from the '60s and is still in great condition.

To make it even more special, the game was signed by Peter Tork. It also has the original Monkees logo on it and The Monkeemobile, which can't be seen on many items today.

However, the game is missing the instructions and an instrument piece. McCabe made up her own rules, and we'd love to play this game by them.

McCabe bought this online for $40. It is now valued at around $200.

5. Vinyl Monkees lunchbox

This vinyl Monkees lunchbox from the '60s is hard to find. McCabe's lunchbox hardly has any cracks, and it has the original thermos inside.

As any collector knows, the thermos is the most important part of a lunchbox collection. McCabe originally bought this item for $250; today it's worth $600.

6. The Monkees hand puppet

The Monkees' four-headed hand puppet is a truly unique item, and it's also a little scary to look at!

The voice box still works in this vintage puppet from the past, although maybe not in the original Monkees tune.

McCabe originally paid $75 for this item; today it would be worth around $200.

7. The total value of Katherine McCabe's collection:

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mitz123 14 months ago
Lisa needs to stop trying to influence the collector with the trade. It was obvious the collector did not want to trade her shirt for the sleeve initially. Then Lisa got involved and told her, emotionally, how valuable the sleeve was compared to the shirt. Then the collector changed her mind and Lisa celebrated with a yah!! Lisa has done this before with other collectors. She needs to stop this. I am sure some of the collectors have come to regret their decision later on due to this.
CreatureFeatureFan mitz123 13 months ago
I thoroughly agree. Lisa is pushy. Get another host. I stopped watching BECAUSE of Lisa.
mitz123 14 months ago
The Monkees was one of my favorite tv shows and musical group at the time. I was age 11-13. I still like their music today but the tv show is hard to watch. It is SO corny and dumb. Nice collection though.
gagegirl51 14 months ago
That’s great having the piano but I’d love to have the bass guitar that he played during the first season of the show. (The bigger one) Peter and Micky are my favorites. Any idea on how I could find out about it?
JVannosdall 14 months ago
Love ME tv and Collectors Corners. I wish they would put it on at a later time on Sunday nights. We don’t need that many episodes of All in the Family
LalaLucy 14 months ago
Loved watching this. Such a neat collection and so awesome to see an appreciative Monkees fan. :)
PattyW 14 months ago
I got Davy Jones to sign his autobiography, They Made a Monkee Out of Me when he was performing in the musical GREASE in San Francsico. He was not too friendly !!!
CouchPotato19 PattyW 7 months ago
Well, he paid the price. What a jackwagon!
Barberjake 14 months ago
I have 2 original autographs of all 4 Monkees that was signed when they came to Salt Lake to film "CIRCLE SKY" for their movie HEAD.
They were obtained by one of the security guards that has hired for the filming of the video.
TheMonkees 14 months ago
Guess you can tell I’m a fan. 🤪. They always cheer me up.
jvf 14 months ago
I loved all of them, but Peter was my favorite@
KarenAStout 14 months ago
Is there a way to contact any of the collectors in case you have an item you think they may be interested in? thanks
This is Katherine's FB page. I do not know her but I'm a member in 2 FB Monkees groups she belongs to. (If you're not comfortable clicking the link, just go to FB and search her name. She is wearing a black dress in her profile pic with her hair pulled back. She's standing in front of a black Mustang car in her cover photo)
lainiej 14 months ago
I have n original Monkees (comic strip) sweatshirt. I wonder how much that is worth?
Rick 14 months ago
Good episode.

I hope she does get her dream of creating a Monkees museum. I'd go!
LoveMETV22 14 months ago
Interesting collection. Figured the piano would have fetched more.
dmirarh LoveMETV22 14 months ago
Me too. I thought the whole collection would have been worth more.
KawiVulc 14 months ago
Hardly any cracks. Well then. Not sure why but that amuses me. Some 8-tracks do have some value especially Quad-8 Quadraphonic tapes but it takes some luck to find them with good labels.
Runeshaper 14 months ago
$50K - that is AWESOME! Very cool items too.
Bapa1 14 months ago
Missed the show, hope I can catch it later. Major Monkees fan, and have met Davy Jones some twenty years ago. Only collectible I have is a JC Penny's Monkee photo book.
Sirruia4 Bapa1 14 months ago
I still have my Monkee scrapbooks!
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