Meet Laurence Sheinman: Inside the Collection

This collection features over 2,500 Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny collectables.

Jul. 26, 2022

Laurence Sheinman is bonkers about Bugs Bunny. For more than 35 years, Laurence and his wife Jessica have enjoyed huntin’ rabbits together. Laurence’s fabulous collection includes a Bugs bronze statue, roller skates, and a special blinged-out jacket – not with Bugs’s face on it, but some of our collector’s other favorite Looney Tunes characters. Our expert and appraiser of personal property, Kate Martin joins us today to appraise Laurence’s collection, and then will try to make a deal with him - his beloved Bugs Bunny collectable in return for a special Bugs Bunny treasure she knows he will have a hard time refusing.

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1. Bugs and Elmer Fudd Bunny Bank

Well over 30 years ago, this little bunny bank featuring Elmer Fudd and Bugs himself started the collection craze for Laurence and Jessica. A gift from a garage sale has turned into something much more for Laurence, even if those “wascawwy” coin slots don’t make the fun sounds they used to!

2. Looney Tunes Animation Cell

Ssshhhh… Be vewwwy quiet, the Looney Tunes are hard at work in this piece of art! This animation cell represents the famous “termite terrace,” an old building near the Warner Brothers property where the artists and writers would create all aspects of Looney Tunes! Only 500 of these limited-edition art pieces were made, increasing the value to over $1,000!

3. Looney Tunes Jacket

Designer Jeanette Katzenberg hand-crafted this fabulous and sparkling jacket featuring Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner! Along with the bling, this one-of-a-kind jacket comes with plenty of value, as Laurence got this piece for free! It’s safe to say he would see a very high return on investment if it were put on the market!

4. Bronze Baseball Bugs

Eh….That’s a strike doc! This bronze Bugs statue is one of Laurence’s favorite pieces across his whole collection! It was created based on the 1946 cartoon Baseball Bugs. He saved up across multiple business trips to purchase this right-hander’s statue, paying over $700 for it! Now it could be worth double that price!

5. Carvel Bugs Bunny Cut Out

This life-like cut out of Bugs was a promo for a local Carvel ice cream shop that Laurence’s father would visit. Knowing his son would love to have this priceless item, Laurence’s dad went to the bakery every day, asking when the promotion would end. Finally, the shop gave it to him! Though not worth much on a market, this item certainly has a top value in wholesomeness!

6. Bugs Bunny Roller Skates

There was no better way to get around as a child than in these Bugs Bunny roller skates! These hard-to-find skates took Jessica right back to her childhood, and she knew she had to have them! Paying under $10 for this rare item, Jessica and Laurence could be rolling in cash if they were to sell!

7. War Bonds Animation Cell

Expert Kate Martin has her eye on an item in Laurence and Jessica’s collection, and she’s offering up this cell from the war bonds cartoon, featuring Bugs in an American flag colored hat standing next to “fat Elmer” and Porky Pig, both in military attire! Will we have a trade before they say “that’s all folks?” It’s the Collector’s Call!

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