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Take a look at this treasure chest of vintage toys!

Jun. 26, 2023

Husband and wife duo, Nick Mayor and Jen Lemasters were drawn together by their love for all things weird and wonderful. After years of supporting each other's collecting habits, their home is now an eccentric floor-to-ceiling showroom of vintage toys, various nostalgic items and the occasional unclassifiable oddity.

The power couple even owns a horror-themed coffee shop and a toy store in Chicago—just in case you needed even more proof of their dedication to collecting all things pop culture.

Some of their stand-out treasures included a very rare Alien action figure and an amazing Masters of the Universe Battle Cat.

Take a look at this dream team's iconic vintage toy collection, and see how many of these classic toys bring you memories of your childhood. Nick and Jen want to track down everything wild, weird and wonderful; Take a look at what they have so far.

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1. Alien Xenomorph toy

This is a vintage Alien action figure originally released by Kenner Toys. Despite its appearance, it's a fully playable toy. The company initially thought this toy would be marketable to children, but it failed.

Nick found this item at a vintage toy shop but without the original box. As any collector knows... the box is the most important part!

Today this rare item would be worth around $500, even without the box.

2. Universal Monsters glasses

Nick found the Frankenstein glass years ago at a flea market. He was attracted to them because of how crude and colorful the art was.

He later discovered that this set was complete with five of the most iconic Universal Classic Monsters. With his dedication, he was able to collect all five.

There are no dents or scratches, which makes this item even more valuable. Today the whole set would be worth around $520.

3. Thundercats Snarf plush

As Lisa Whelchel said: "These are adorable but in a weird way."

Do you recognize this pair? They are plush toys from Thundercats (1985).

Jen and her father watched Thundercats together while she was growing up. He eventually gave her this set as a gift. Unfortunately, the couple's dog must not have been a fan of Thundercats. Snarf's face has a band-aid wrapped around it, which their dog caused.

Despite the accident, Jen had to keep the injured plush toy because it meant so much to her. She's a collector who collects from the heart.

This is a very rare item to see in person, and it would be worth around $250 today. The faceless one is priceless.

4. Elvira door greeter

Jen and Nick's collection features many Elvira items. Here's one of them. 

For Jen, Elvira represents the definition of a strong woman who broke many barriers. She is inspired by Elvira, and much of her collection is dedicated to the inspiration.

This piece of her collection is an Elvira door greeter, which is motion-activated. Although, Jen never put batteries in, so she has never found out what this vintage item says. If you know what this Elvira door greeter says, let us know below in the comments.

Today this item would be worth around $400.

5. He-Man and Skeletor lamp

Jen loves the Masters of the Universe merchandise line because it is filled with so many random items to collect.

It's not just action figures; It's also lamps, large items, small items and everything in between.

This He-Man and Skeletor lamp was an item that Jen had never seen before. She believes it is originally from the '80s. This item is rare because most have become broken or lost through time.

Today this item would be worth around $250.

6. Ride-on Battle Cat

This is a super old and rare Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe. He was He-Man's friend and the main mode of transportation. The idea of this vintage piece was that someone could sit and bounce on the Battle Cat while watching He-Man. 

They found this item at a Chicago Comic Con, where Jen spent all weekend trying to convince the seller to go down in price. 

They have never taken a ride on the Battle Cat, but they have tried to get their dog to ride it. So far, it hasn't worked. 

Today this item would be worth around $600, but it keeps increasing in value over time.

7. The total value of Nick and Jen's vintage toy collection:

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KMT6600 12 months ago
love the stuff they have wish my brother and myself would have save our stuff
Grimmy 13 months ago
I love this show but I wish it was an hour long and focused on showing way more items and story, rather than putting so much focus to value on the items which has a less genuine feeling and gives it a negative vibe. My explanation isn’t the best here. We know they way over value the items, we all have the internet now.
top_cat_james_1 13 months ago
I would venture a guess the Elvira door greeter has a quip regarding "knockers".
harlow1313 13 months ago
I know I'm a no-good rotten curmudgeon, but I have to say this, "Sometimes I am embarrassed to be a member of our species."

The passengers on the ill-fated Titan Submersible are said to have each paid $150,000 to $250,000. Money is a strange thing, isn't it?
Runeshaper 13 months ago
I love Snarf and Battle Cat! GREAT collection!
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