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This collection has all sorts of toys... and one expensive piece of food! Take a bite out of Matt's incredible collection.

Sep. 18, 2023

It's time to play, and Matt Weinhold has a lot of toys for us to choose from! Matt's love for his childhood toys didn't stop when he became an adult. Instead, he dedicated his entire future to collecting toys from his past. 

Now with over 500 vintage toys, he and his longtime friend and former Collector's Call guest, Larry Strothe, have made a comeback to see what Matt's impressive collection is worth. 

Matt has filled his house full of vintage toys and pop culture memorabilia, including robots, Aurora model kits, one of the oddest Star Trek: TOS toys ever made and our most expensive... cracker?

Matt wants to keep his shelves looking like they did when he was young, so he is all about taking these prized possessions out of the package. Let's take a look at just a few of Matt's many items — both in and out of the package! 

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1. Zeroid Robots

These are a series of toys that came out in the 1960s. Matt loved these toys growing up, and once he received one as a gift, it ignited his lifelong obsession. 

It took him 40 years to find every piece in this set, but hard work pays off in the collecting world.

This item is worth around $1,000.

2. Painted Aurora Monster Models

These Aurora Monster Model Kits were originally released in 1963. Aurora made more of these and re-released them over the years, but these specific kits are first generation, which makes them rare.

Matt's father was an amazing artist and painted these kits. According to our expert, painted model kits typically decrease in value because collectors want them to come unpainted.

However, these are painted so well that many collectors would buy them for their art. Each one of Matt's seven figures are worth $1,500. 

It's a good value, but these toys are priceless for him.

3. Signed Ultraman Figure

This is probably the most famous superhero you've never heard of. Ultraman is the first in a series of Ultra heroes. Matt watched Ultraman as a kid and it kicked off his lifelong passion for the series and toys that came with it. 

Ultraman is the third most licensed character in the world and Matt has mountains of Ultraman toys, books, posters and more. 

We guess you could say he's an ultra fan of Ultraman.

Matt had this item signed by some of the original cast of Ultraman, which adds to the toy's total value.

With the signatures, this piece is worth around $1,500. That's an ultra price tag.

4. Ultra Seven Mask

According to Matt, Ultraseven is the best series to date. This mask was a gift from his wife and was custom made just for him. 

The mask is totally wearable, has eyes that light up and even comes strapped with a removable head piece, used in the series to fight off enemies.

Matt loves this gift from his wife, and we're sure his eyes light up (literally) every time she walks into a room!

According to our expert, this piece is cool, but won't grow in value because it was custom made and is made for fandom. However, any Ultraseven fan will appreciate this piece. 

This item is worth $300.

5. Thunderbirds Cafe Souvenirs

Gerry Anderson created a number of TV shows that were focused on combining science fiction and action, but his series came with one twist: The stars were marionettes.

One of those famous shows was Thunderbirds — Matt's favorite.

Despite his deep knowledge for the series, he didn't realize that his longtime favorite was popular in Japan.

During a trip, Matt met a friend at Japan's Thunderbirds Cafe, only to find that the cafe was closing. Some time later Matt received a box on his doorstep loaded with props and memorabilia from the cafe.

The cracker that came with his drink was even saved. Talk about a piece in a collection no one has... or wants? It's a Collector's Call first, and probably our last.

This Thunderbirds set is worth $150... but maybe $250 with the cracker!

6. Star Trek Mission to Gamma VI Playset

Finally, a set of characters Lisa Whelchel recognized! These Star Trek: TOS figures were originally released by the toy company Mego.

Mego has licensed many types of franchises, but Star Trek was one of the company's most popular. The figures themselves aren't as rare as Matt's Mission to Gamma IV playset.

The playset is hard to find today and is rare for any collector to have. It's a beautiful playset and a Trek collector would love to have it.

This item is worth around $1,500. Both Mego and Star Trek are classic names that will never fade from pop culture.

7. The total value of Matt Weinhold's collection:

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George58 9 months ago
I had three of those Aurora models. The Mummy, Godzilla & The Forgotten Prisoner Of Castel-Mare. The Godzilla was "glow in the dark" model which I left it to glow, I didn't paint it. Same with the Forgotten Prisoner of Castel-Mare. It was also glow in the dark but I did paint certain parts like the coat, but left the other parts to glow in the dark. I still have both but they are busted up & not complete.
MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
I like that he wanted them displayed like they were when he was a kid and put them on the shelves without the packaging.
Bapa1 10 months ago
Good show, those guys were really passionate about their collections. With the exception of the Godzilla one, I had all those Aurora Models. But my Mom would not let me paint them.
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