Meet Lisa Ridey: Inside the Collection

Time to snoop around a massive Snoopy collection!

Oct. 18, 2020

It's time for Collector's Call… international! Lisa Ridey has loved Snoopy she was eight years old. At age 13, she traveled to Hong Kong from her home in Australia and got her first Snoopy plush — which, despite the numerous nose jobs she’s had to give him — she still has.

Since then, it's been non-stop Snoopy collecting for Lisa and her husband Marc, who've globe-trotted across the world picking up some of her 15,000-plus Snoopy collectibles.

Kate, a certified appraiser and Peanuts enthusiast herself, has put a value on Lisa's huge collection. Let's take a closer look!

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1. Snoopy Wedding Ring

This is what we call true love. Marc had a Peanuts wedding ring made for Lisa, setting a diamond collar on a gold Snoopy ring.

2. Snoopy Wedding Ring in Case

Marc paid a few hundred dollars for the wedding ring, but it is clearly priceless in sentimental value.

3. Gold Snoopy & Woodstock Figures

You would have to have these custom made. Thus, despite a dent on the back of Snoopy's head, the golden Hong Kong-made figurines are worth about $2,000.

4. Joe Cool with Swarovski Crystals

Lisa picked up this limited "bling-bling" Snoopy statue at the Mitsukoshi department store in Japan. Covered in crystals, it's worth around $2,800.

5. Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

One of the most coveted toys for any kid who grew up in the '70s or '80s, this Sno-Cone machine even has the original flavor packet! You can get one for about $75, if you are still dreaming.

6. Charles Schulz Autograph

Lisa met the man who started it all, visiting his office. He signed this Peanuts collection for his avid fan. It's valued at $200.

7. Snoopy LeSportSac Backpack

Lisa picked this up on her travels in the United States. It's worth about $275 now, about three times what she paid for it!

8. Five-foot Snoopy Plush

Now this is a mammoth Snoopy! Lisa and Marc purchased it in America — and had to fit it onto an airplane, which took a lot of squishing and tape.

9. Ceramic Peanuts Sculptures

From the soft and huggable to the fragile, Lisa's collection holds a whopping 15,384 items!

10. Snoopy Mailbox

Her collection is not just contained to the interior of her house! She has a Snoopy mailbox, Snoopy car and a Snoopy on her home!

11. Assorted Snoopy Figures

Lisa keeps a detailed database of her collection. Every single item is numbered, and a spreadsheet tracks when she procured the item and for how much! 


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Pawlowski1 44 months ago
Hi Lisa,
It's Stan Pawlowski the Snoopy / Peanuts sculptor here in Long Beach, California at Ski Sculpture Studios.

Just wanted to let you know I am a big fan of the ME TV Collector's Call show, but I'm sorry I missed the episode that aired with your Snoopy collection. I was in critical condition in Intensive Care with a major heart attack the afternoon before it was shown. I had heard about it from some of the collectors that found out I was in the hospital. When I was taken from ICU and put into a private room, the day after it aired, I received over sixty calls from all over the United States ( I have yet to see it as I am just now recouping at my home).

I want to thank Jeannie, Craig and Judy Schulz for their cards, calls and well wishes and for all the cards collectors have sent me. I truly appreciate them.

Kindest wishes,
Stan Pawlowski
imscottb 44 months ago
I adore Lisa! She's a great friend.
People tell me I have "the largest collection anywhere" probably -- (i may of Peanuts items -- I'm not Snoopy specific).
This is great to see. Lisa (Welchel), you came to our Church years ago, too. You may want to check out my collection!
LisaRidey imscottb 44 months ago
Thank you Scott, you are a great friend with the same passion. I want to check out your collection... one day... on my bucket list!
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