Viewer Collection: Allen Machielson's Doctor Who haven

He renovated an old barn and dubbed it the "Whoseum."

Sep. 21, 2020

Allen Machielson first saw Doctor Who on PBS as a kid growing up in the 1980s. "This little obscure British sci-fi show captured my attention and my imagination," he tells us. "I was enthralled with a hero that didn't use weapons but rather intellect and wit to best his opponents."

At that time, Doctor Who merchandise was not easy to come by. Michielson had to order things from across the pond or snag an item at a convention, if he was lucky. "Part of the excitement of collecting was the hunt to try and find items," he says.

And find items, he did! In the almost 40 years since his passion started, Macheilson has collected more than 5,000 individual pieces of Doctor Who memorabilia. When moving in 2007, he specifically looked for a place that could accommodate his hobby.

"We found a house that had an old horse barn that we converted into my personal collection space," he says. What once housed animals now displays everything from toys (including one-of-a-kind original prototypes) to full-size console replicas from three different eras of the long-running series.

Macheilson lovingly calls his gallery the "Whoseum." Take a look below!

1. Entrance

Visitors enter the space through amazingly detailed double doors.

2. Console replicas

Three full-size center console replicas, from the '60s, '70s and '90s era of Dr. Who, are worth $8,000-$10,000 each. 

3. Console closeup

A closeup view of one of the control consoles show its incredible detail. 

4. Console replica replication

This console is not only life-size but miniature as well!

5. Chess board

This chess set is perfectly Dr. Who themed.

6. TARDIS corner

The Doctor's space and time travel craft, TARDIS, resembles an old fashioned police call box - as seen in these numerous recreations. 

7. Light-up display

This light-up display shows the various doctors inside their own TARDIS.

8. Rare toy prototypes

This one-of-a-kind toy prototype unfolds from a TARDIS to a full scene. 

9. Full set replica

This space looks just like the show!

10. Overview

This view from the rafters hints at the full size of the Whoseum. 

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joycex4 8 months ago
I wish this show were back on air.
dkuther 11 months ago
Why is this not an episode??? This is one of the best collections I've ever seen...

joycex4 dkuther 8 months ago
It is nice.
JordanMoller 12 months ago
There are no words...OK, one word: WOW!
Ashepiro0526 13 months ago
Gyrich 14 months ago
As a fan of Doctor Who, I have only one thing to say: TIME TO REVERSE THE POLARITY OF THE NEUTRON FLOW! I am drooling over this Whoseum, and I want to go see it!
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