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This collection will scare you and inspire you at the same time.

Apr. 14, 2024

All photos are courtesy of Weigel Production Corp.

Monster Party podcaster Shawn Sheridan loves all things horror, while his wife, Gina, is all about sci-fi. Together they've made their pop culture passion a cornerstone in their marriage. A couple that collects together, stays together.

Their home is used to showcase their love for action figures, pop culture memorabilia and a few life-sized replicas. In their collection, you'll find everything from vintage Galaxy Quest glasses to a replica of Twiki the robot from Buck Rogers and more.

With thousands of unique and vintage toys, Shawn and Gina let Lisa in on what it means to be a passionate lifelong collector. Let's take a look at this monster-sized collection! 

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1. King Kong action figure set

These vintage action figures are based on the 1930s film King Kong. 

King Kong is one of the most gigantic monsters there is, but in this set, he takes a much smaller form. 

The King Kong action figure was created by a company called NECA, while the T-Rex was created by a Japanese company called X-Plus. 

You may remember the T-Rex from the iconic scene in which King Kong battles it out on Skull Island in the '30s film. 

While you may still be able to find one of these vintage King Kong action figures, the T-Rex is out of production, making it a hard item to find.

Usually, they don't make the best pair, but as action figures they make a great set. Our expert valued these action figures at $250.

2. Vintage Galaxy Quest glasses

Galaxy Quest is one of Gina's favorite films. These glasses are based on the 1999 sci-fi comedy and are one of Gina's favorite items.

They are a hard-to-find item because they weren't available in stores. After finding them on eBay, Shawn learned that these glasses were made just for the cast and crew on-set of Galaxy Quest.

Our expert valued this set at $200.

3. Hedorah figures from Godzilla

We know these creatures are supposed to be scary, but these ones are oddly kind of cute! 

This collection of creatures comes from the 1971 film, Godzilla vs. Hedorah. These shape-shifting monsters grow up to battle Godzilla, and (spoiler!) even takes out one of Godzilla's eyes.

In this collection, Shawn and Gina have creatures that glow-in-the-dark, one that's colorful and another that is... riding a tricycle? The duo has it all! Shawn and Gina frequented toy shows and Comic Cons in order to keep collecting every variation they could. 

According to our expert, these items would be worth around $2,500.

4. Friday the 13th mask

Lisa doesn't watch many horror films, but we do! This iconic mask is from Friday the 13th: Jason Lives. 

Shawn received this mask from a friend who worked on the film. It was originally used as a stand by mask in case they needed a backup while filming.

It even has a unique cut in it where the famous villain took a hit in a previous film. Friday the 13th is one of Shawn's favorite films series, and although his wife doesn't like slasher films, she might love how much this iconic mask is worth today.

Although this mask doesn't have as much screentime as other masks used for filming, our expert valued the item at $15,000.

5. Gappa: The Triphibian Monster set

These action figures are based off of the Japanese film Gappa the Triphibian Monster.

Shawn has a passion for finding rare collectibles and this set fits right in! For Shawn, collecting isn't just about finding items from the most popular films; he also enjoys discovering memorabilia from niche films and series. 

He found these during a vacation in Japan. The paint, detail and colors are stunning and very well done. 

Our expert valued this set at $600.

6. Buck Rogers Twiki replica

This Twiki replica from the 1979 series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is the couple's most talkative treasure! 

It's a replica, but as you can see, it's super realistic looking! Not only is this one of their favorite items, but it's also one of their most expensive. 

Both Shawn and Gina are big fans of Buck Rogers, so this special piece is one they can share. 

Our expert valued this rare item at $4,000. We need one! 

Fun fact: Twiki the robot was originally voiced by Mel Blanc, who was also the voice of Bugs Bunny!

7. The total value of Shawn and Gina's collection:

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sagafrat69 1 month ago
The one "Collector's Call" episode I'd like to see is the one where a collector has a MMC collection from the 50's show, 70's version ( yes there was a show in the 70's) and the Timberlake, Spears and Gosling MMC. That would bring Lisa down memory lane. I actually had some MMC merch sent to me after my phone call with Lisa but lost them when moving about 30 years ago. Wish I'd hung on to it. Might have been worth something today😎
WordsmithWorks 2 months ago
This is a great show, showcasing some interesting collections. Lisa Whelchel is a good host, with just enough enthusiasm and "oh gosh!" reactions to add some color. Good concept that is well executed.
Bapa1 2 months ago
Good episode, some unusual stuff.
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