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The brand-new season opened with an unforgettable collection of screen-used costumes and props.

Apr. 7, 2024

Stewart Berkowitz not only had one of the largest private collections in the country, but he held his collection close to his heart. He was able to turn his love for classic TV into a passion for collecting many screen-used costumes and props.

His collection spanned many decades but focused on some of the most popular and influential TV shows from the '50s, '60s and '70s. 

He had everything from a screen-used Barney Fife costume from The Andy Griffith Show (1960), iconic costumes from Star Trek: The Original Series (1966) and a whole Holy! collection of Batman '66 costumes featuring his favorite heroes and villains. 

Stewart was a return collector for Collector's Call and could be previously seen in season three. Not only was his collection special to him, it became special for anyone watching. 

Let's get connected to his collection. Bring on the childhood memories!

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1. Barney Fife's screen-used costume

You could tell us that this was the real Barney Fife, and we'd probably believe you! Stewart's attention to detail was something to pay attention to. 

The mannequins, which are incredibly realistic, increased the value of his screen-used costume collection by a couple thousand dollars.

This costume took Stewart a long time to complete. He would frequent many auctions, searching for the parts he needed to complete the classic Barney Fife get-up.

The Andy Griffith Show was an iconic sitcom from the '60s. This costume was important to Stewart because he grew up watching the show.

Our expert valued this screen-used costume at $5,000. We can just hear the theme song whistle now! 

2. Wonder Woman screen-used costume

This costume is one of a kind! Or, three of a kind, to be exact. 

This is one of three screen-used Wonder Woman costumes which date back to the 1975 series. The other two costumes are owned by Lynda Carter and another collector. 

The costume is made from a mix of silk and leather and included the famous lasso seen in the series.

This piece was important to Stewart because he felt it was important to have a female superhero as part of his collection. He paid a super price for this iconic costume, but his love for Wonder Woman was priceless. 

Which superhero costume would be your dream to own? 

3. The Love Boat screen-used costume

Fun fact: Lisa Whelchel was a guest star on two (two-part) episodes of The Love Boat. She can be seen in "Isaac's Aegean/The Captain and the Kid" and "The German Cruise: The Villa/The Racer's Edge/Love or Money/The Accident."

Stewart's collection featured two iconic items from The Love Boat series: Captain Stubing's (Gavin MacLeod) screen-used suit and part of the boat rail as seen in many shots with some of the most iconic celebrities (including Lisa Whelchel!)

He found The Love Boat rail and screen-used costume at the same auction. At the time, the costume was only $900. 

Our expert valued this piece at $3,000. You don't need a boat to feel the love that came through Stewart's collection. 

4. Star Trek: The Original Series screen-used costumes

You can't think of '60s TV without thinking of this iconic duo: Captain Kirk and Spock. Bonus points if you know about the Vulcan salute!

These screen-used costumes are iconic, recognizable and as authentic as it can get. The pants are even made from a material that had only been used in the '60s, making them impossible to duplicate. 

This would be every Trekkie's dream to own. According to our expert, Star Trek is highly sought-after by collectors and is an easily collectible item. However, these screen-used costumes soar beyond our world as far as value and rarity.

Our expert valued this piece at $200,000. That's an out of this world price for a priceless piece.

5. Batman screen-used costumes

This part of Stewart's collection showed his passion for completion. It also highlighted his dedication and commitment to the Batman '66 series. 

Batman was one of his favorite shows in childhood. He loved the characters, costumes and the idea of superheroes.

It took Stewart around 20 years to acquire all of these iconic costumes. One of the hardest pieces for him to find was the classic Batman utility belt as seen on the '66 series.

Our expert valued these screen-used costumes at $1,150,000. Holy costume collection, Batman! 

6. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson set

Heeere's Johnny Carson's set! This was Stewart's "holy grail" item. For many, this would be as close to Johnny Carson as one could get. 

The couch, chair, desk and curtains were all original and came straight from the set. This piece was important to Stewart because he watched the show. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson set was one of the most recognizable parts of the TV talk show.

Although the curtains were a separate purchase, the desk and chair alone were valued around $100,000.

Our expert valued the whole Johnny Carson collection at $200,000. Think of all those celebrities who sat on that couch... now including Lisa Whelchel.

7. The total value of Stewart Berkowitz' collection:

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EmersonC 1 month ago
What happened to his collection ? Where could I looks to start collecting ?
Lurke 1 month ago
When can I see this episode again? My DVR wasn't set for this one. R.I.P. Stewart
EmersonC Lurke 1 month ago
Maybe if you have " on demand " on your cable .
RTJR 2 months ago
Collector's Corner is one of my favorite shows. I'm glad that people see these items as important pieces of cultural history. It's refreshing, especially with our easy come, easy go, everything digital society that we've been dragged into reluctantly. Mr. Berkowitz was a kindred spirit. Sad that he passed so young. I wonder what his occupation was that allowed him to afford such a massively expensive collection. I also hope that all of those items had been catalogued into a trust. Then the trustees should be able to finally fulfill Mr. B's museum dreams, with the help of some deep-pocketed, like-minded patrons. I have two requests of the show's producers. First: One hour episodes. 30 minutes doesn't even scratch the surface of any of these collections. Second: Don't reveal the trade item until the very end of the episode. Build some suspense and astonishment. Keep up the quality programming. Thanks for this forum.
EmersonC RTJR 1 month ago
Thank you for your post you said everything that would have .
Moonpie 2 months ago
Shocked and saddened to read that Mr. Berkowitz Passed. A truly fantastic collection. Love the show, needs to be on an hour so we can see more items.
sagafrat69 2 months ago
Great season premiere episode! Very sorry to hear about Mr. Birkowitz's passing. Hopefully someone will be able to get a museum up and running for all of those incredible artifacts so everyone can enjoy seeing them. One can also hope when this new museum opens Lisa will do the right thing and donate those pennants. Those are t.v. artifacts that every "Facts" fan deserves to see. They shouldn't be in a drawer or closet gathering dust. C'mon! Really! The Bat Belt for an award? I Knew that Mr. Berkowitz was not going to need any time saying NO! WAY! Quick Whelchel fact. Lisa also performed with the MMC at the 1977 Super Bowl 11 Raiders/Vikings halftime show. Turned out to be John Madden's last game as a coach before he went into the broadcast booth.
EmersonC sagafrat69 1 month ago
He should have bought all 3 belts . Just saying .
vweasels 2 months ago
The expert valued the Wonder Woman costume at $150,000, not $15,000. RIP Stewart.
Runeshaper 2 months ago
WOW! This is super impressive and extra cool!
KawiVulc 2 months ago
Too young. Pretty good episode except there were things in the background I'd rather have seen. Like the Truckster.
BradBeall KawiVulc 2 months ago
I can't believe they passed by all of those cars without mentioning them. Although most were "re-makes", showcasing just the vehicles could've been another entire episode.
Steve67 2 months ago
I was shocked/sad to see that he had passed away at the end of this show, what a collector
PernellDH 2 months ago
I didn't know that he passed away. My dad passed away last month.
OzarkRoze PernellDH 2 months ago
I’m sorry for your loss.
Barbusca 2 months ago
Oh, looks like Mr Berkowits was a physician and has a wonderful wife and 4 kids. RIP.
Lantern Barbusca 2 months ago
Yeah, I was wondering how he was able to afford all those purchases without planning to resell them and make a profit.
Lvnuthouse 2 months ago
Every show gets more intense with the collector’s collection. Mr Berkowitz’s collection was right up there with the Marvel collection from the week prior. I believe Stewart’s collection was a lot more than 5”5 million, with the Batmobile, Copter and Boat. Johnny Carson’s set, which that Emmy should of been donated for others to Enjoy. To learn the passing of Mr.Berkowitz was some what unsettling. It shows how vulnerable we are, no matter who! I wish the show showed pictures of Mr. Stewart Berkowitz and did a tribute to a man who made that whole episode possible! Nothing, not a pic, but Marcia’s on the 15 second video. It just goes to show, their nothing without the host! Who’s plastered all over the place. I blame the producers, Its always their fault!
Batmechanic Lvnuthouse 2 months ago
Did you watch Season 5 Episode 1? He was in it and they did a dedication at the end of the show.

Barbusca 2 months ago
Wow and hello from Sacramento, CA. This episode just ended and was fabulous; it reminded me of the giant plastic bat mobile I had in 1969. Asked my mom what happened to it and she has no idea...and what happened to Mr Berkowitz?
bvick1636 2 months ago
I was beyond shocked to see Mr. Berkowitz had died at the young age of 65 sometime after the episode was filmed. What a wonderful contribution he made to preserving television history! I am so grateful to MeTV for having filmed the segment before his untimely passing. It was one of the best episodes you have done in your 5 seasons. Any idea who will hopefully continue to work so his dream of opening a museum in New Jersey will be realized?
elvispaul51 bvick1636 2 months ago
I agree. I was saddened to read the epitaph at the shows end. Obviously a kind and generous man who shared his collection with those who cared to see. For US COLLECTORS this demonstrates we are only caretakers on earth for a finite time. Great show. Still thinking about it’s message
Mark112763 2 months ago
I was very saddened to find out at the end of the episode that Stewart has passed away. I'm so very sorry and so very grateful to his devotion of collecting so many outstanding props, costumes and vehicles from my favorite childhood tv shows and movies - especially the Wonder Woman figure that reminded me of just how beautiful Lynda Carter was...
mesmerelda 2 months ago
So sorry to see he passed away. What a wonderful collection he leaves behind.
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