Meet Mancow: Inside the collection

Take a closer look at original props from Star Trek, Lost in Space, The Brady Bunch and more.

Jan. 12, 2020

Mancow spends his days as a radio personality and author with a national following, but his true passion is his collection of movie, TV and music memorabilia, which he’s been amassing over the past three decades.

As a kid, he loved getting autographs — and even after all of his years in the radio industry, he's still collecting those autographs on items that range from guitars to historical letters, and props from his favorite TV shows and movies.

Joining Mancow to show off his collection is his longtime friend Barry Williams, better known as Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch!

We brought along Keith McDonough, an expert on entertainment collectibles, to set a value on Mancow’s collection.

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1. Blair meets Brady!

Our season two premiere features a very special guest star — Barry Williams from The Brady Bunch! Forever known as eldest brother Greg Brady, Williams happens to be a close friend of collector Mancow. Where else can you see The Facts of Life meet The Brady Bunch but MeTV?

2. Barry Williams and his Johnny Bravo jacket

There is one big item that Mancow wants for his collection — a Johnny Bravo jacket owned by Barry Williams of The Brady Bunch! Barry is willing to trade it for a unique guitar, but will Mancow make the trade?

3. Brady Bunch Johnny Bravo jacket

Who owns the jacket now? You'll have to watch season two, episode one to find out!

4. James Bond "Jaws" teeth

Mancow is a big fan of sci-fi. These replica metal teeth, modeled after those worn by the villain Jaws in Roger Moore James Bond movies, might be one of 715 made. However, they are signed by actor Richard Kiel himself!

5. Original Star Trek Enterprise design

This is the first-ever color rendering of the Enterprise spaceship. Concept artist Matt Jefferies drafted it to present to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. As the first image of an iconic starship, it is the "holy grail" and "priceless" to a Trek collector, according to our expert. He thinks it could fetch as much at half a million!

6. Lost in Space prop gun

Just one of two in existence, this gun from the original Lost in Space series is estimated at $20,000.

7. Albert Einstein letter and signature

A personal letter between nephew and uncle, this fascinating hand-written letter from Albert Einstein (on his own letterhead) is valued at $15,000.

8. Kill Bill samurai sword

This screen-used samurai sword was featured in Quentin Tarantino's two-part epic Kill Bill. It is signed by both the late David Carradine (who also doodled on it) and Michael Madsen, whose character, Bud, wielded the weapon in the film. It's worth about $2,000.

9. William Shatner Star Trek costume

Mancow can call William Shatner his friend. No wonder he has such cool Star Trek stuff, like this autographed costume. Mancow also holds a prop phaser used by Shatner on the Original Series, which could be worth around $100,000.

10. Planet of the Apes prop rifle

Charlton Heston and Linda Harrison ("Nova") of Planet of the Apes both autographed this screen-used rifle from the 1968 film. When Mancow presented it to Heston, the screen legend declared, "A teenage ape gave this to me."

11. Autographed guitars

Working as a deejay at a massive rock 'n' roll radio station has its perks — like all these autographed guitars! Mancow is particularly proud of the gold Les Paul Gibson seen here, second from the left, which was signed by Les Paul himself. Mancow received it from Paul in the mail two days after Paul passed away!


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MaryMitch 8 months ago
I can't believe he made that trade!

I wish this show was an hour long. I would like to see more of the collections.
Neil_kemosabe 43 months ago
#Chip Z'Nuff and the Reb'run MacDonald disser yockin' it up.
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